WATCH DOGS 2 CHEATS: Biggest Spending Spree (Infinite Health – Money Trainer)

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” s up guys. So what are you doing today. So we re gonna be playing playing watchdogs and i found a cool trainer so check this out it helps you the game of course. It s offline use only it won t let you go online.

So that s a pretty good part. We re gonna go on a shopping spree. Let s see what can you buy for 5 million dollars. There you go see five million dollars that five or fifty yep that s five okay let s find what we can buy of course.

We re gonna try to buy a car and after that we re going to buy all the weapons. But first of all let s go and buy the hottest car. There you go there s a car shop on the map and after that with the car. We bought we will go on a rampage to see how the police are doing and let s park it my bad.

The real physics. What what the fuck man. What you want motherfucker you go on the floor bitch. Okay.

So cops are coming okay whatever let s go on a shopping spree with cops okay auto elite dealership look at that move for looking at the car okay i think i might holy boy well there s a cop. We re coming fuckin move bitch. My bad seriously you fat fuck. Okay let s shop.

And pretend. Nothing s happening. Yeah. Sure that will work out.

Okay. Let s see heavy vehicles. And they have not many. Okay so we have two heavy vehicles one s a 180000.

Looks pretty secured armored. Oh. I saw this convoy on the road. It s a bank or something like that okay.

Let s go to performance cars performance cars. My bad oh there you go 1 million. Oh. My god it s over 1 million.

Okay let s see the motorcycles cheap shit offroad cheap shit weight sports cars. I got this one and the carosa is cheap shit muscle. We have the vespid lowrider that car is really cool seriously you can use the lowrider and activate the suspension using the t button. I didn t know that seriously okay let s see standard vehicles.


Kidding. Me okay. We are gonna go with the vr meta. Nice thing okay let s buy the film meta can i use some decals or something like that okay.

Which to choose let s choose fire. Bye shit. No idea how to do that whatever okay let s see fiamma. Oh my god i lost all my money no problem.

I m gonna reactivate it i think i should get there we go five million dollars again okay you re gonna shop again hey. There. Please okay. I ll go to performance cars.

And yeah. Meta fuckin bite already ok. Exit. The shop.

Where s my car. Bitch. Okay. Here s the precious we have it wait looks oh it s a laferrari.

I think if i m not wrong. But i think it s a little de la ferrari. And this quick let me shut down the music this is fucking amazing. Oh.

My god ok let s look at it at night. Yeah. The trainer does that it s pretty cool option. It has ok i think this is enough night yep.

Oh. My god look at that beauty look at that beauty man holy shit. Let s let s take it for a test drive let s try not to hit it and i ll come back and i m going to buy that armored vehicle and i m going to fuck up the whole town with that let s see if that would that thing is good because that s really expensive though man. This this ride is cool ok.

Let s let s take this ride and go to an ammo shop. Let s buy some guns where the fuck is the ammo shop. I m sorry guys. But i m a bit disoriented.

I can t really find the ammo. Oh wait that s a pawn shop that s not an ammo shop. I m a bit used to gta5 pawn shop or something like that i have faster a pawn shop. Ok i have something near my location.

Nope ok..

Let s go to the pawn shop. There you go we should be there in a jiffy. Let s write it okay use some nos whoa shit. Well that s a bit unstable fuck s sake man you hit the rides stupid that well then that green ass looks a bit weird like on the ground one style.

It s okay years ago. Pawnshop let s park the beauty right right over here the crack screen. No problem. I m gonna ditch the shit out of it okay.

Let s buy something whoo ammunition. Well i might have fucked up well shot. I remembered you have to buy guns at your local hq well that s not a problem. Let s let s take.

Something cool. Okay. Let s look at this pot. Fucking.

Kidding. Me. I don t have enough money. Not that is not true.

That shouldn t be true bye and equip this. Legit. Okay let s. See which is the coolest weapon.

Around. Here 40000. Oh. That s kind of a cheap shit.

Oh. This looks this looks nice yup. I m gonna buy this shit. Oh.

It s printing. It well if we would be able to print guns. I think that would be a big fucking problem for us. But hey maybe technology will evolve.

And we may be able to print guns the shit that looks yet man that s amazing. Oh money is happiness. It s really happiness. Okay let s buy something else after that we go to the car shop and we ll buy ourselves a pretty cool armored vehicle.

Okay let s choose a knife or something something okay i got this one nope..

This is a stun launcher. This is a control alt delete. Launcher well i have no idea what that zero day rifle. Fuck.

Your mind press f1 aiming to toggle scope. View. Thank you very much okay. I printed out another weapon just love america okay open the damn thing up there we go that s that that looks cool man.

I mean the guns in watchdogs you look absolutely fucking nice there are a few guns they re not not a lot of guns. But let s open dlcs will come well well you can use a lot of guns okay. I think we already lent buy that damn god damnit man move the fuck over let s shop hello sir how we re doing heavy vehicle mrap well yeah. I m gonna go with this one by there go thank you very much i m off to fuck up your town looking nice thank you very much we re gonna try the fuck six.

Well. This is this is really annoying people are just standing there. And it s a bit bug. You can t go past them.

I noticed that a while ago. Well the starting of the engine of this one is a bit weird. But i m sure it has a v12 something like that go ahead to hear that take a driving shit. Oh.

This is fun we need an evidence no you don t need an ambulance. You just blew up bitch. Oh look at that ride man. Oh whoops.

Well that disintegrated. But look at the bright part. Oh. Oh shit sudden.

He got out of the car. What the fuck man. He s energized well no shit. I would be energized after that one wow that was cool.

I m really sure that that s how it s supposed to work you blow up with the car and after that stepping out not a problem running away that that s cool hello. My friends where the fuck are please stop shooting me motherfucker. Oh. My god my vehicle fuck well that strong shit okay now we have cops we have something and we have to move of course.

I have a flat fucking tire and they can shoot my ass from the back well that s just cool seriously that s if it s bulletproof well. I m sure it s not bulletproof because my doors are fucking hanging and i think the door. If you look at it it s like one fucking millimeter to take shit guys don t buy this crap car just buy something fast. I m sure you ll be better off seriously look at that so i can t even move this shit is not even going fast.

I m using nos now to do something okay guy so..

Let s let s just stop fuck this shit get on top and let s just fuck all the cocks up because that s what i promised. I will do it exploded and that one exploded. Okay that the explosions of the cars are pretty cool. Oh seriously.

I can t see shit. I got it i got it oh. So i shot the heli. That s that s real so fuck.

What s that seriously ubisoft oh. It did it survived only shit. It s a dog fuck. I don t really like dogs i hope they it won t it won t jump top nope.

It can jump. But he s so cute. I can t shoot him man how can you shoot something that cute look at that man. It s it s too cute to shoot.

Fuck s sake. Okay. I got an idea okay so i m a coop. I am.

I m a cool guy. We re gonna stun the bitch there you go it s done okay so it sounds gonna bother me and i didn t kill it let s try to escape these five stars. That s gonna be a bit hard and i think i need some lessons in driving. I m sure what the fuck is that have underground tunnel or something oh.

What the fuck. Oh. That s the way down well yeah. I thought i discovered something cool.

But you know but that s not true okay little using moss. I m gonna get rid of these guys quite easily with nas. Oh boy oh god damn. It oh my god can i fuck up in this way god damn it man ok so i think i might have fucked up let s do recap.

What we have done so we bought the coolest guns. We bought the coolest cars two of the most expensive cars. Almost well the heavy one was a bitch. The other one is an imitation of the laferrari.

I think if i m not wrong correct me and well that s about it and i fucked up in the last minute pretty hard. I don t know how but that s cool well guys. If you would like this trainer of course you will only be using it for offline single player use only and that s the way it should be not fuck up someone else s game you can find the download link in this video description hope you enjoyed it till next time bye. ” .


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