Where to Find Your WordPress RSS Feed URL Beginner Tutorial

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“This video you ll learn how to find your wordpress rss feed url. So for for most people. This is going to be really really easy um. All you need do is visit your address bar and i m going to click command l.

To reach that right now and then i ll type in forward slash feed now once i press enter. It s going to take me to my site s rss feed. This lists every post that i ve published in reverse chronological order just like the blog and it updates dynamically in other words automatically every time. I publish a new post.

This is going to work for most people watching this video. But there s a chance that you might instead get a 404 error saying..

The page isn t found if you do visit the same address on your site. In which case. I want you to visit your permanently settings. If you get that error it means you re using the plain and customized permalink settings.

And this i generally don t recommend for wordpress sites. Because the url itself isn t very informative for instance. If you published a post and it was called sample post and you switched to the post name structure then in the url you can see sample posts visitors can tell from the url what they re going to see on your site versus. If that post has an idea of 123.

You ll just see the post id instead and that doesn t really tell me much about the posts um. So i recommend switching to the post..

Name. Structure. Now. If you already have a popular site with lots of links going to all of these existing urls.

I understand that just changing the urls of all your posts can be an issue. So you don t want to just go ahead and switch it unless you have a brand new website. So if you are using plain permalinks. The way you can find your rss feed instead is to keep this forward slash and then type question mark feed equals rss or rss two and i do recommend using rss two it s a simple variation of rss one and uh well it came out in 2002.

So it s not exactly new and this is what all of the podcasting and other feed services use so as you can see mine redirects to this url. Because i m using the post name structure on my site um..

But if you are using plain permalinks. You want to use a question mark feed equals rss two so that s where to find your rss feed url with wordpress. If you want to see one more tip keep watching cause. I have uh an extra tip here that i think you might like for your site.

WordPress doesn t just publish one feed url in fact. It publishes a lot of different feed urls that you can um that you can share. However you d like so for instance imagine you have a news website and you publish multiple posts every single day you don t want to bother your subscribers with let s say five notifications for new posts every day maybe you want them to subscribe to just one category. So if you visit one of your existing categories like this one.

I have my theme lists posts and you can see its categories called best wordpress themes. I can jump in here..

And i can simply type feed after the existing url and this will take me to an rss two feed. Only including posts from this category. So knowing this you can allow visitors to subscribe to feeds for each individual category or tag on your site. So i hope you learned something new i hope you re able to find your rss feed.

” ..

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