Why you should turn wifi off at night

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“Everyone this is rachel seller. The forensic nurse. I wanted to talk to you today today about electromagnetic radiation. One of the biggest concerns and the environmental safety issues that re dealing with right now is electromagnetic radiation from wi fi and bluetooth.

Many of you may not know. That fitbit s and apple watches are it s just like having a cell phone on your body. So that little light signal that s put off number one causes problems in the body. The body will pick up those light signals.

And it causes cast. A cascade of different reactions. So one of the things that wi fi does is causes. The calcium channel gates in your body to fire.

So. When that happens. The nervous system is is is going like this. And there s a cascade of events.


And you ll end up with things like depleted levels of potassium and hydrogen in the body and excess calcium floating around so when we set off these reactions. There s a lot of consequences. It also causes the blood cells to stick together so when the blood cells stick together. They re not able to bind oxygen.

So people that have conditions like sickle cell for example. The blood cells are not shaped like they should be in a round disc. They re you know kind of bent cycled. They re not able to bind oxygen as it is so in this case when the blood cells are sticking together like stacking up like coins.

It s called reuleaux formation. So some people are more prone to that like i am a type a blood and some people tend to have i guess you can call it sticky blood. So i have a meter and i took a reading like a week ago. I went behind clear water high school and clearwater florida and i took a reading in just an average neighborhood and there was a cell tower.

There right behind the high school and the reading was a very very high like it always is anywhere you go. But it s just kind of like i don t think people are really aware of the effects. So the other thing that wi fi does is it causes the blood brain barrier to become more permeable and when that happens things like heavy metals and the body can you know permeate and go places. That they shouldn t so i turned.

My wi fi off at night..

And i started watching a channel called emf zone. So his name is neal and he taught me a lot about wi fi and it s one thing to turn off the wi fi in the back of the unit. But you have to make sure that it s actually off so i wanted to show you my meter and this is an acoustic. This is an acoustic meter.

This is an am tent. This is the emf field it s a brand and this is measured in microwatts per square meter. And what its kind of tricky thing to read but i m gonna show you what a reading looks like and there s different signals and things that you can hear so i m just gonna let you hear what it sounds like okay we re gonna walk over to the wi fi box. So here s the wi fi box okay.

See the meter wi fi is gonna go off. And watch. The meter. So you can hear the different signals.

Okay. So you get the idea right so this is a meter and many people talk about the tri. The trifield meter. There s a meter called a tri field.

If you go to look up these type of instruments the trifield meter actually does not take readings on wi fi..

It does not take readings on cell phone cell phone towers so the reason. I like this meter is because i like to take readings on cell phone towers. And i like to see i like to make sure my wi fi is off. So.

I do have a button on the back of my wi fi. But one of the best health tips. I can give anybody right now and that includes doctors and nurses and pharmacists. The educators in the community.

All medical professionals and friends and family sure you turn your wi fi off at night. So if you have any health conditions. Oh. By the way wi fi causes diabetes and you can go on youtube.

There s a video. I ll post it this is a youtube video a home post it down below. If you put in wi fi and diabetes. There s a medical doctor speaking before congress on this issue.

So it does cause diabetes..

And it does exacerbate certain health conditions. Because you re going to have chronic inflammation fatigue. You can keep you in a slightly depressed state. You can reference.

Dr. Dietrich kling heart on that so i just wanted to share this video with you. And i say to turn the wi fi off at night at least. Give your body eight hours of rest.

So your nervous system can relax. Because the key to preventing cancer and different diseases and and healing is the controlling the nervous system and making sure the nervous system isn t out of whack and constantly firing in in a inflamed state. All right so hope you enjoyed this video and uh share. It with your friends and family.

I m rachel cellar. The forensic nurse and if you want to contact me you can go to ” ..

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