ViewSonic XG2402 Menu System (OSD)

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” s adam here for pc monitors and in this video. I m going to be be the on screen display menu system of the viewsonic xg 2 to the osd controlled by passable buttons on the underside of the monitor you can t see it very clearly perhaps you can t see very clearly in the video. But the buttons actually have slightly different shapes and wonders different functions these are kind of pointy. They re shaped like arrows and that s because they re sort of navigation buttons.

This one has a different shape. This one has a different shape. And this one is the power button so it goes down a bit further than the others. There s also a little blue power led little pinprick blue power led which i find pretty under distracting and that glows amber.

When the monitors in standby and i ll check in the osd. A cop off the top of my head. I think you might be able to turn that off in the osd. But we ll see when we get there the first button.

If you press that has a little g icon. All of the you can t really see it in dim light. But they just have little painted button labels to label the functions if it has a little g icon and that is various game mode presets. I ll just check the correct gaming settings is actually what they re called i do apologize.

So there are various different modes there most of these i don t like. But that s not unique to this monitor. I don t generally like presets that sort of mess things up. But color x just looks sort of bright but faded as fps which actually looks alright.

But i mean most of these sort of restrict the options. Which you can actually tweak well they set them to certain values and then lock off lots of the options as well so there s various different options. But the three i prefer custom one custom two and custom three you can rename them. Which is why i ve got one called test one called lbl though blue light.

But i ll go through all of this when i enter the main menu system and there s also a little quick way of adjusting the volume. A fairly quick way of adjusting the volume of the integrated speakers or anything connected to 35 millimeter. Headphone jack. If you press.

Any of your other buttons other than the power button you can get into the main menu. This is laid out in view sonic s usual modern style at the bottom you can see a little bar. It s sort of an energy use bar. But really just reflects the brightness of the monitor.

And it gives you a percentage. The current brightness that s set on the monitor and i can tell immediately that i don t have it on my preferred preset. So i m just gonna change that there s also something that shows you the refresh rate. They ve currently got the monitor setup.

And i ll come on to that shortly you ll also see that the button labels are now clearer little on screen labels for the buttons now the first menu is gaming settings. I have already been through except you have some extra flexibility here so you can see various gaming settings have other settings associated with them and the custom modes are the most flexible because you can change all of this. So the first three custom one or test..


As i called it now lbl custom 2 or custom. 3. Rampage response as a pixel overdrive setting of the monitor. Which is explored in the review.

There was various different settings. There monitor hertz cap. Which is a bit of a pain to be honest. This is supposed to basically change the refresh rate of the monitor and also your system.

But for some reason it just changes the refresh rate of the monitor and it doesn t change the value in windows or your graphics driver so you actually left with some strange kind of pseudo framerate and you get frame skipping and a really dodgy experience. So i mean i explained this a little bit more in the review. But just keep this set to native don t bother about 60 hertz or hundred hertz on this keep this set to native and then set your refresh rate in game or in windows or in your graphics driver and even though it says native hundred and forty four hertz you can set the monitor to 60 hertz or 100 hertz or any other supported and fresh rates and i ll work just fine so don t worry about this monitor herds cap seems to be a sort of broken feature on this. Monitor.

Black stabilization. Like a the this is a bit like ben q. s black equalizer. But a bit more gentle a bit more flexible actually you can set that to various values between 1 0.

And 22 and this just alters the gamma curve slightly shifts. The gamma curve to adjust the level of detail in dark scene. So you can have a competitive advantage and games for example. So i ll just show you the lagoon website.

The black level test is a good way of demonstrating approximately what this does doesn t you want to see exactly what i see. But you ll get this is a sort of default. 11. If you were just this if you lower it enough dark shades become darker and they blend in more it doesn t affect the black point of the monitor.

So there s no advantage in terms of contrast in that respect if you increase it beyond the default those darker shades. Get a bit lighter and more visible. So that could give you a competitive edge in a game. There is advanced dcr dynamic contrast ratio.

Which is explored in the review brightness color adjust. So there are a few settings here. But i particular just the contrast color saturation this is like the nvidia digital vibrance control so this is a digital saturation control except it s on the monitor other than the gpu in this case and if you increase that it just pulls shades closer to the edge of the color gamut so you do get reduction a reduction in shade variety because it doesn t change the color gamut itself. And but it can make some shades look more saturated which some users prefer if you reduce that it decreases the saturation and if you reduce that sufficiently the image actually becomes very faded and then eventually it ll become monochrome.

I just advise leaving out at 50 for the most natural and accurate reproduction. Possible gamma various different gamma settings. Which is good as i come on to in the review. This panel is notoriously unreliable in terms of its gamma.

Performance some units have the average gamma pretty much 22. Other ones not so much so you can set various different settings. That gives you good flexibility and on this model..


And if you sort of find that these steps are too extreme for your liking the steps up in gamma. There is the possibility to fine tune. It more by just using slight changes to the black stabilization. Option as well as a blue light filter a low blue light setting.

Which reduces the light output on the monitor. And you can set that between zero. Which is off and a hundred which is the greatest effect review scale. So there are various different options.

There which this monitor can sort of emulate various different screen sizes and aspect ratios. There s a one to one pixel mapping mode as well or you can have it simulate various other different screen sizes renamed. So this allows you to rename the customer presets. Which is what i ve done here so i ve got test.

Which is my test settings and i ve got lbl. Which stands for low blue lights. This is basically just my test settings. But instead of changing the color values with this i ve just got the blue light filter on the full and i use that on the evening for relaxing viewing just for my own viewing pleasure.

And there s an option to reset everything on this particular preset to the factory defaults amd freesync on off. I m currently using an nvidia gpu and you can turn it on. But it doesn t actually turn freesync on because it s an nvidia gpu doesn t do anything actually so you can turn that on if you want as an nvidia user. But there s absolutely no point if you ve got a compatible amd gpu.

You can use free sync on this monitor. And that is explored in the review once it hurts carp. Which i ve been through rampage x. And that s just this little lighting feature on the rear of the monitor.

So i ve turned that on it s quite a dark room you can actually see sort of jen red glue particularly under the monitor. I ve got the monitor pretty close to the wall. It says. It s not really bright enough to be considered a bias light or anything like that but you can see it in a darker room.

And you certainly can see it if you behind the monitor you can see there s a bill sort of chevron of red on this side. There s another chevron of red on the other side as well. So that s just that what that feature is from page x lighting. I m not really too fussed about it be honest.

I don t mind it being on. But it doesn t really give me any pleasure and those things just face my wall the lights not very bright from in front of the monitor. So i don t really care too much about that next those display. And i ve already been through these because they re just replicating some things which are available in their gaming settings.

But there are some other presets called view mode on this monitor. And if you using one of the view mode presets you can t adjust all of the things on gaming settings which i ve just shown you you can adjust these things so you can adjust the color temperature. There s various different settings srgb bluish cool..


Native and warm. I go through some of the more useful ones in the review well there s full color control. Which allows you to manually adjust the red green and blue color channels as i did with my test settings of course color adjust you can change the color space. If you need to for some strange compatibility reason.

But just use auto rgb is a standard for pretty much every system. So just if you use auto. It ll select it for you you don t have to worry about this anyway color range again if you do if you don t know what this means just leave it on auto. It s fine and but if you re using certain games.

Consoles. They can actually use a limited range signal. A bit better so that s what you do select limited range for full range for normal pc usage and most newer games consoles again gamma settings. Which i ve been through color saturation and black stabilization.

Which i ve been through cuz. They re in the gaming settings as well as image adjust. Which has various settings have already been through because they re also on gaming settings. There s the view scale contrast.

Brightness and the blue light filter. The shot was a nova scan. Which are grayed out in most of the presets or possibly all of the presets. I mean i filled around and i can t get them to not be greyed out so i m not sure what that s all about but anyway.

Them the sharpness is all configured optimally by default and though some users like to change that but that s just according to preferences. It s not the sake of being accurate. Etc. Etc.

Overscan is something which applies to some older games. Consoles or older devices. It s not really relevant to modern systems. Perhaps that s why it s grayed out i m not sure input select allows you to manually select the input used by the monitor.

So there s hdmi to hdmi ports and displayport view mode. So these are alternative presets used by the monitor standard. Which is the factory default movie web text mac and mono and i don t really like these much they cut off too many of the options. Because you can t adjust the gaming settings settings with these active.

So i would prefer to use one of these custom presets if you like to tweak things you can t even tweak the run page response pixel overdrive setting for example in the standard view mode or any of the other view modes audio adjust allows you to adjust the volume of integrated speakers or anything connected to the 35. Millimeter. Jack or mute that i m not in the setup menu. And this allows you to adjust the language of the osd is displayed in as an information section.

Which shows you the various information about the monitor one of the more useful things as vertical frequency. If you ve got don t worry about the point it s just strange rounding 144. Hurts the if you ve got freesync active and that will actually change according to your frame rate as your frame rate changes..


So that s a good way of knowing that freesync work works and is doing its thing. And it s resolution notice and this just puts the screen a little on screen prompt to say you re not running the native resolution. If you re not running the native resolution boot up screen. So just has the air little few sonic logo and all of that when you rare first turn the monitor on or you can turn that off if you prefer and i don t believe it speeds up the process of turning the monitor on it just doesn t display the information when it s first turning on osd pivot.

So if you re using the monitor in portrait. Then you turn that on so you can read the menu properly portrait orientation. Osd timeout. Which is a period in seconds after which the osd will automatically disappear from the screen after the last button press.

We can manually exit it with the back arrow a couple of times or the back button osd background just has a solid background or you can have a solid transparent version instead power indicator so as i was saying before and i did remember correctly you can t turn the little blue power indicator off if you prefer so there you go. It s off now. Even though. The monitors on i don t mind out i just leave it on doesn t really bother me.

It s auto power off and all that means is the monitor well if you just if it loses a signal and the light goes amber. It ll just turn itself on to standby or a deeper state of standby. I should say as if you ve turned it as if you press the monitors power button. Even though you haven t so it ll automatically do that after a certain amount of time.

I haven t really tested the feature out so i don t know what time. That is the monitor can be automatically set to go to sleep after a certain amount of time. I believe it ll give you a message on the screen after this time elapses and then if you press one of the buttons. It won t go to sleep or something like that that s all they usually do anyway you co mode.

This will just reduce the brightness slightly from what whatever you ve got it set to so i ve got it set to 43. If i choose optimize it reduces it to amazingly 41 or conserve 40. But maybe it makes a bigger difference. If you re using a higher brightness it doesn t do anything you can t achieve with manual brightness adjustments yourself anyway dbc ci.

Which is a plug and play functionality of the monitor. I m talking really quickly now because my battery of my camera is about to die. Which isn t great and this just allows you to use certain software to control the monitor the. Monitors osd displayport.

11. That s just a compatibility feature of using an older gpu just leave that set to off for most users. There s memory recall. Which will set everything to the factory defaults whew.

So that was the osd on screen display menu system as a viewsonic xg 2 4 0 2 be sure to check out the full review on pc monitors dot info. There s a link to that and also a link to information about how you can support the work that ” ..

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