Using AutoSum & Table Styles in Google Sheets

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“Here s a quick tutorial on using auto sum formula in spreadsheets. What you do don t want to do in a spreadsheet is you don t want to add the date of yourself. So here. I have item totals and 40 is in here.

But it s been entered just manually. So that the math was done either in someone s head or on a calculator and if i were to change..

The amount here add 10 in on monday. My amounts not going to change down here. The beauty of the autosum feature is that in fact would do that so. Let me hit undo undo.

And i m going to go ahead and just make these cells empty. And we want to do an auto sum of gasoline..

So i click in the cell. I want the item totals and i click on some and i can click and drag and hit enter now that s a quick way to do it or if you just manually enter the formula equals sum and then parentheses and then i want c4 c4 colon to c8. So the first and last cell and then hit enter because that s really the formula. So if i were to select either cell now and look up in the field.

I would see that sum equals sum and the cells are listed there so you would just apply that for each of these and you would also apply that here now if i do equal sum here and i want daily totals so i m going to go b4 to e4 i m gonna enter great but i want to now fill down so i can just highlight everything and do a ctrl d. And that will update..

The formula and fill it down so now you can see if i add any values in the centre. It s going to update that as well alright. So now that you have auto sundown here s a little extra for you in google sheets. Now there s often times.

You re you want to look just a little more attractive than not at all so you can add an add on i ve added an add on called table styles you can get it by clicking on get add ons and look for table styles in the add ons gallery. You would just click on free to add it i highlight my selection then i click on add ons table styles and i m gonna look for a style to add to my selection here so i m looking for a quick way to make this pretty so i select a style..

I like i click on apply to selection that looks pretty good i m pretty happy at that i can highlight these two cells and use the merge tool to merge the tools to i mean to merge the cells here and i can make this bold even a different color. If i wanted to larger and that s how you ” ..

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