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“Guys welcome back to another tutorial video um today. We re gonna be talking about about a program. This open source. Kind of emulates.

A popular application on steam called engine um. But this software comes with presets. If you get the full version. This doesn t cost money.

It s just i think it s like 30 megabytes more than the light or the basic version so yep uh. It s actually pretty sophisticated for a free software you can add your own wallpapers by the way believe it or not putting gifts you can add a website a stream. I don t know what you have to do to make it work like the play the video itself. But get some encoder or something you can t play ins.

You can do emulation on here. As you can see when you open up an application it does stop once you minimize it it starts right back up again this is the one that comes with the wallpapers you have it downloaded. It s gonna look like this and you want to extract it you guys should all know how to do that you just drag and drop this file..


And you re gonna want to click on this one right here lively wpf and it s gonna open. But you re not gonna be able to see it is it s gonna be in your tracing right here. So all you got to do is right click. It open lively you ll be met with this screen.

I don t click install wallpaper because that originally got me a little stressed out because my custom wallpapers aren t showing up so you can choose if you get the full version to get custom wallpapers. What you want to go is go to a thing called my life wallpapers calm and i recommend an adblocker because there is ads. But no inappropriate stuff. It s just like ads like i don t know ads and you can get custom wallpapers all of them are animated um.

Most of them are okay. But this is like a free version of wallpaper engine if you definitely can t afford wallpaper engine. Then do so because it s probably better than this one do you do have didn t download it you just want to drag it onto your desktop. But my kids.

I m not dragging into a folder and then what we re gonna do is go to type video double click on this and there we go see how decent animated effects looks pretty cool clean overall i like it i ll set your detail to 100. I recommend it either way if you do or if you don t have a curvy fonts. You re going to have a bevel size now recommended you can have that off completely..


If you re just planning on having text. Like this there are other ways of creating text. And that those are pretty self explanatory. But basically what bevel does is it makes the thickness either bigger or it makes the the extrusion bigger.

But we re just going to disable that as we are only going to have this as our text. If you go down here to the preview mode. You re going to notice that you can it s very hard to see the 3d in it and it looks very very ugly to fix this we re going to go to the appearance settings and we re going to select single color custom. Once we have done this we re going to go to roughness and we re going to set that to zero.

I m going to set metalness to 1 now we re going to scroll down and we re going to select texture this will give it its nice little texture and look that we all know and love most intros have textures. If they do not then most of the time they re playing or they re 2d or something like that so you can find these images on google just search up stone scratched stone metal. Whichever one you would like i m going to select m8c x. Oh.

I i found this on google. And i m going to enable that if i go out of rent preview mode. You re going to notice that the text is still very dark just as in preview mode..


When we add our reflection this will fix that issue next. We re going to go to normal scale. And we re going to just disable that go to reflection and enable that next we re going to go to add object and you re going to select shape sphere. Select this sphere and set all the top three settings to 100.

Now what you re going to want to do is going to go to the appearance setting click image select image and go to an image that you have downloaded that has black and white stripes. I m going to use this image for this tutorial. Once you have done this go to the render side down at the bottom of the settings. Select front and change it to back go back to the add object tab select group select group.

Again change. The name of the group to whatever you would like most likely you re going to want to change it to reflection. Because it s a reflection and that would make the most sense drag sphere into the reflection and you can close the reflection tab make sure you have selected the reflection tab. And that its settings have appeared go to the visibility and select normal reflections.

Only you have just created text that has reflections. If you would like to change. The way the text looks to make it brighter go down here and you could change the mentalness or you can make the roughness..


A little bit bigger by setting it to the point. 3. Most likely you re going to want to change the roughness to about the metalness 28. Leaving you with still having a cool reflection.

Just not as much as you would probably like when making intros make sure you follow these steps of creating text lights and reflection. And if you guys want to you can always change the way things are made and do things your own way or find styles from other people. This is just a simple tutorial on how to create lights names and reflections. Very in a simple very simple fast if this helped you make sure you guys tell me down.

In the comment section. Like the video and until next time peace and ” ..

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