Using Text Columns In Pages (#990)

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“This is gary with macmostcom. Let s look at using columns in pages. I m m using pages version. 5 and we re going nto take a look at columns.

m going to create just a basic blank document. Nhere and i want to in view turn on layout. We can see here the main text box. Where we ncan insert some text let me put some sample text in there of course.


This is going to be a single column nof text if we wanted to break it up into two columns nwhat. We would do is go to format if you don t already have format turned on and click format nthere then in here you can go to layout and increase nthe number of columns. So in here. We have even more detail about nwhat each column is let s increase it to two and we see that column n1 and column 2 are equal size and that is the gutter.

We can change any of these we can make one column larger than the other increase the space between them if we want over here. We can see that the text is broken nup into two columns now with the sample text. It is hard to see nbut basically the text flows down. One column up to the next to the end of the page and nthen continues in the first column on the next page one of the reasons.


We want to do this sometimes nis. If we are going to insert say a photo then having the photo in the center of the npage makes more sense. If there is two columns because otherwise if it is just one column nthen. The text has to wrap around either the left or the right.

It doesn t make sense to have to read across nthe image. So having two columns allows you to put an nimage here in the center. Now you don t just have to use either one ncolumn or two columns or more you can mix and match for instance. Let s say we want to have the nfirst paragraph.


Here be a single column. We want to have it then break into two columns nso it can wrap around this image. It is kind of tricky to get pages to do a nmix of single and double columns. I find it works best if you create an empty nparagraph right there and put your cursor in it change that empty paragraph to a single column.

Then move your cursor down and select the nfirst paragraph of text and cut. It then move the cursor back to this section nand paste it in you can see there it works. And you have a nsingle column here at the top and then you have a double column here continuing on the nrest of the page it almost looks like two separate text boxes. Nbut in fact it is just one i can select all the text like that and you ncan see it grabs.


It all i can even select across those boxes. There it certainly looks a lot better maybe if i nwere to increase the spacing a bit you can see it actually even adjusts. The division ndown a little bit so the text flows normally. ” .


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