What s PTFO?

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“What up guys. My name is taz ah. Today. We re bringing you a commentary commentary from that overflow.

Which quick gameplay of demo time. But five minutes long and i m going to talk about a few things 1. I m gonna talk about playing the objective. Which was my original topic for this commentary by the way and to some of the things.

That s wrong with call of duty because as i was trying this a few times over and over. I realized hey. There s a lot more things i can do with this so um things that are wrong with call of duty. Most people would jump like oh.

The knifing is bad the lag cum bubble. Yeah those aren t the most fun thing in the world. I can say i ve lost my fair share of gun fights because of lag and like on throws me off blah blah. Whatever.

But the biggest problem with ecology. Honestly the players the players of the issue with the game..

We want to spin back and take a look at a mw q. If i ask you guys. What s wrong with a mw2 well not on the 10 people like well new tubes in commando. Well.

Yeah. Commando is an issue. So were the new 20 wasn t it just the players that were using really assume like if we take a look at it the guns can t help that they re being use these in the perfect. The jackass players that are like hey i want unlimited new tubes.

And i want to lunch 30. Fucking feet stab someone. It s the people like that the brew in the game is the same way like ptf. Owing.

Which beautiful dogs is up playing the fucking objectives for all of either. Don t know um. Now you do please play these fucking objective. I ever see any of you in the lobby playing the fucking objective.

I will be pretty damn impressed i see a lot of people. Nowadays that don t actually think that they ll see like a diffuse..

No teammates on it and they ll still just walk right by it be like nah man. I m gonna kill street. I m working for like my load store my dogs say this while i run if they have a lodestar equipped. It i don t really diffuse one of these bombs coming up what like why wouldn t she defuse the bomb that s the objective of the game.

That s the reason you re playing this serving game to defuse the ball and win the game it s it s my involvement like if you don t want to play an objective play team deathmatch because then playing the objective is killing things. And if all you re gonna do is kill. Things. Then you re playing the objective.

Really well that won t be mad at you it s the people that are gonna come in play demo and be like yo we re not even touch the bomb sites. We re just gonna sit in the back the map you can grab a sniper rifle. Get some good killstreaks. You know feel like a total loss with my three katie because i hardscope in the back of the map shed at all the snipers on carrier that do that you guys can just go straight to hell.

Nobody likes you um. But i don t i don t see the fun and not playing the objective like i understand. There s certain reasons like what you like oh. I m one off this kill streak maybe i ll avoid the objective for now that s okay.

That s not that bad that s understandable. It s the people that are like well..

I just spawned in hey look. I should probably defuse. A bomb hey look a butterfly. Oh maybe we ll go kill some people looking at the butterfly.

Tell the people like that those people bother the hell out of me. I m not just we just run the first round of defense this rando offenses. Honestly quick as hell before we run up and destroy them i think i died once or twice doing it just trying to get the bomb off. But no ptfo right let s fly.

I m here i m in this demo game to get that fucking a bomb that s the only reason. I m here that is my goal right in front of me outside a fucking door. Not here to kill everybody fun as that is if i have to kill everyone to do what i will that s the only time i ll be killing definitely active. But uh you see me hear you i drop a hellstorm.

I put it i put a sentry gun up right next to his bomb site plant the bomb look at that that s smart isn t it that s playing the objective. Now there s a century gun up both bombs are planted both bombs are going. And it looks like our teams. Just can destroy them why because our team plays the fucking objective.

Better how hard is that it s just you hold a button. Oh..

Just watching that kill back makes. Me embarrassed. Remembering how i couldn t shoot a guy five feet from me huh. But holding a button for three seconds.

That s less effort than shooting someone if i was shooting someone you have to hold the trigger aim it with a stick and press. Another trigger with the fusing and objective. You hold x or square. Or whatever key.

It is on pc. I m sorry i m not sure it s that not like 10 times easier. I don t understand what it is with people not playing the objective. I m sorry guys.

But those people just think around my gears and uh that that actually ends the game pretty well right now i only rock at 12 and 3. But we take them to a no we absolutely just destroy these guys cuz. They didn t play the objective our team did there goes there that s to show you you know like playing the objective you pull off double use a lot quicker anyways thanks for listening guys. Ivan taz and you guys been wonderful piece.

” ..

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