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” s quite as fun or as embarrassing as singing karaoke. Especially with friends. And there there s a new game on ps4 called. We sing now allows you to do.

But is this game the life of a party or is it just tone. Deaf leasing is a budget style karaoke game featuring 31 different tracks. Most of which are pop from a few different eras. And some songs i feel like they re just a little out of date for a game like this in 2016.

If you re in the pop music wall. Then you re definitely in luck here. There s only a couple of tracks that fall into other genres other than that in fact they even have a rock category. But it has two songs in it one song by the bangles and another one by queen.

Which is we will rock you nasally probably my least favorite of queens. Popular songs the most modern song. I really recognize down here is cake by the ocean. But there s also a few songs ever popular a little while ago like demi lovato s version of let it.

Go mclemore thrift shop. Sia s chandelier. And a few others. Overall is a relatively lackluster playlist that is for sure especially compared to other games in the same genre.

When you do pick a song that you re gonna want to sing you have three different modes to sing it in single karaoke and party..

The only difference between the single and the karaoke mode is the fact that the single player keeps score karaoke mode doesn t that s pretty much it from what i can say you can t fail. No matter. What mode. You re playing it will play the whole song no matter.

What no matter how bad you re saying no matter. How many lyrics you miss even if you just sit. There. Let the song play it will finish up now when it does rack up your score you can see.

And what your total high score is like trying to get the best score possible for each individual song. And it keeps track of that but other than that there s no other bonuses or rewards for singing well in the game. There is a few different selections you can make before going into the song in all the modes including for single and karaoke you can change whether or not you have the lyrics on screen the pitch bars on screen there s three different difficulties easy medium and hard with the only difference being how tricky it is to actually hit the pitches. Though it seems like on the harder difficulty you can get a higher.

Score. Total you can only get up to like 80000 points. On easy and up to a hundred on hard the real draw. There really is a draw for this game is the party mode.

Where you can have actually up to ten people singing at once there s two mics that are able to be plugged in through the usb s. On the ps4 and you can play with up to eight people using their phones. There s an app. You can download called the we sing mike app and use that as your microphone.

So you can have ten people in a room..

All singing the same song and there s a few different verses style modes. One. Where you pass the mic around so each person sings a bit of the song you have another one where it s race to 50k whoever gets to the 50k point. Mark first ends up being the winner.

And that s a pretty cool thing being able to use both microphones and the phones. The problem is i couldn t really get it working on my phone when trying it i couldn t get really the pickup worth a crap at all i don t know that was just my phone as i m using an older samsung note. 4. But either way this may be an issue for some people if they decide to pick up the game and try to use the phone as the mic.

My biggest issues seem to be with the actual pitches. I play a lot of rhythm based games especially rock band and while i m far from a great singer. I know pitch and i m able to kind of adjust my voice accordingly. And it didn t seem to really make any difference in this game.

Where is the game like rock man using the same mic mind. You i m able to do just fine making. Sure that i m able to get the pitch going now for you don t have to say the actual lyric you could just hum along technically if you want to and in rock band as long as i keep that pitch. I usually do pretty well in this one.

I was able to just talk randomly into the mic or just kind of rub my finger on the mic and was actually doing better sometimes than when i was actually singing like actually singing songs. I know and singing pretty well so it seemed really inconsistent maybe. That s just my luck with the mic. But i tried a couple of different mics and my phone and still really to have any luck.

Then there s a presentation..

Which the menus itself were a bit difficult to navigate you don t like really hit the joystick in whatever direction. You want to get it to actually go over scroll through and have to really press down the buttons. I was like why do i have to press this down so hard in order to get what i want selected the music videos are also just well the music videos. They didn t like edit anything out like scenes or skits dialogue that spoken throughout like that you wouldn t normally hear in like the radio version of a song like you would only see in the music video in fact.

It was even like credits at the end of some music videos. I feels like they just took youtube videos plop them on to this game and just were like oh here you go now you have this game. Like it would be nice to have like an avatar that was in it or just something to change it up a bit to make the game. Look a bit better it just comes off as completely cheap from the technical side things.

While the game. Didn t directly crash it did go to a blank menu a couple of times were like i would select a song and just go to a blank screen not load. The music video at all also sometimes it stuttered. When i got the music video going.

Which i know isn t part of these particular music videos. I don t know why it was slowing down and stuttering nothing else was going on in my system at the time. I wasn t downloading anything like really kind of inexcusable that this ended up happening in the game. Now.

I didn t literally mess up the song track as it was playing but it just was a bit jarring to see wheezing is available for 2999. A playstation 4. It does feature a full trophy. Listeni platinum.

Though it s very very tedious and very lackluster alma trophyless a lot of them are just play a certain song ten times..

So you have to play songs like baby hit me one more time or a chandelier. Ten times just to get one bronze trophy and i ve played a few of these songs more than that and still hadn t unlocked the trophy. Yet so it may be a bit finicky as far as them even if i m locking with the lackluster presentation and playlist. I honestly don t know what audience they were going for whether it was a modern younger audience or an older audience or whatever it happened to be i feel like they missed the boat with the songs that were on here.

There s no dlc available. And doesn t seem to be any way to download more songs. So this is all that you re going to end up getting for the game. At least from what it looks like the game s price.

Is also a bit high for something like this you re much better off going. Getting a game like rock band and being able to play that with just the mic you ll get a better experience. And more diversity from the tracks. Then you re going to get out of the game like this when everything said.

I m going to be giving wheesung them a ps4 a three out of ten. But anyway guys that s gonna wrap up this review. I like to thank you for watching and of course. I hope you enjoyed ” .


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