Cool SONY EV-C200 Hi8 VCR and comparing it with the EV-S2000 (With The VCR King)

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“Hello guys. This is mr. Meng interscope and the vcr thing here in my basement. Basement.

And in this video. I m going to review. This sony hi. 8.

Vcr. The vcr king brought me. And so. The vcr king brought.

Me a bunch of vcrs and that we basically don t yet rate and this was one of them. And i m basically trading him this vcr for this one. Here with toshiba with a very special mechanism that he has always wanted and so a sony. Avc 200.

And i m going to review this video and also compare it with my other high h. Vcr. That i that i already have a vhs a millimeter comedy movie doesn t work unfortunately yeah. But we will take a look at this anyway.

That s gonna be pretty interesting and so i have plugged it to my crt tv and i will test it with a tape. And i think that has more real recordings that i have recorded with my evs 2000 sometimes it fails to load. But you have to push it all the way oh yeah that sometimes happen this might have a slight mechanical problem. But this is the only problem that we have had with it so far yeah.

It s loaded the tape and i would press play the play button like so so this is this is not more real recording. But this is the recording that i film with my hi 8 camcorder. When i reviewed my toshiba this year. That has that special function and this is the same exact type of system that the the toshiba video that i filmed.

I have so this one it like processes. The video digitally this vcr and the sony hi. 8. Does the same thing.

So that s kind of interesting..

So basically how the post picture works you can see this it has a perfectly clip false picture. But basically how it works is that it like takes a digital screen shot of the video. While it s playing like just a an instant before it stops turning for posing and this is what it gives this place. I displayed on the screen here s planet fast forward yep.

And there you can see the display here. It s pretty dim. But yes. Sir i will it s a ghost rather like the one you when i plugged it when i just plugged it it was a very dim and i could barely see it but now we re after a little moment it gets gets better now.

We can see it pretty well and this is a new super mario bros u. So margaery holding eject so i fully functional a hi 8. Vcr. And this is awesome you know what s awesome.

The vcr king phone this vcr at a google store and so this is awesome. This is like the biggest with your store. I ve ever seen like a those are very rare to find i hate videos because very few people had them and they re very hard to find in just a just a an awesome score. What do you mean other than six five nine.

Yeah. Yeah. Where s the side load. That sentence has had kind of became a classic and it s right here now the back side of the vcr.

So there you have the information and the model number evc 200. And here the av input and output. And you got s video since. This is a high eight.

So allah height and and s. Vhs units have s video. So if those two basically output. A video would have better quality than the standard rca rca plug.

Now we will take the top off. And see the inside of this cool vcr here s this high end vcr with the top cover moved. And you see there s a little metal cover here that covers the mechanism. But we are going to remove it to access the mechanism now hers this onei height with the top cover off and that metal cover off so.

There you can see the mechanism..

And so this is the first time i have a vcr with this mechanism. Which is pretty cool and we will ensure that we notice that the chassis carriage here this part here is likely a kind of i don t know it s placed wrong kind of a tilted its kind of missed positions. Where there there is most likely something we re broken in this mechanism. But this vcr is otherwise working beautiful mechanism.

I just forgot to plug it no butter you already saw the pitcher works on this vcr eject pretty cool mechanism really cool you can watch it from this angle. And then we will press fast forward. So a pretty good see it s faster than most 8 millimeter. Tomahto.

And we will take a look at an awesome. Function that this vcr has high speed rewind. So why this vcr has the blessing function as the sony vhs vcrs that they made like this one here. See it has a high speed run button.

While there they actually put this function on high eight vcrs. Which is a pretty cool it likes on and it unloads. The thing just like the sony vhs vcr. Does and then you have a lefty on the feed that s awesome.

See how fast it is very fast. So i don t think they were exist in year 10 photo that you wind up back let s move on to the beginning. Visually so just like the sony vhs with here the contour disappears. When he s doing high speed.

Rewind cuz. The tip is unloaded so we have a discord is vizier. This is unbelievable and now i will get out my sony evs 2008. Vcr to compare it with this one.

So we will be comparing two high eight mechanisms. So that s going to be interesting alright right now. I have my other sony high eight with here right next to it my evs 2000. And so this one.

I did not find it at the toy store. I ve bought it on ebay and i played quite a fortune for this vcr. It has this cool door that opens and this one is like a higher end vizier than than this one it s basically an editing video and they are not from exactly the same time in the same time period. This one is from 92.

And it s from from probably 95..

So this is like the earlier version. The earlier mechanism of a sony hi. 8. Vtr.

And this one delivered the later version. So that that s interesting. And there well you cannot really see that the inside does not look the same at all like it actually looks quite different. So you see this one has more circuit boards and they are like a like multiple layers of circuit.

Board. That s one below there one on top here. And one here this one has one single circuit board. Even the power supplies on the same board.

It s here. This one has a separate power supply. And i will get my my hi 8 type. And insert it in there the ebs 2000.

There is no cure tv. Awesome mechanism love it so this was a video. I filmed on the beginning of the tape. And so yeah this one s higher and you see the it has a shuttle this one has more buttons.

Why as you can see it has a tip speed button. So sp nlp and you have like a bigger. The bigger is display it can display the clock at the same time as the counter you see here and now for the comparison of the mechanism. The mechanism actually pretty quite a lot different this this sony vtr uses.

A early camcorder mechanism. So it was using the sony hi. 8. Camcorder.

And also in their early video workmen s like i have here and as a white encoder. Y mechanism with an extra motor so an added front loading mechanism with a motor. So you get a separate motor for it. So mike.

What a lot different here..

You have a separate model. Which is here for the classic garage and the loading model is placed here it s place downwards this one quite different you ve seen a loading model is here and it s a drive in your room here so it uses like a like a full size model. I believe they will not use this type of motor in camcorders at least. I have never seen it this is the type of model that you mostly see in the full size via vhs vcrs.

So different type of model and this one uses the jackson model to reject the type instead of using a separate model. So this mechanism was never used here in camcorders on the only on vtr decks. And there so i will fast forward this tape to the end. And i will show you the full high speed wind cycle on this one and so you see you saw.

This. One is not as fast and as this one for doing fast forward. This is my most approaches with your in my collection. It s been fully refurbished by a professional technician.

This one has that that little arm on the top of the drum this one does not so now. It s about to get to the end of the page. It snows long so it doesn t snap that a very fast four inch mini metal deck and so i will first high speed rewind now and show you the form cycle and then you see it s already near the beginning. And it s reloading and it s already at the beginning.

So i see how it s fast why i love highlight videos so i m going to hold on to these two vcrs. They are really precious. Why i said that these these hi. 8 mechanisms have a common trouble that can happen in them.

So. I m. When you find this vcr mechanism. Often is going to have a trouble.

Which is this real that you see here this tip spool here and that s going to to track and then the vcr will eat the tape when you when you fast forward. And this one we are extremely lucky it does not have that trouble you could see it works perfectly. And so this is basically a miracle and that s the mostly the reason why i bought for me i bought this evs 2000. This mechanism instead of one with this mechanism.

Because this one does not have that common issue with what the years over this one does not have it that crack and so i know that s pretty much it for this video guys. And that way i won t see you later for another video with the vcr thing of course because he is here ” ..

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