Vimeo upload using a PHP script and the API

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“Guys so i m often asked how we go ahead and use the vimeo uploader uploader tool. So i thought i d make a quick video tutorial showing you how do it now realistically speaking. You really need the mic one get to actually get the software. But we can just grab it from the downloads from github comm slashed omnomnom slash video uploader downloads.

I will put a link in the post below this video. We re going to get it as a tad ji said and what we actually want to do is download this to our line x box. So here we are aligned xbox in lana s root at the moment you could do this as your own user just this is a development environment. So it doesn t matter.

I mean home jose vimeo test. I m actually gonna do w. Get and then the path to the tardies ed. Which is here copy link dress and a bang grab that okay.


So that s now downloaded as master. So one of the problems that i do have is is this kind of issue. Where i have to move this master to a let s say jimmy o topologies urban gonna extract actor okay so all we ve done there is download a file and extract it you can see that it s snowing here. I m going to actually just move that into this root folder.

Now usually. I d have done get paul and then the path and but not all of you guys are going to get users so if you are then do get pull if not then do the old school targz way so now we ve got this all these files in this folder. You ll see that we ve got we can get rid of it out at gz and i ve got a readme file in here that ll tell you how to get started. So let s jump onto the vimeo web site and look at how we register an application now.

I ve actually already got a an application registered oh. You can see that they ve actually removed. They ve moved the page for new applications. So what we ll do is log on to vimeo.


Okay. And we then go to now they ve changed everything yikes okay fear not what i ve got twisted up go get me out upload and apa. I should just be me out api possibly. Yeah okay so let s go here.

And then let s say. Okay. Let s switch back to the old design. So this is obviously temporary and then that s not helped at all okay so they re obviously.

Changing things and let s go help developers here. We go okay and for full documentation on the advanced api. Then your api application. So yeah.


That was a bit of a fast and i m going to have to hide these in the video. This is the consumer key and the consumer secret. It s something that you really shouldn t show other people and so yeah. I ll have to just edit out afterwards.

But that s my problem so we re going to go into here and we re going to register a new so register. It register. It here we re going to block a bar by the by you ve got to be pretty specific because they re going to be fussy and then that s going to give us a new key. So once we ve got a new key.

What we re going to have to do is and copy the conflicting sample code so copy it config example the in it conflict in it now then look in here. I m going to go back in and we re going to grab the consumer key pop that in we re going to grab the consumer secret pop that in and then we re going to run the authorize process. So save that yep so to do that we just run scripts. Arthur eyes.


I ll give us a url select. This and create a new page. We click allow and it will give us a code copy that code paste it in and there we go we re all set up it worked so basically once we ve done that if you want to upload a single video we just do php scripts upload single and then say the video file that we want up luck so let s do it we ll use a test one which is in somewhere in here well you can imagine you know we ve got a test video file and we basically just point out you know video dot mp4 we d hit enter and then that d upload the video up to vimeo. So just take about a week for the registration process with vimeo.

2 to be completed as well. But this is a great way of just uploading videos and that would do a single if you want to upload in bulk upload multiple and then the path which would be say how i m holds a videos something along those lines. So that s how you get started with the video uploader php class. I guess i don t know if it s a class or a tool and have a play see where you get to hopefully.

This is a massive improvement on where we were before and a great way to break free of the shackles of youtube. If that s how you so desire and there are a number of youtube download all of your own videos to your to your local. Hard disk and those applications should serve you really well because it s only taken five minutes to get started so yeah i have apply thank you ” ..


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