Windows Live – Hotmail Flags and Folders

windows live hotmail plus This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you Windows Live – Hotmail Flags and Folders. Following along are instructions in the video below:

” s evident internet shawn here mahalo calm and today i ll be talking about folders folders and flags inside of hotmail you don t know what hotmail is you should go back a couple lessons to the beginning of this course. Although if you re looking for folders and flags you re in the right spot let s go check it out now let s get set up with flags and folders inside of hotmail to get to hotmail. Just. Simply open your web browser and go to hotmail com.

Then press enter now from here you just log in with your windows live id now we re gonna have to click on the icon right here or we can just click on hotmail here at the top now what we can do with folders and flags. I can select any of the items here that i want to flag and just simply at the top. I ll select flag mark as flagged. Now these folders are still in the drafts folder.

Although they re also in the flagged folder..

I can also unflagging by clicking them. And then selecting marquez unplugged. As well as that i can create a new folder. I d like just from the bottom of the folders.

List select new folder type in the name. The folder. You d like we can also decide if we d like this folder inside of another folder. Then just hit save.

And there is our new project folder right here now if i wanted to move an email to that folder..

I simply select the email or the entire folder and here at the top just select move to new project. Folder. Once you have all your emails in that one folder. You can simply click on that folder.

And then what you could do maybe when you re done with the project just click on sweep here at the top you can move all these to another location delete all them mark moles. Red or just empty. The folder as well as those options. We can also click on this gear.

Here at the top next two folders..

We can select manage folders from here. I can just select any folder. I d like that i ve created i can either rename it delete. It or just create a new folder and from this screen.

I can just simply see more information about the folders. I have as far how many messages are inside of them. And the file size of each folder also from clicking on the gear we can decide manage rules what this will do is select sorting rules so let s select new now we can decide where an email will go once it s been received so let s say for instance. The sender s name is greg that email will go to the new project folder or it can be forwarded to a separate email address.

Then once you re done just simply hit save then that ll be shown and your rules for sorting your messages..

So. If you have a hard time. Managing. Your inbox using folders and flags would be a great way to get you started as well as managing.

Incoming rules now if you like this day. Connect to this course as i ll be covering more features of hotmail make sure to subscribe and feel free to rate. And comment below and like always thanks for watching. ” .


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