Why Buy a 3D TV or 3D Blu-ray Player

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“Buy a 3d tv or 3d blu ray player hi. There i m veronica belmont belmont veronica belmont technology guru today we re going to talk about how to bring entertainment home today s digital 3d effects are more realistic and dramatic than ever and many consumer electronics manufacturers have made it possible to let you enjoy 3d right at home from products loaded with 3d capabilities to 3d entertainment. It s all ready for you to enjoy from the comfort of your couch with high definition 3d. You re not just sitting in front of a tv.


You ll feel more like you re right in the middle of the action of movies sports and video games to be able to view 3d. At home. You ll need a few things first start with an hdtv with 3d capabilities 3d. Is a feature available on select hdtvs and home audio video products to avoid confusion.


Let me be clear this means you can watch 3d entertainment on your hdtv. But it doesn t mean that all content is going to be in 3d you can still watch all of your regular 2d programming viewing content in 3d is an added bonus 3d capable hdtvs are loaded with advanced technologies required for viewing 3d entertainment this hdtv combines advanced frameray technology with active glasses to deliver full hd 1080p images to both eyes for a clear precise hd picture you ll need to add a 3d blu ray disc player gaming system or other 3d capable device and you re ready for movies high octane video games and more in full hd 3d. Now if you want a real 3d experience you ll need to complete your 3d entertainment system with a surround sound system featuring 3d. This is very important to ensure you re getting optimal sound quality speaking of all these connections.


Because there s so much data that needs to pass through be sure you re using high speed hdmi cables to connect to all of your 3d capable products high speed hdmi cables will accomodate both the 3d audio and video signals without any problems you ll need 1 cable per device and lastly make sure you have active glasses they actually sync precisely with the hdtv to make sure you don t see any weird ghosted images so put on your active glasses sit back and get ready to be transported into the action. Follow these steps and you ll see your movies and games like never before it truly is the future of home entertainment. I m veronica belmont with sony for howdini ” ..



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