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“Guys how you doing it s me psycho skills um. Today i want to talk talk to you about is your phone tapped now you go sometimes you ll know sometimes you won t know. But there s some indicators that you should look for when you re wondering if your phone is tapped um. There s a few things you might already know them.

But maybe i ll just throw the match in case. You don t hum. If your phone s doing weird. Things.

Like just acting strange out of character um. There s a chance your phone may be tapped..

If your phone is shutting off and having trouble turning it on all that kind of stuff. Just acting strange it may be tapped. If you go to pick up your phone. And it s warm ah there s chance it may be tapped because that that s actually running your phone is actually running when you don t think.

It is and you didn t authorize it to run. But someone s making that phone run for a reason they re using your life your phone or actually looking through your phone and using that battery so having your phone being warm or hot is a sign also i m looking at the battery life. If your battery is draining and you re just looking at it going wow. I wonder why the battery s so low well.

There s a good chance it may be tapped. So there s a lot of different indicators..

I just want you to know that it s very possible that it is and also another thing i look forward to is the actual clarity of the voice. If you re used to your phone being very clear that stuff and you find a lot of distortion. There s a chance it may be passing through an empty catcher which they call a stingray. So these are these are put in your neighborhoods.

And they re kind of scattered around the cities. Now and it basically sends out a stronger a signal. Then your cell phone phone tower. Where it s supposed to go.

And just to go a little deeper just get an application called find my cell towers and you can download it onto your phone you can see how quickly you can see exactly on a map using the gps. Which cell tower..

You re using and if you can do that with the topographic map on your phone with no technology. You can just imagine what with a little bit of technology can do so just be aware that your phone may be tap. I know you may not have something to hide. But this is not necessary.

The police it could be just anybody because just pretty much anybody now can purchase or make a mz catcher and it just basically simulates what a cell phone tower would do and it it filters through there so they have access to everything that s on your phone. And anything that you re doing wirelessly. So just beware and i just want you guys be careful and just know that it s out there and knowledge is power um. This is mr net psycho skills and i m signing off and i just wanna say subscribe if you liked anything share.

It. And you know go down to your local animal shelter and make a donation you know save an animal..

Even if you just keep them alive. A little bit longer. They may have a host to get adopted to or something. Like that so um karma.

It s just another word for good and just remember that. And so have a great day and ” ..

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