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“Counter booking in zulu crm allows you to project your schedule for the day. So so that your customers can simply choose an available slot to talk to you i who wants to send a million emails sister fix. An appointment right you can customize this based on your business. Hours your shift hours allow customers to book as well with you or your entire team and then finally you can share this link even on your website or just on your email signatures.

If that s what you prefer we don t know the best part well for starters. The workload is equally shared among users because it assigns the tasks our bookings to the users. Only based on their availability. The second thing is you can avoid duplicate booking.

Because the customers need to reschedule or cancel the existing event for them to be able to book another one and the best of all you have control of everything..

How many events you want in a day. What s the duration of each event. What s the minimum notice that you need before you let a customer book your event and all that stuff let me quickly show you what i m talking about on the top right you will see this calendar icon click on it click anywhere. Within top right you ll find options go to calendar booking now when you click on create calendar booking you have two options one is your calendar.

Another one is your team s calendar. Now your calendar allows your customers to choose a slot with you in particular and the team s calendar is open to anyone who wants to connect with a certain team now if i were to give an example. Let s say you have prospect setting your website and they want to schedule a product demo. You can share your pre sales team s calendar on your website with all.

The users who handle the demos basically and then let the customers book a slot with ten and then goes around each user within the team based on their availability now to get into the details..

If i go into team booking. Because it s got more options. Let s say. This is a product demo for zoho crm.

Then it s an event for an hour yep pretty much then we can add questions that you want to prompt the customers when they book the flood like how did you hear about us right. And you can make this mandatory fit like you can add more questions as well then the host information do you want to assign it to which host do you want to assign it based on territories. I don t have territories mapped here. But then if there is i would have had that option too now we only have two users and then we have the advanced settings.

This basically tells you what s the time period between two slots..

Like the first one will be a 9 30. And the next one will be a 10 00. 10 30. So on and so forth.

And this is like a minimum event. Notice time. Where you don t want to allow the customers to book a spot you know in less than four hours and then how far ahead do you want the event to be scheduled. Do you want to keep this link active for the next ten days.

Yeah and then the maximum number of events on the same timeslot like if thomas is on a demo right now do you want me to pick up another one well no just two of us..

So i m just gonna say one because if either one of us are busy. I want the other one to be available and then the maximum number of events that you can accept in a day until it s fully booked well five to ten right now. 10 of ten of them should be good. A buffer of ten minutes between two demos yeah no such a good enough breather then i m gonna hit save okay then now we click on this and click on copy link to see how it looks and this is picked up from your browser s time zone.

Just kind of pick another one and then you can see from 17 to 27. It s available and it s in every half an hour and then when they do click on it you have these questions right oops about from friend cool. Now they also have capture in order to avoid sperms. ” .


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