Word 2016: Undo, Redo And Repeat

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“You ever make a mistake okay first off i m just assuming that you may may make mistakes. But hey if you like me we all make mistakes then you undo what you just did by coming up here on the quick access toolbar and there s the undo button. It s not highlighted. Now because i haven t performed any action to undo and then you ve got the repeat and redo button.

It s a double agent. So if you ever do something and you want to undo it after you undo it you can go ahead. And it ll turn into a redo. However if you perform an action and you don t undo it just an action like typing in some text.

Or formatting..

This will be the repeat for example. If i go ahead and do control a and select all the text within the document and i hit the delete key on the keyboard and i m like oh. I didn t want to do that i want to change my mind come up here you can hit the undo button. And when you hover over it you get the shortcut keys.

If you don t want to hit the undo button because it s too far up at the top. Then go ahead. And do ctrl z or while i m there i ll just hit the undo button. And it brings it back and if i m like mmm.

My mind let s come back up here and you get the redo of the undo..

So i can go ahead and redo. What i just undid and undo what i just redo to undo and you can use the shortcut keys ctrl y. And ctrl z to undo and redo correspondingly that is so you ve got the ctrl z to undo and the control y to redo now again that will only appear to redo after you undo something. But if i come down here.

And i type in some thing then instead of undoing. Because that s not the most recent thing that i did i actually performed an action then it converts it from the redo to the repeat. So i can go ahead and click on it and it repeats the same thing that i just typed isn t that fun and i can keep clicking on it repeating that over and over again so if i do something in one part of the document. And i don t want to type in the same thing again or apply the same formatting.

Then you can just come down..

And you know hit the repeat for repeating the text or repeating the format that you apply to one part of your document to another part and in addition to that you also have the control y. That works for the repeat. As well and also the f4 key. So if i do control why it repeats or if i hit the f4 key.

It s the same thing. But as far as the control wide goes that works as a double agent. So if you re repeating it ll go ahead and repeat it. But if you re undoing like i come up here and notice when i hit undo this will convert to a redo because it only follows after i undo something to redo.


We ll go ahead and redo that now if you made a lot of mistakes and you don t want to hit undo undo undo over and over again and then you can click on its corresponding drop down arrow. And it keeps track of all the things that you ve done well i haven t tested it to see how much it keeps track of but you can go down to this point where if you select it you can see it s going to undo eight actions up until or it says type in something go ahead and click on it it undoes. The eight actions right up to type and then i can click on the drop down arrow. Again and i just have two remaining actions to undo i can go ahead and redo and redo and redo and redo redo and redo and redo and redo and enter back to where i started with those ten actions watching hey as a quick reminder.

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