48 Samsung Smart/3D TV LED(UNBOXING)

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“Goes so interfere and i thought i could do a boxing. I m a brand brand tv. This is not for downstairs. I m doing downstairs just a lot more what s he doing the 40 inch.

And i just thought i ll be better than everyone off some spot get a foot 8 inch. So i m really excited to open this and this is the 2014 model sons and smart 3d tv. They ll say i have some kind of speechless just came from my door. And then i ll stop chatting quickly open.

It up open a demo research and um. And the samsung was the best one i get that s the first iranian. I wish you ll get never lg. But and if them would you pull it the smart hub of software is a lot better in the lg.

One it s got more more channels or something i put more catch up tv options and up so um. Which is kind of good so let s just open up see one kit..

So so you can legitimacy this. What can you see just my food yeah to freedy glasses. So it s quickly just open them up really sad my previous tv is i m lg 32. Inch oh i just wanna upgrade so on there s a glasses i ve seen on previous videos on youtube.

Yeah and they ve got pretty cool. I m quite surprised it comes in the classroom. I before they just just on the zone. So the glasses yeah so i m saying earlier.

See they got the red and the blue not sure what they re for exactly the battery. Not sure what a battery goes into a look clip on that inside of the glasses. And you whip it up so on yeah requires one of these batteries think. It s got batteries pair glasses.

Which it has which is quite lucky so i ll be trying those out later on and you are a little little one clips or do these go in love. In a blonde moment now hold on all way you just clip into that there you go..

That s one just like that and i m yeah they look prettier pretty sturdy. Maybe i ll be chiming be trying on there on. But yeah like i slid off my glasses is to one plate. Here we other finally tv stand because once i put some screws and that kind of thing is that his stump looks pretty doesn t it i will be using armed way from a tb bracket ruled in arms up and said.

I m quite a thing for the 42 inch yeah third there for 40 inch to 48 inch. So don t hand him the duck let s run it out i m your personal brother i don t know uh huh here we got the good the timber loops and we ve got the adapter. The batteries got all the two sets of batteries it s more coops as well as excusing protecting me so on the end got the normal standard remote. Which is very good for this bad boy can we tape.

It up the smoke remove. Oh yeah. So second attempt to learn lift this back one off under that i just ain t gonna do it um right think we re only going to do this one step so can i show. There s no tv.

Oh there we go. I know she is um..

Well. Now. I dig my s how heavy this was so mum okay bring gentle this really gentle really down starting. Boss box is bigger than tv hole bigger than i expected.

Oh that s overweight. Oh. My god i wish out to people i ll do this i m definitely regretting it oh and some instruction manual. Which i think when you look at.

But i will look at it i m not sure and you got the the energy efficient. Which is a plus. Which is good buddies post on your balls and eye area guys um. Just work quick unboxing so you get an get free.

Usb slots. One two you got a 4 hdmi ports and get a start and the man that you ve making more and tonight..

So yes. It s all one so it s all narrow like we ve got the power remotely so i can really like many of this tv. Around with accessor is a bit awkward so enough to just put this to one side no no yeah. I said guys oh.

I ll do some reviews. All that and i just choose not tips. What i do yeah so you got the ports. There so yeah so you need to know from there until down and i set up i ll do another video anyway guys thanks watch it again and make sure you like comment and subscribe foley breathless.

Oh. Just like afc. So uh with indigestion. ” .


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