Forgotten Snapchat Password Snapchat Password Reset

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“What s up guys and welcome to a predications daily tech tips and in today today s tech tip. We are looking at how to reset your snapchat password. So you forgot just an object password and you can t log into your account. Then here s how to reset and recover your account.

So when you signed up for your snapchat account. You needed an email address or a phone number to be associated to that account before you could create it and so when you lose your password and you re locked out of your account that email address or phone..

Number is what you will use to verify that you re the owner of that account and to be able to reset your password. So go to your smartphone and open snapchat and then you want to tap on the login icon or the login option and on the login page. You ll see an option that says forgot your password and you want to tap on that and choose between the two options one is either phone or email. So you can choose the one that you signed up with if it s phone choose one it s email choose email for mine.

I chose email because that s what i used to sign up so right here enter the email address that you use to sign up for your snapchat account. So that the reset code or set link is sent there and once that s done tap on submit..

And then you might have to verify that you re human by you know uttering those captcha codes. Or capture questions. Simple as that and then as you can see it tells you to check your inbox. Because an email has been sent to my email.

If you use the phone number then an sms will be sent so i ll check my mail and i ll see an email from tim snapchat. So i m gonna open that email..

So inside that email is a reset link and when i tap on it is going to open. There you know snapchat page using my default browser. And it s going to ask me to you know define my new password so i m gonna enter my new password twice and then i ll tap on save and that s it so my password has been changed and reset. So now i can go back to snapchat and login with my current password.

The new poster that we just defined and uh. I ll be taken straight into snapchat and that s how to recover your snapchat account by resetting your password thanks for watching you can leave your comments and questions down..

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