What does High level and Low level mean in car audio?

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“Guys. It is from the install bay. We re going to talk about the terms terms high level and low level and try to explain you what to me stay. So oftentimes and customers come into the store.

And they start. Asking us questions. One of the common questions has to do a high level or low level or a high level or low level adapter or a high low adapter or anything along those lines. That is somehow interfacing with their stereo like to have a factory radio.

They want to know how to add a subwoofer we hand them a box. And say. This is what you need they can be overwhelming and though we ve done videos in the past showing how to hook up a high level to low levels after if you don t know what high level means or low level means yeah so you re gonna hook something up to something you have no idea what it means the long and short of it is today. We re going to show you what it means so let s get to it alright.


What we re looking at here are three aftermarket radios and one for factory radio. Now. The point of showing you the back of these radios is to show you where the high and low level outputs are so for example on the aftermarket radio. These are the only ones that are going to have low level and that would be these here these are the rca outputs.

This particular radio has six rca outputs front rear sub. This one has four rca outputs where you have front and then rear sub and then this one just has a single rca output. Which is going to be the subwoofer or rear. Now these are all low level.

And what we re going to do is we re going to hook. These up to a voltmeter so we can show you what we show you the difference between low level and high level now factory radios you notice has no rca s that s just going to be straight up speaker wires. Which is going to be high level. An aftermarket radio also has a high level output.

And that would be the speaker level outputs that are here on the plug..

But you don t have to use these to hook up an amplifier because you have the low level alright. So we have our factory radio here. Playing a 1000 hertz test tone. We have our aftermarket radio here.

Playing a 1000. Hertz test tone through the rca s speaker. Level. Rca s.

We have the two meters set up here this one is reading the high level. This one is reading the low level as you can see this one s. Up at 11 volts. Ac this one s at 28.


Ac this is what a normal amplifier is usually going to take somewhere between. 05. All the way up to 5 volts. Where as you can see this would be way too much of 5 volt.

Is where it maxes out this will overdrive it so this is called high level now in order to get it down to a signal that the amplifier can take we re going to use one of these. Which is a high level to low level adapter. Which we have set up right here. So what we ll do is we ll take the rca out.

We ll plug it into our high level 2 low level and now you can see it s a more it s a smaller number. It s closer to this low level. And this would be something an amplifier could take on its input section. So now you know why it s called a high level and a low level well there you go that s why it s called high level.

And why it s called low level and why they called a high level two low levels after seems pretty simple yeah all right sometimes..

It s the simple things that drive is crazy. Yeah. Anyway ah. You guys subscribe.

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