WNIC Allyson joins Jay

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“Congratulations congratulations allison. Thank you thanks amy and rupe i m excited yeah guys this this is exciting you know we do our christmas flip on tv every year. We do it on the radio and on fox at the same time and allison. I got talking a couple days ago.

A couple of days ago and i said hey this is a little opportunity to come and hang out with us if you d like yeah. And i needed to get out of the house. I was really bugging like the one four other person that lives there gonna get a job listen. And i asked for this on the radio a few minutes ago.

But it s been a year and a half and beatles being off the radio in a city..

You love is is tough. It s really tough it s i mean i you know you know you have that connection with your listeners every morning and then you don t and i found ways i did a podcast. I made videos i found ways to try to keep that connection. But i am so happy to be back and part of the drive and just part of your day again because i missed it so much i think people miss you because our facebook.

Pages are blowing up this morning. And twitter. It s been non stop common chelsea right. I mean everybody this morning this has only been one a half an hour here one person said.

We just gained a million new listeners thanks to you so hey there we go easy..

I mean i ll be coming back to tv. If i have a million new listeners doing this job. But we are super happy to have you i am. I am.

I ve known jay for a long time. We ve been friends for a long time so happy to work with you this is gonna be awesome. I was waiting for the right thing to do and this was the right thing to do when i got to detroit. She was doing overnight on it i get on at 5 00 in the morning at drq and we would we.

But it s been it s great to have you here and and i think detroit is very happy janos..

Jay nelson. Quick question for you what s it like to work with somebody who you competed fiercely against for years. I was wondered about that well you know it s funny because while we competed against each other we would still always talk to each other we would talk on facebook. And we just always still had a camaraderie you know it s we want to but we want to get along too and we had this conversation before too i think as you get older you start to let stuff go i work in the same building as mojo.

We re pals now so everything s great. But yeah i mean i mean you know what it s a small business. It s a big business. But a small business and it s easier to have friends than enemies.

I think yeah..

I think so too yeah well we won t tell mojo about that voodoo doll. You have that s not true you guys are both so likable. And it s so nice to see you guys together so congratulations to both you in two years years of success to both of you and how s the reaction music been so far good we re about to play jimmy durante frosty. The snowman and i don t hear any complaints so i m good and by the way every every every store good luck going to target or or meyer.

And they re all loaded up with christmas. So we are not alone well good stuff guys get in the spirit. How are you ” ..


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