Using the Format Painter in PowerPoint

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“So now i m going to show you something that s going to save you you a lot of time as well and it s interesting when i m working people that what we tend to do is we will do something and then we just keep repeating that task and it s not necessarily the most cost effective or time effective way to do something. But it s just how we do stuff so for example. What i ll see if somebody will use they ll have a box and so they ll do something like this we ve got a number of boxes on a screen. And we ll just move that up here so they ve got a number of boxes on the screen.

They ll come in here and they ll say oh i want to format this box. So i m going to add a style on there and then i ve got a drop shadow and i m going to add a reflection effect and so they say oh i like that that looks really good. I m going to apply that to this shape too so and then they go up here and then they do the same thing and then they go through this whole process well that becomes time consuming especially..


If you have you know 40 slides. And you have all these shapes. And you decide oh i want all my shapes to look a certain way. So that becomes really time consuming to have to modify all those shapes.

So this is where the format painter tool comes in handy so what you can do is you click on an object. Where you have certain formatting and you want to apply that to other objects. So you click on that and you notice this little paintbrush tool..


So if i double click on it i can then change the format of objects until i deselect the formatting toolbar so i can click here click here click there and in those simple mouse clicks. I ve got the same formatting applied across the board. I can do the same thing here with text. So i ve got two pieces of text here.

I realize i want to take this text and i want to change the font. I want to make it green and i want to i don t know add a bevel to it i don t know if the bevel shows up so i ll just add a shadow to it so i ve got a green shadow. All that stuff so what i can do is i can select that select formatting apply to this text and that quickly this text has been formatted as well so you can format objects you can format text makes it a lot easier when you re doing your work and you have to worry about formatting every single thing so you use boxes and shapes and all that apply don t worry about applying all your design effects get everything lined up right put placeholder content..


You know you can do the same thing with an image. So say we ve got an image here and i m going to apply a drop shadow on this image and then i want to do the same thing on other images that i add on the screen. So let me delete this here. So i want to apply drop shadows on other images that i have on the screen as well so i can do that select.

My formatting a double click as you can see now i ve got my drop shadow. So you don t need to worry about spending a lot of time upfront formatting and doing all of that just put placeholder content. In places..


Where you want to put the content or objects or whatever. It is and then later when you know when you re done and then you know what your look is going to be then go in and format. And then apply the format painter across all those objects that will save you a lot of time and ” ..


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