Ambient Weather Weather Station Complete Review of the WS 1002 Observer

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“Post does contain some affiliate links. I like to share weather. Gathering instruments and stations. Stations.

That may help you with your weather interests. These links. Do provide a small to me that helps in daily operating costs of this site. Consider an ambient weather weather station.

Ambient weather weather station. Is my review of the ambient weather ws 1000. Observer. This professional level weather station is highly touted by many of the owners.

However there are its detractors as well i go through and give you an a list of pros and cons for this wi fi color. Home weather station. I did find that if you are keenly psyched by the weather. This is your weather equipment you may have a hard time walking away from all of its options after a thorough look over this is definitely a must be considered choice for a serious weather station.

For you description the ambient weather. Ws 1000. Observer is the updated version of the ws 1001 observer. One main thing has been changed.

It has to do with the power source for the remote sensor array. I will discuss this in the pros and cons lists as i look at other ambient weather station reviews..

This one ambient weather weather station. Fits well for other reasons. These reasons should be brought out into the light to things that are really inspiring to the avid weather fan or the the amount of data. That is provided the ability to store assemble and put together reports of historical significance.

These reports over time could become very interesting and valuable for studying your local weather in this article. You will learn consider an ambient weather weather station. Description. Features including instruments and source display types of transmission dimension ship in the mounting how is it powered ambient weather software manufacturers support friskin s for purchasing the ambient ws 1000.

Observer summing it all up features including instruments. Answers. The observer is accurate precise and affordably priced it transmits 915 mhz from the outdoor sensor array and indoor temperature sensor the display console sends and receives internet data using wi fi connectivity the observer transmits outdoor temperature humidity we speed wind direction rainfall uv and solar radiation from the all in one sensory the all in one presents the following set of weather instruments to you for your study wind direction. Vane wind speed cups.

An anemometer solar collector to run. The sensors battery compartment for batteries for nighttime operation thermal hydrometer with the solar radiation shield uv sensor solar radiation sensor rain collecting gauge self emptying wireless indoor thermo hygrometer barometer sensor bubble level to use to help level out the installation of the remote sensor array. The observer also transmits indoor temperature humidity and barometric pressure from the indoor temperature array the dewpoint and rainfall rate and a graph provide detailed trends for barometer temperature. And humidity from your outside.

Sensors. And your instruments location display. The display consoles facing of the ambient weather ws 1002 looks like this the display features a screen that displays historical archive data in the upper left hand corner in the form of a graph the graph shows the following information. The graph shows the barometer.

The temperature and or the humidity also other key sections of information are presented on the colored console screen the numerous sections present themselves to you as i described next clockwise next. You will see shown the wind direction and wind speed..

Then also along the top of the screen is the home to a current wind gust speed reading. And the current wind speed further down the right side of the console. Screen. You will find the inside humidity.

The outside humidity as well as the current outside dew point would be listed. Then the calendar event readings such as day of the week month. And date and current year are in the lower right hand corner then along with the bottom in a clockwise fashion. You will find the rest of how the console screen looks when observed by you you will have the current rainfall amount that has happened then it will also be listed in a rain rate of inches per hour.

The current 24 hour rainfall total is listed as well across the bottom towards the left hand corner. You will find the current barometric pressure in hg below. That you will have the daily sunrise. Time the moon phase for the day and then the sunset time of that day as well types of transmission.

So here is a short list of the pieces of transmission that are completed daily by the ambient ws 1000 to observer the weather station console connects via wi fi to the router internet sensor. Array. Transmits with rf radio frequency at 915 megahertz to the display console inside the house wireless transmission from the remote sensor array to the color display console transmission is recommended up to 300 feet of unobstructed transmitting. The thermo hydrometer transmitter transmits directly to the console.

Never set it up outside the other big thing is you need to set it up inside at anywhere from five feet to 20 feet away from the console for best results dimensions home display console measures. Seven point seven five three in length x. Five point seven five three and width x zero point seven five three is the height. The lcd screen the liquid crystal display for the console is measured at six point two five three lengths x.

Three point five wide wireless indoor thermal hydrometer barometer sensor measures two point five three in height x. Three point five three and width x..

13. And depth. Sensor with an array of ambient weather instruments for outdoors. Measures.

123. In length x. 63. And width x.

143. In height help. In the mounting. When thinking of mounting.

The ambient weather weather station. You will need to know about the pull diameters. What are the inner diameter. It s one one forty third.

An outer diameter. It s one two three eighty thirds of the end that is supposed to connect to a pole with these dimensions. You will be able to connect to set up your ambient weather mounting please. Remember that included in the ambient.

Weather weather station package are two pieces that will help get the mounting setup for you a good idea for a perfect. Great weather station mount is using the ambient weather weather mount weather station mount found on amazoncom..

How is it powered indoor remote sensor to triple a batteries outdoor sensor array three aaa lithium or alkaline batteries. The display console. Which is the heart. And soul base of operations is powered by using the supplied five volt dc power supply.

Cord this. Power. Cord is approximately 65. Feet.

In length batteries are not included for any of the necessary powering. The very important thing to note here many people when looking at this weather station. Assume that the solar panel on the remote sensor array is charging up rechargeable batteries that is not the case at all the unit must be powered by batteries. The batteries it takes are aaa batteries for outside use i always recommend lithium batteries they last much longer for outside use than regular alkaline batteries do the solar panel when working is basically powering the sensor array.

But when there is no solar energy like at night time then the batteries are then powering the sensors ambient weather software. The ambient weather software provides skill areas which an ambient weather personal weather station owner can use to their advantage. I am talking about the ability to get real time and past weather information generated by the devices the owner of the ambient weather ws 1000. To observer have set up on their property you are also able to hook up with the following apps or helpmates wonder station.

I ve been app. The google assistant program compatible with alexa alexa voice command system using the ” ..

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