Firefox V Chromium Linux performance

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“Hello everyone in today s video. We are going to do a comparison between firefox firefox and chromium running or on the linux desktop. Now we re going to be two aspects of performance today just basically general overall performance. But also more importantly.

We re going to be playing a some 1080p and 4k video. And we are going to be testing the relative performance using those two video resolutions now my browser of choice is usually chromium. Now. I usually find chromium to be the more responsive to but there are other reasons.

I ve historically chosen that one of them being the fact that it tends to better respect. When you run dark themes on the system. So things like your dialog boxes. Don t have or low contrast text against backgrounds etc.

And there are some fixes for that but in firefox. But i ve always found of the tomb that chromium s tended to be a bit better in that regard firefox. It s fair to say has got better of late and that s less of a problem. But there are one or two things you can do in addition to that to actually speed up the performance of the browser now both browsers obviously do a fantastic job usually on a reasonable level of pc of decoding high resolution video.

But i think you ll see here the one for linux can be made to perform dramatically better than the other i won t say which until we get into the test. But let s start now before we do this there is a small tweak you need to do or possibly..

Need to do to your firefox installation there some distributions of linux may well enable. This by default. I don t think most to do. This is certainly something you may wish to do so first off.

We are going to load up firefox. Then we go is how is that firefox loaded now we need to go into the firefox settings. But we need to go into the the kind of very low level settings. So to do that clipboard here.

I ve got the commands saved. So we need to type in about config into our search title bar. And we will get warning telling us that what we re about to do could be dangerous. If we start messing around with settings about which we do not understand so we ignore that except the risk and now we re into you as you can see here there are tons and tons and tons of firefox settings here.

Yeah. We need to search for one of these so back to our clipboard and we need to search for layers. Dot acceleration dot force enabled paste. I m search.

There it is now enabling this will force firefox at all times to use hardware acceleration on your pc. That s both for the operation of the browser in general and also for a video playback now as you can see here it s not set as a default it s got force in the value so we want to do here is your double click and now you ll see we ve modified it and we ve changed the value to true now for that say effect you actually need to close firefox..

And then we launch it so before we do that let s load up chromium and we ll take that to the edge of the screen. And let s load up the plasma system monitor. And we ll take that over here. We go technical term.

This which remember that one let s youtube. No let s find us a. Nice 4k video. This will probably be a good candidate.

So let s load that make sure we re on our 4k setting and we re low enlarge. The video image. There yeah as you can see the cpu load on this is up at fifty fifty plus percent. There we go 56 dropping down to 49.

Now what you ll find with this is when you re using chromium to playback. A 4k video and certainly on a system like this it will hover between 40 mid 40s up to say. 60 cpu usage. Now whether that s a problem depends very much on the machine.

That you re using. Now if you re using a 12 core thread..

Ripper imd thread. Ripper. Then probably this wouldn t even cause you a problem she s probably gonna register what 5 10 on on such a system. But this is an i5 intel processor.

A very recent one there s a fork or eight thread. But it s an intel nook so these are the very small form factor designs intended to be low power. So on such a system you certainly want to minimize the cpu load on any applications that you run and oh see video playback and video encoding are two of the two of the main draws on your on your cpu load. When you re carrying out those activities.

So now let s try the same thing and we ll load up our firefox will drag that to the edge like before we ll keep these sizes the same so same portion of the screen or paste in our link to the previous video. We ll just do that let s just get that loaded enlarged a show on 4k which were not put that to 4k and now let s let that settle down for a moment and now back to our system. Monitor and now as you can see it s roughly half. So we re now down at the kind of 20 you ll find this varies between the upper teens to the low to mid 20s you ll get the occasional spike and very occasionally we ll see it spiking to say 30.

There you can see it just doing that for a moment there nothing that s where it s bringing in if you correlate that to the to the internet traffic portion at the bottom. There you ll see it s bringing in frames. But generally we re sitting around as it settles the upper teens into the mid 20s they can 19. They re.

22. That s what you can expect down to 18..

There so 15. They re very very useful drop in cpu load. I d say that s at least half. The cpu system load.

Using the firefox to render this to play back this video compared to chromium. Which again has a on a processor like this he s definitely something that you will value trust. Me you do not want the system running hot you don t want the fans wearing up if you can possibly avoid it. So that was just say just a quick test say whether or not it s important to you depends on the machine you re running.

But certainly for most of us who perhaps running laptop certainly or lower power machines. This would be sony are very useful saving to make in terms of your of your cpu load. So i hope you enjoyed that video something a little bit different. It certainly makes me think that i should be perhaps using firefox.

Now and switching away from chromium of course. That s not the only reason. But such a dramatic change in system performance is probably up there among the the main reasons. Why you might want to do so so thanks again for watching and i ll see ” .


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