What are Pantone Colours? An Introduction to the Pantone colour system

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“Along to part five and my color fundamental series today we re going to have have an introduction to pantone colors hey folks and welcome along to part five of color fundamental series if you remember from my last video. I hope you ve watched it we were talking about cmyk and rgb and i d mentioned that cmyk cannot replicate bright colors and in order to get really bright colors onto your print. You may have to resort to using pantone colors. So let s have a quick look at what pantone colors are and how you would actually implement those into your print.

Why a pantone is important well let me. Give you a brief overview of what a pantone is first of all pantone is a standardized color matching system that designers and printers use when we need to ensure color. Consistency. The most commonly used pantone system is what s known as the solid pilot system now there are other pantone systems and these include cmyk.

There is a metallics range..

There are pastels and there s also a home in fashion range. But for this video. Though we re going to be sticking with the most commonly used one which is the pantone solid system let s grab a guide this is a pantone color guide and this is the pantone solid color guide as you can see there are quite a few colors in here now every color in this book has a color reference so when you have your logo designed your designer will specify one of these or multiple depending. If it s a multicolor logo.

They would specify a specific number for each pantone color that they use in your logo. Now for example with the pixels inc. Logo. My color reference for pantone is let s try and find out should have posted it no one here its 186 so pantone 186 is the red that i use for my branding.

Whenever i specify it for printing..

So let s say for example. Let s say you are printing a brochure and you want to have a fill color photograph on the cover. And you want your logo to be over the top of that photograph now. Let s say your logo is pantone orange.

21. And that can t be replicated in the cmyk color model. So in order to get your logo onto there we would need to print using cmyk. Which is a four color process and introduce a fifth printing plate.

Which would contain the pantone orange 21..

So by having that fifth plate it gives us that extra ability to have really bright colors printed along the cmyk color process so in the main pantone colors are great for really bright. Vibrant colors that you want to make sure show the same every single time you have them printed if you re not that bothered you can basically use cmyk full color process and get a red or an orange or a blue. Which is fairly close. But if you are really really keen to make sure that your colors are the same across the board.

Then you need to be utilizing pantone colors when it comes to your printing and the specifications of your brand colors. I hope you find it useful. I m sure you re gonna have a million questions after watching this video please leave them in the comments section. I will answer every single one of them.

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