Using a Mac Mini for high end audio

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“A mac mini for playback. This question comes to us from paul. In cincinnati. Ohio.

Ohio. Cincinnati. In a recent video you discussed rethinking stereo great video thanks you referenced awesome ps audio stack. And i noticed you had a mac mini in the rack.

How are you using it in your system. What software are you using have you modified the mac mini for your application and are you using the usb output or the toslink optical. I too am using a mac mini in my setup. And i want to make sure.

I m getting the best out of it well paul great name. There. If you can see that below the direct stream. Dac.

Is a mac mini you can see it sitting there on its little power base. And it cute those are just the mac minis are just i think the best value in in computers. Today now full full disclosure..


I m an apple guy right i mean i don t like windows. I ve had to i ve had to learn it again and adjust to it because our system for measuring effort for measuring speakers by necessity there are several programs in there that are windows only and so i had to learn it again and and i have to say the newer. I think gosh. I don t know where windows are today the 10 or something i don t know whatever.

It is they re very mac like so finally windows has come up to almost being as good as an apple in terms of its its visuals. And its ease of use it s they never quite got there. But there are a hell of a lot closer and you can just see that you know they they they figured it out you know that they could also make it fun and easy for people like like apple does in any case. I don t want to start a damn war here with all the you know god help us we start talking politics.

It s almost as bad so that s that s a mac minion. I think. This is the older one they just came out with new ones that are now more expensive. I think they re like eight hundred bucks now and i suppose they ve got some new whiz bang processor and who knows what but that s back when these were 500 bucks.

You could literally go down and buy one for 500 bucks. Now it is completely stock. I have never i ve tried it i put different power supplies in we ve we ve used bases. I just i ve never found any big advantage to anything other than more ram.

So. When i think i must have paid a little bit more than that i got the the most ram that i could in that and that does seem to make a little bit of difference. So..


The mac mini that you get should be with as much ram as possible other than that i i have i only use usb the the toslink output on that sucks you do not use the toslink output. I don t care what you have if it s a windows or a mac. Don t do that toslink is just you can t play a high resolution audio. But beyond 96.

Kilohertz anyway just don t do it use usb and then most dax are us being able like our direct stream or any of the dax that we make and and most dax out there so on the mac mini. I have i go between two different programs depending on on what i m doing currently for years. I went with bit perfect because bit perfect was my all time favorite and still today from a sonic standpoint. Still is bit perfect to see i think it s ten bucks.

And it it is really great and let s talk about why would we want a program on there though i use audirvana now and i ll tell you why i m switch from bit perfect. Daughter vana. Not because i like on a sound better. It s they re fairly close.

But why do we need a program at all so mac and windows basically want to take over the audio and they do so if i play something through. The mac mini and i don t have a special program on there that sound regardless of what i m playing is going to be reis resampled. Reshuffled and and reis amp. Up sampled down sampled to a steady output.

So i think stock is probably cd quality. Forty four one 16 kilohertz and it doesn t matter. What i play..


No if i play 96. Kilohertz 192 kilohertz everything comes out at whatever. I set. It up on the audio.

Midi or in your sound area. It s just it just runs. It through this and just mux up the sound. You don t want to do that these programs bit perfect.

Which is is my favorite from just grabbing hold of the signal. And and getting you the best sound out of it and it s simple and and then you ll use itunes to control. It. Which is where the problem comes so itunes as a music management program kind of sucks.

I really don t like it. And it doesn t support streaming services that i like so currently i stream a lot on a program called koba s and qobuz is a french company and they have high resolution streaming services. He has 20 bucks a month. A great library a lot of people like title.

I prefer koba s and it s a great service. I mean i just take my ipad and i play i ve got my playlists. I play anything i want and it sounds terrific so bit perfect doesn t help so much with that and audirvana does out of audirvana is i think it s 35 bucks or so..


And it sounds great and it makes it really easy and i use their interface and their their auto vana remote something or other to control everything and i do a lot of streaming. It also allows me to i have a lot of stuff stored on there ewa half a terabyte of solid state memory on there. So that s all i do i make sure i have a write program either bit perfect or audirvana. Which currently i m using auto vana and it sounds terrific and i use usb and i prefer the curious cables.

Curious cable is not that expensive it s a usb cable and it sounds excellent really really good. So that s my whole setup. That and a good dac. Oh.

And one other thing because i use it headless. You ll notice. There s no video screen. There s no mouse.

There s no keyboard i control the mac mini when i need to and rarely do i need to address it or do anything. But if i need to reboot it or something i use a program called screens and screens is a mac program that a lot. It s like a remote desktop. It allows you to control and see the desktop on there.

And do whatever you need to do but generally i just use audirvana and i stream koba s and i am happier than a clam. I hope that helps okay talk to you tomorrow laughter you ” ..

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