WATERPROOF USB Flash Drive ?? S3+ ZEUS 128GB

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“Here we are back with another video. And i hope you are okay on that that side of the screen and today to bring a usb thumb drive. Which i that it s the first time the head ring is legitimized to the channel. But it has a feature that caught my attention and it s really interesting.

Which is waterproof now if we take a look at it just a few followed just a few seconds. We will see that the science behind it it s not that special. But it s really smart because as you can see this plastic cover will protect from dust and will protect from water in carrying in and i did a few tests. And i was a bit cautious at the beginning.

But it went just fine and i m going to share with you guys now. It also has something right over here that we can use it to put it on a keychain or something seamless so great and it is quite small. I ll try to show on this camera. There we go really small so as you can see and if i take the cover this is the way that it looks in terms of specifications.

There s not much that i can say but in terms of speeds. If you are wondering i always test as you guys know here on the channel..

So we are talking about roughly 35 megabytes per second on reads and 35 megabytes per second on writes. Which is quite decent for a usb flash drive. But moving too deep more interesting part i did start my test by making this flash drive go through a shower and at first. I was i don t know cautious.

I was a little bit concerned but once i did test it out i did clean it bring it back to the office and plug rim work just fine. So was happy and i said okay let s be a little bit more aggressive so i went back to the back yard again and on a small pond of water. I did put it in so that it could submerge completely and what happened after that was that it still works off of what the hell. Let s try it out and throw it into the swimming pool and wrongly.

I did thought that by being made of plastic it would float. But i was wrong it did not float so just have that in mind that it will not floats if you drop it on a water area on a very deep water area that you cannot get it it will not flow. Fortunately i was swimming pool and i could easily fish it up. But at that.

Moment i was a bit concerned because we are talking about 22 meters of depth. And i m not really sure if the ban is prepared to be to go that s under so i did dried up and i came to the office plug it in and it worked just fine so a great experience..

And i know that this might not be useful for some of you guys. But it s really interesting i am a particular case i work here in the office. I work on another office on a classroom. And that s about it but for those that are own environments.

That will rain that will got some thirst and things like that now this is a great solution one more thing that i would like to share before we shut down this route is that all after all these tests. So just to share your life. That is still working. And what working really grates are just going to use my macbook pro and also the desk minix adapter and i m going to plug it in right over here and as you can see on that angle.

Just appeared right over here. So it s called ac use 128 gigs and i can just open it up and if i want to put some files in here working just fine and that s what it does so hopefully you did enjoyed this video. I know i did enjoy testing about this usb thumb drive and i will be using it in scenarios that i might risk my data getting dust and water. I would love to hear your opinions on it you think it s worth it where would you like to use it where do you see thing you and useful.

And that s about it guys hope that you guys enjoyed the video. If you did so don t forget that usual thumbs up my name is worth the gorge and as always i ll see you guys on the next one us before all of our ports close and stuff..

It s going to help us finish all this stuff up get it into that places where we need to go so we need to go to iceland. It looks like greenland just got affected awesome. Iceland is infected today. I m just going to save up my points.

Right. Now let these people get infected make sure i get all these world s infected and we are going to slow the cure baby. We re gonna go to genetic hardening to go ahead and slow that cure off a little bit. So it s not spreading fast enough in greenland as i wanted to we re going to go ahead and get cold resistant too and there we go.

It s spreading as fast as i want to now now since i ve pretty much got the whole world. We are just going to murk them out go ahead and get total organ failure. The next one i m going to get is this one right here. So i need 25 for it we re going to start killing these people off so.

As you see all the people are dying now. I got a little bit of leftover money we re going to buy genetic reshuffling and this is pretty much how you beat it nice and simply so sorry to say and bacteria by humanity..

And if you want to make your score a little bit higher you can still do these genetic reshuffling. It ll help you out okay guys my next guide asked these people get affected and i off my next guide is going to be on um. It s going to be on viruses viruses are gonna help us finish it off so it virus is a little bit different strategy. But not too extremely different.

I like viruses a lot though so if you liked the video. Please please don t forget to hit that like subscribe share. But tell me if this worked for you also i ll be doing it on hard mode as well brutal and then we ll do a extreme brutal. I ll be coming out with those as well so check out y all s scores.

See how you all did. And tell me. What you think about this strategy. Thanks for watching.

As always please don t forget to like ” ..

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