XLR Cable vs wireless XLR Cable How To Use Xvive U3 wireless adapter For LINE Output and Microphones

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“There robin here from expert island and today. We re gonna be comparing xlr cables cables honor. Defeat of it to the x vibe v3. Now they were nice enough send us a system.

And we decided. We d do an actual sound test on it and check it out before actually doing the review and well. I think they re awesome now they are incredibly incredibly useful and handy for everything in here and they re going to be really handy for you if you re a dj or somebody who does pa rental setups. Any type of event that you have to go out.

And do speaker setups or plug into a house system. And you need something quick and easy now most people are thinking wireless microphones. I m not i m thinking more than just that if i take this i can hook this up anywhere. It take me a few minutes.

I can run off the mixer runs with cable hook something up get rid of the trip hazards on the floor tape. It all down old gaffers tape or you use these guys now. This is how easy it is for trip hazards no cable. No gaffers tape needed and no mess because you know people go oh be careful about that don t worry about that all you have to do is take this end now you can have a wireless microphone.

You can say i m gonna plug that in there no problem you can do that but then you need other equipment you re back to those cables or you d have yourself. And you probably already have one of these a nice handheld quartered mic in this case. This happens to be a shure pga. 48.

And that s it i just plug that in turn it on and off. We go we re all set now you re saying i ve got wireless microphones. I don t need to buy another gear just to do that no way more than that now if i take this out of here. And i need it to hook up some speakers.

I mean this speaker. Hooked up to that makes me more well what am i going to do well all i m gonna do with in this case is take this guy walk over here plug it into one of my channels. Now this could have been a mixing board. Which it is or it could have been a controller if that s what you re using hit play that s it now this is so good that i can do this on the fly take it out of there.

Let s say i needed to have it into my big setup. Here all i need to do is plug it in to one of the inputs that easy come over here i ve got portable amp plugs into a big passive speaker. I ve got my winery here that s how versatile it is i ve just gone full circle around the entire room just like that 1 2. 3.

4. Different speaker setups and i m back at the camera holding the unit in my hand. Play right back in here. That easy now of course you know like i started with i started with a handheld microphone.

You could do that no problem. If you need to use this on a guitar. You can use di box you can still run it through that as well it s that convenient now important to note that i mean let s say. I have my two main speaker setups for my dj gear.

But then they asked me to have a speaker weigh over at the entrance area..

Because they re having a buffet setup outside and they want music out there. As well you set up a speaker. You d lay all your cable. All the way around.

He just grabbed us and go if you need one extra microphone. You need to back there you go i think as a dj or anybody doing any type of performance work or you re a mobile guy and you ve got to set up your system and go. And you don t want to get into all the cables and have to haul that around with you buy yourself a couple sets of these incredibly incredibly inexpensive for what you get they re like 200 bucks in the states give or take couple of bucks everywhere else in the world. But that s really what it is so what we ll do is take you back to the table.

We ll really talk about the technical parts of it. But i thought you know what you probably want to see how it works first and give you a give you an idea from this point on there s gonna be link down below on our site. So at any point in time this is worth going to amazon buying that is for sure. So.

Let s take a review of the whole product in detail up close at the table. Okay so here we are back at the table. And i ve got the x of 5a you three right here now again box is incredibly nice. I mean i m not a big fan of unboxing things and that s okay.

There s other people who do that a lot and that s pretty impressive. But if you are buying it for somebody else and you want to know exactly how it s going to show up you re definitely getting your money s worth. When it comes to the packaging. So they do give you a lot of great details.

Most important part is that things we want to see for safety purposes are here like the fcc and all the other little logos. I ll locate it on the back. But i get a lot of people have done that let s get through this part here. There we go there s the box.

That s what it looks like so we re still digging in very nice finish by the way so don t get me wrong. I like i m packing things i can just never seem to get anything open now. I ve already used it i ve already unpacked it several times and repacked it. But i did want you to see comes in a very safe package.

Nice safe package look at that two pieces right there. Now the box underneath accessories as it likes to say are located under the foam block. So you take the foam block out now of course. I ve unpacked it so there s something was in the plastic bag.

There is an english instruction manual that comes with it gives you a lot of great details. And i learned an awful lot by reading that and that was a good thing. That s the case that i like a little pop case and in this bag came the cables. Which are here i took them out.

I ll show you that in a second and then there s warranty cards and stickers and all that kind of stuff in here. As well. And that s all part of the package lasik you re not buying the box. You re buying what s in the box.

And that s what we have here so these are the key elements that you get with the unit..

Now this cable is very nice practical. They do use micro usb to a usb. There is no charger. But you can plug this into anything that s usb plug these guys right into the side dudu right here just like that and charge them up you know.

It s probably power it as you re going along so this way. If you need them active for a long period of time five hours is good. But if you need them longer by all means a lot easier to plug a little cable from here onto a mixing board or on to a back of the speaker. If you have a usb port and run it that way that s a pretty smart.

What do you go. But alright so that being said. We re gonna put this aside cuz yes. It s nice to know we can charge it up.

But i have an expectation that we re gonna get the unit s themselves. I saying earlier very solid all molded up metal plastic. All did all done sorry excuse me very very well. Which is what i like it has a button here so this way it locks into place because of course if we re gonna use it on our microphone.

We re gonna want to lock that in it also comes with six channels. So there s a little button here. So what i turn this on i can cycle through six channels. Nice part is this like i said a lot of equipment is moving to 24.

Gigahertz simply because of the way regulations and broadcasting and all that kind of stuffs changed over the years that s where they want all this stuff. And that s where this is located so again nice fit finish buttons and lights to indicate what s going on so. When you have it on you get green indicator. Telling you it is on and that also tells you that it s matched.

So now we re good it means the same numbers on both them and we get a green indicator. If i m off by one number this indicator is going to turn off until i get it back on the same number now i could change it on either one. And it ll come back on for me. That s what s going on right.

There now all right why people like using for my phone. So that s why i have this hooked up yes. I have a corded mic here hooked up to this mixer line one i turn it on i get the big voice on here now and will be turning off the body pack here in a second. So you get just the actual microphone.

So here we are this is a cable test this is of course. I ve got the effects on so we ll turn that down big voice course and now just the regular voice. So here we are that s what we have hooked up and now what i m going to do is unplug. This and plug that guy in kind of body pack back on for a moment.

So how we re gonna do that is pretty simple if i m running it off microphone. You heard it on the speakers. If i m running it off microphone. And i need to plug this guy in to here unplug this we re gonna plug this into here.

And that s a little clicky part that s gonna make that connection right there so once we have it in there we go make sure you give it a good rock..

There s a rubber washer right at the bottom here that s so it doesn t wiggle around. But it does mean you do have to give it some force to get it to click. I don t need it to click all the time for everything. But what if you re actually gonna hand this off you do want to make sure you get that solid in there.

So now all i got to do is bring this guy back up. Now just for sake here. I m going to put my headphones on just so this way. I know we re going to be all set.

So there s the microphone on there and i do have to make one adjustment. So what i did there to change the overall audio was i actually turned on the i had to put it back at mic mode. Because the last time i used it was back with the speakers and i had it set to line mode to do that so now here we are we re back all set up. I ve got the eq set exactly the same on both of them we can actually put the low cut on the actual mixer and the reason why i m doing that is because we don t need to hear the background.

Ambient noise. Keep all the other channels off and now we ll pan. It so this way. We now have left and right going on at the same time makes a bit of a difference doesn t it so that s what we have here as a microphone.

We re running it pretty hot so i am going to turn it down just a little bit. And i ll probably have to find a magic spot because of course. I have this hooked up to this mixer. This makes her sucked up to my main mixer.

That runs with the camera. So there we go so that s what it sounds like when i have it hooked up here. Now what i m going to do is i m going to turn the body pack off and there we go so now we re all gonna have the one my god yep. So now we only have the one mic on and there we go all set ready to go on that one well.

I said i think it s a great wonderful way to have a quick wireless really good performing system in a single package now there are benefits to having a cord. And that is you know cord is always gonna give you the utmost best performance. But the most important thing here is that wireless is convenient the amount of drop in lag and in quality is minimal minimal something you re probably not even gonna notice or recognize. But the convenience is way way outweigh any inconveniences you might have from anything else i certainly always recommend the wireless and have a wireless system that can be used either way in place of an actual cable.

Not just in place of a quartered mic is even better again really the biggest things i was looking at the instruction manual. I d like to review that because that s usually where you find some some cool little tricks and things like that that you can learn about the system. And that s the you know in this case the maximum input levels right for a mic and for line and this is what reminded me to really talk about a lot of the feature of the receiver. Only has one switch on it which is the power switch and one button on it.

Which is basically for cycling through the channels. Which is cool you know that s you know that s our that s receiving that s the equivalent to our mic cable input. So if i was to you know go over here. That s the equivalent of this guy here right so that s our xlr cable.

That s our male connection point. And that s okay that that s only a mic because i am plug that in and as long as i know it s a mic. I can work around that now here this is the transmitter so this would be the part that connects you to the microphone or to any of my equipment. Now.

This is switchable between that has one extra switch on it between mike and line right here so i can treat it as a line input or i can treat it as a mic input..

Which is really going to define how much power. This is going to be had to take big big important feature there so remember no matter. What this is always gonna be treated like a mic this though can be treated either the mic or as a line so anytime that you have that option. It s always a good thing.

This allows it to not just be a replacement for a corded mic to a cordless mic. But it allows it to replace the actual cable itself so the being icing on the cake is we re not trying to replace this guy this is to replace this guy so i m gonna invent a new word wireless cable cable wireless cable that s what s happening right here. Now remember i mean i m using it with a controller and i ve used it with other things. But you can also if you have this as a controller any controller by the way any dj controller.

You re gonna see you ve got two line outputs in the back that s how you normally hook. It up you run your cables. Remember we re not replacing one of those microphones. We re replacing cables.

I can take this plug this right in the back. Here. If i have a second one plugging in the back. There.

I can go throw. These on the speakers job done. I mean now i have in a very cool looking and smart and quick easy setup. Which is what i like about these things so it s not just you know the feature.

But all the benefits of not having a cord between everything so there we go i don t know what more i could say about it except. We re gonna be using it a bunch more times here and if it s featured in any other videos with some of my other products which happen all the time i ll make sure i notice this way you can see how often this kind of product actually gets used but for now we ll call it a wrap remember there s going to be links for this down below. We ll have in this case. Two links.

We re gonna have a link right back to the factory s website. This is where you can see and learn more details about that we ll have links to where you can get it in canada links to where you can get it in the us plus. We ll have of course our amazon links down there as well and that s it for now. If you haven t subscribed.

Please take the time. And remember i like to take time to thank ex vibe for actually sending us the u. 3. The try out and play with i m glad they did it s certainly.

One of those nice products that it s nice to see come through the door. And you know you play with things all the time and you re always skeptical about the quality and craftsmanship. But this definitely passed the test again. We ll see you next time thanks for ” .


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