What is Linux swap?

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“You are a linux user you have definitely nheard about linux swap. But you may may not know what it is exactly and how you can use it time to that i mention linux swap and swappiness in almost nevery video on things to do after installing linux you can watch these videos in this playlist. You probably know that linux swap is somehow nrelated to ram. And swappiness can affect your system performance in this video.

I will explain you what it is nand how to use it in little more details you will learn n. What is linux swap do you need linux swap. What are swap. Partition and swap file how to create a swap file.

What is swappiness and how to adjust it what is linux swap the linux kernel usually uses your ram memory nto store. Temporary information. When there is no enough ram space the linux nkernel takes some of this infromation from ram. And writes.

It to the swap space on a hard ndrive. This is called the swapping process this way your linux system can release some nram space. And doesn t crash due to lack of memory. So linux swap is a very useful way to extend nthe ram.

Because it provides the necessary additional memory. When the ram space has been nexhausted and a process has to be continued that is why when you install a linux distribution nthe installation wizard usually asks you to assign a space for the swap partition do you need linux swap. This is a question. Many novice users ask themselves nwhen they begin to discover linux in fact this will depend on the use and amount nof ram.

Your computer has nevertheless having a swap space is desirable neven. If you have a lot of ram for example usually. When your ram gets full nand. The linux kernel has no space to write into your system will crash on the other hand.

If you have a swap space. Nit will be used by the linux kernel and your system will keep working..

Though much slower. So it is safer to have a swap space note swap space has one disadvantage. It nis much slower than ram. So adding a swap space won t make your computer nfaster.

It will only help to overcome some limitations posed by the ram size. There are two option for a swap space. A swap. Npartition and swap file.

Swap. Partition swap. Partition. Is just part of your hard drive.

Which is reserved for a swap space. It is sort of hard coded in your hard drive. So is usually not that easy to change. I recommend that you create the swap partition during the installation of your linux distribution.

If your computer has 1gb of ram or less. Then the swap partition should be twice the size of the ram. If you have between 2gb and 4gb of ram. The size of the swap.

Partition. Should equal the ram for ram. Of 8. Gb.

Swap can be half of ram. Finally..

If you have more than 8gb of nram. Then it is enough to have 2 4gb. But everything depends on your use case you can check type and size of your swap with nthis command. This is the size of my swap.

Partition linux swap file alternatively to a swap partition. You can ncreate. A linux swap. File.

After the installation. The modern linux kernel. Allows swapping to na swap. File.

Instead of a swap. Partition. A swap file has an advantage over a swap partition nthat you can change the size of your swap. Any time simply by changing a swap file size.

If you want to create a swap file. Run. This ncommand. First note.

This command will to create a 1gb swap file replace 1g with the value. You want next you have to set the correct. Permissions. Then format the file to swap finally.

Enable the swap if you want the changes to be permanent. You need to edit the etc..

Fstab file open. It and add the nfollowing ctrl o. To save the changes and ctrl x to exit in the end check the status of the swapfile. Here.

It is how to remove or edit. A linux swap file in case you need to remove or edit. A linux nswap file for any reason. You first deactivate the swap and delete the actual linux swap file.

If you what increase or decrease. A swap file size you created a new swap file of desired nsize. If you what only to removed. The swap file.

Nremove swapfile entry. In the etc. Fstab file. Swappiness and how to adjust the swappiness.

Nvalue. Swappiness is a property of the linux kernel to define how often the swap space will be used as you already know ram is faster than a nhard drive. So every time your system need to use swap you will notice that some processes and applications will run slower. However you can adjust the system to use nmuch more ram than swap this can help improve overall system performance normally the default swappiness value is n60 the smaller this value the more of your ram.

Nwill be used swap tendency is defined by this formula. Swappiness is here in this formula. I am. Not going into technical details of this nformula.

You can pause and read it if you are curious so to check your curremt. The swappiness value nrun..

This command you should see the value of 60. If you want to modify the default value you nneed to edit. The. File.

Etc. Sysctlconf and add the following. Vmswappiness. 10.

10. Is the most commonly recommended value also this setting is recommended. When you nhave more than 4gb of ram. Save the file.

And close it with ctrl o. And nctrl x. Keys shortcuts in order to apply the changes you need to nreboot the system. Now the swappiness values is ten this way your linux kernel will use more ram nand less swap.

But it still will swap when your ram memory gets critically full linux swap is a technical concept. But knowing nhow. It works can improve the performance of the system. If you have anything to add to this video let me know in the comments section.

” ..

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