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“You are gonna be reading urban dictionary. What the urban dictionary here s your first first heart what s this stuff in blue letter city huh dirty sanchez. No really sanchez is a sexual situation where imagine it s laying some hot doggy style. What not hell does that mean and while in the midst of sex.

He observed his finger in the woman s starfish and they named spears his finger across her up a thin ship mustache. This is the dirty sanction you mean a man sticks his finger up a woman s ice. What it is but stupid. That is friggin stupid.

This isn t about cleveland steamer. It s for more pacific than the list that i have seen here a sexual nature. The cleveland steamer is when one person craps. Only another person chance and then ships down and rockets back and forth like a steamroller.


What the fuck that is damn stoop. It comes up with that stupid ice shit water. Al abama baba. Ba ba ba ba.

That ain t alabama yes. It is that s how you spell. Alabama. You didn t know that fuck just read it hot pocket.

You know alabama hot pocket read with a heart of separated. The vagina lips. And take it a what shit inside and possibly having sex with it i for what the share. It means.


A shit is poop grand that s like she pooped who paid a shit look. I shit myself like you shaq yeah. That s the shit yeah beat it one out now walk. I ll find you a new one.

So what did you think of alabama. Hot pocket. Make some fucking sick people outdoor hype death. You get a smoke ever really lose huh.

What is chili dog. What is it what s this a rita ruta. Wow. Big buck okay really the act you all know what a nearly dog is no it s a chili dog.


It s an active shitty. A females chance and proceeded to titty sucker. Now how in the hell can you shit. A female chest.

They talk about pooping out of females janice shit. No two people chest huh wait like it don t say nothing about older females caps. It says the actor cheated and females chance now if they don t play that what watch keep helping how do i get that kitty fuck hot car. Carl oh carl oh.

The actor footage red wrap on woods face. Hey let s mother of today and proceedings to take a hot steamy shit on the saran wrap the if leaded that feel the warmth of the pool on their face. What the fuck that shit that s exactly what it is poo is shit hater like what shit on my face saran wrap or not but stupid you know that that s stupid your safety your fucking shit. I didn t come up with these who ever come up with that shit is sick what in the hell.


Does that mean what a fat stinkin power. What betsy leo after bigger. There they kangaroos it would out didn t let s see what it says down at the bottom okay. What did say at the bottom of it.

I held you got to do it again okay here what for this pogo stick. What s it say tremble smack his rocks off grandma s meat wallet fever asleep and for shooting his moon cheese up the great divide oh what the hell grand me and jake are coming over here tomorrow you re getting three more of these will do we ain t doing it weekly. We do it monthly really ezel yeah. We re gonna be doing more of these videos with you alright.

” ..

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