How to fix surface pro keyboard not working. SOLUTION

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“How s it going everyone just want to do a short video. Because been having having a lot of problems with the surfaces. Like my wife surface and like literally had so many problems like with the with the keyboard and not being able to connect to it so i even talked to like microsoft support and they suggested like after two hours with all the software issues. It s not a software and it s actually like a hardware.

So it s like they re saying like the piece down here is like broken so one of the one of the things they told us is that we gotta like replace it and that s gonna cost like 250. And i think that s ridiculous. So we re trying a different solution. Which is getting a bluetooth keyboard and hopefully that solves it so we re gonna go see.

If that s going to work this keyboard is about 50 on amazon and you can buy it and we re gonna see if this solves. The problem and costs about a fifth of the cost because this cost 50 and to replace a part down here on beneath. Like the surface is about 250. Yeah just a keyboard.


We tried we even tried using another keyboard. And it s not yeah so let s see so this is it magnetizes to it. But that s not that s not how it functions. It via bluetooth so so far.

How do we turn the song looks like there s uh just like a button right there. But one of the things i need to do is i need to turn on the bluetooth. So let s see where s bluetooth do you see it all right here you turn it off it s on okay bluetooth. Is now connected all right all right wait for it.

Let s see devices gonna look at this little mini guide show bluetooth devices surface integration service do you think that s it all right let s see we re reading this little how to guide right. Now mm hmm. Pretty good press. This turn on the thing singh look for this setup.


Can t spell you ve been setting. It says unlock. It and find the setup. And then find the device in settings to city.

So device settings right there you got it earlier. Oh. Same one. Okay.

What s more bluetooth option. Oh yeah. Maybe it s get it on yeah. Maybe that too.


What s this so this is for charging. It oh. I think yeah. It s like magnetized is it on.

Oh yeah. There it is see like the little red. Thing is it even on oh okay now it s on i see the light. See like a blue light.

Okay. I think now we could probably be able to find it bluetooth. And other devices. Keyboard right.


There dude. Hopefully. This is. It.

Oh oh oh. We did it it works. Okay. So literally you got to make sure.

This thing is like plugged in and charging make sure after you do that you turn it on and then add bluetooth devices on your computer solves all your problems so what you could do with that just probably sell it you could sell it alright anyways that fixes a problem so ” ..

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