Wii U Pro Controller Review

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“Guys what s up tyler here with t gaming tech. And today. We re going going to be reviewing the wii u. Pro.

Controller and i just reviewed the wii. Gamepad you can check that video out right here. But today is going to be all about the wii u. Pro.

Controller. And it kind of looks a lot like the xbox 360 controller. But the layout is just a little bit different and so speaking of layout. We re just going to go over the controller in general and to start off we have two dual analog sticks they re just your standard analog sticks the same ones that are on the gamepad and then we have the d pad.

We have our xy ba buttons a select start em in power button and that s all there really are in terms of buttons on the front on the bottom of the front here you can see that we have a player indicator whether your player one two three or four and here at the top. We have a battery indicator that lights up when your battery s about to die on the top of controller. We have a left in a right button along with the zl and a zr button and then we have a usb port. Where we can connect the controller it comes with the usb cable.

You can plug it into a computer and or a wall charger. Or the wii u. All different things. I ve tried have charged the wii u.


Controller. I tried plugging this in to use it with a computer in terms of using it with an emulator. But it did not work sadly. But maybe there s a fix out there you could do that but this is just your regular usb port.

And you can use almost anything to charge the controller on the back. We don t have much in terms of buttons. Except for the sync button. Which is nice that they have it that s easy to press.

Because like i said before with the wii. The sync button was inside the actual battery compartment you had to take cases off sleeves off just to get to the sync button. So i m glad the sync button is easy to get to on this controller overall. I really like the wii u.

Pro. Controller that s a pretty nice design. And it sits very comfortably in the hand. The grips are really nice it just sits comfortably.

And it s not really a pain to hold it or play with it or anything. And one thing you might first notice whenever you pick it up is that it is really light. And it has this glossy finish on it which makes it look really sleek and really nice. But it kind of borders on the edge of making it look cheaper with plastic.


And it just doesn t weigh as much the xbox 360. Controller weighs a little bit more than this and the xbox 360. Controller. Just feels a little bit more sturdy or whatever you re playing this controller not so much.

But i put it through its paces. I ve tried it with a bunch of different games. And it s held up pretty well the analog sticks. Really don t seem to be falling apart or not working well it s suffered any punishment that i put it through and it suffered fairly well i haven t had any errors in putting in game.

And controller input. And so i think it stood up to the test fairly well i just think first impression it just doesn t feel as sturdy. Because it doesn t weigh as much so it s not as such a heavier sturdier device in the hand. But it still performs very well like any other controller.

A couple things are missing from this controller. And most notably is that there is not a headset jack on the top or anywhere on the controller. If you want to use a headset to chat with people during games. You re gonna have to use the wii u.

Gamepad. In the headset jack that s on it kind of a little bit frustrated with this because if you re using this controller. You re you re just trying to want to get away from using the gamepad you want to use this controller for certain things. And so for example in black ops.


If you want to use a headset. You re gonna have to have the gamepad sitting near you you have your headset plugged into that. While you re using this controller. Now.

I know. There s certain things like the gamepad can be your overview map and then you re playing the game on screen. But i just like to see them put the headset in here just try to make it a simpler process and less things you have to worry about whenever you re playing the game. Another thing.

Some people were complaining about is that the triggers on the back are just straight triggers that are not kind of like analog triggers. They don t have any give like the analog sticks and the best way to excuse that an example would be during a racing game for acceleration and braking. Some people were complaining about that personally it s not it could be a not going to be a big deal to me an easy solution would just be to make one of the analog sticks gas in your brakes. But a couple people were complaining that the triggers don t have that give like analog sticks to over all the battery life is pretty decent.

I haven t really had to charge it all that often and when i do i just plug it into the wii u. And the cord is plenty long enough to play while you re charging it or you can charge it really wherever. But the battery is pretty solid. I haven t had to charge it all that often and i m fairly happy with it another thing that kind of bothers.

Me is i can t use this controller in all situations for example. I cannot use this controller to play super mario brothers. You which i kind of want to try it out and see how it work with this controller. But it says i either must use the gamepad or a wii remote and so i was kind of bummed that i couldn t use this controller.


I mean i guess. It s not a big deal since it s just mario. But hopefully down the road. They ll let you use this controller really whenever you want with other different games so overall.

I really do enjoy this controller definitely suggest you picking it up if you re more into this hardcore pro gaming. This would definitely be a better controller in my opinion for call of duty. The gamepad isn t bad for that but this just offers a better experience in my opinion because i m really not looking at the gamepad all that too often when playing that kind of game. This pro controller.

Just is a better controller to use for those kind of scenarios. And it s going to help you out down the road with other games in entender might. Release. So.

Let me know you guys think about the wii u. Pro. Controller down. In the comments below also give a like for this video to help support the channel and also check out some of my other videos and follow me on all my social networks that are all in the description below so thank you guys for watching this video and ” .


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