How to Install and use a CD changer in a 2005 ML350

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” s up youtube today. I m going to show you how to install a six six cd changer into a 2005 mercedes ml350 now i don t know what other and years this trick will work to it might work on older new or ml3 50s. It might not it might work on ml 500. It might not so this video.

I know works hundred percent with the 2005 ml 350. But i cannot guarantee it on other models. But it should be similar so let s begin first i ll show you where the cd changer is when you open the truck just a little panel on the right side passenger side now you open it up simplest twisting. The screws.

There s two of them and this opens up now this black box. There s two parts of a cd changer. The black box and the magazine this black box. I actually didn t even know i had it i had this car since 16.

And i had no idea what this case was if this is not included in your vehicle. If you do not see this here that means you re actually out of luck. Because one of these having them installed. It s going to be a couple hundred possibly even a thousand bucks now i don t know if all ml 350 s.

Come with this or not so. If you do not have this black stuff right here you re out of luck. Unfortunately you d have to go get installed. But if you do have this with something here you twist.

It it takes quite a bit of screws and it opens up like this so now remember when i said. There s two parts this is the actual cd changer and this is the magazine. This should actually be covered like this so you open it up to get the magazine and then there should be a button right. There eject.


This is the actual cd changer magazine. This if you do not have this i actually did not have this you can buy it on amazon or ebay. I bought on ebay cos those 50 bucks amazon had it for 60 and there s quite a bit of websites that sell them so this is the axial cd changer now to take it out if you notice. There is a little numbers on the side on how well the camera cuts it but there s a one two three four five six that s each of the cds.

So for example to take one out. I already have cds in here. But you place it like this with this side up you pull it out like this. And it kind of slides out like this to remove the cd side slowly one hand.

So i ll place my phone down right. There it would fall over yeah right there so you see how like this it pulls out completely. And then this is what the actual thing looks like so without the cd. It s just like this.

It s kind of idiot proof. You can only put it one way so once you once you put your cd and once you take this one out. And put your cd in there s six of these individual ones you slide it back in you want to make sure this little hook. See there s facing with the others and you want to slide in away from the hook.

First like so it s going to be hard to do this with one hand. So i m going to pull so you want to slide this like this diagonally on flat ground. It s kind of tricky to do you want to put it in diagonally like this and then once it goes a little bit turn it i put it around gonna sorry. This diagonally way this way towards the hooks sit like this and then close it in like that and it went back in so.

Like i said you have six of these individual ones. And so when you put it back in make sure these hooks. Where you took your cd out going like this see. It s kind of idiot proofed again.


But the hook to see if you put in the wrong way like this i won t even go in you can t force it in so you put in this way put it in close this now screw this in so i always wondered what this was when i first got the car. I got as a gift for my 16th birthday from my parents i never even checked what it was i was just happy not having mercedes. Oh yeah. So it close that up so that s how you install the cd changer and the cd changer magazine.

Now to actually move around the cd and change. Cds. Took. Me a little bit to figure out.

I didn t quite understand how to change cds. So let s turn it on see. It has a cd changer logo up there. So this is how you play tracks.

You can switch between there s another drive in here. So you can actually have 7 cds in this truck. I m going to pause the music for a second to show you but yeah so there s you can have up to 7 cds to change between the cd changer scott. Says changer and the actual cd in there.

Just press. A cd button. So this puts it back to the actual cd in here. And then if you press cd again it goes back to the changer.

Now. I know how you see here cd. 1. You re wondering well.


How do i change. Cds. Now. This one took me quite a bit to figure out you simply press.

Any of these buttons for example. 2. That goes to cd 2 3. That goes the cd 3.

If you put a if you press the number the doesn t have a cd like 6. I don t have anything in 6. So tiles you look 1 2 3. 4.

And then nothing in 5 and 6. And then if you go back to cd. It goes back like this yeah. And then basically you know how to change the tracks on this and then if you go to cd again.

It goes back the last cd thing. You had whether it was three or one. And it s simply just involves pressing the button. And then just just i might as well say it right here.

If you want to actually change the tracks you press. The star and then you press. Any of the tracks for example star eight. So it moves it to track eight and if you actually want to see if you actually want to see also how much time on the cd have you press.


Time doesn t work with pause. So you press time in tells you all 20 tracks 79 minutes. Total. And so.

This is actually a much too good alternative and basically that s all there is to it that s how you again change between you know see the changer once again between the cd. And that s basically all it to it and then of course you can turn this up to two crio now king is how much you so anyway. Yeah. That s all there is to it uh.

That s how you put in our cd. Changer magazine. Eyes. You should have specified that cd change your magazine.

Because the actual cd change you d have to get installed. If it s not already installed and then that s how you change with the cities. It actually took me a little bit to figure out that you just press these buttons. So that s all there is to it well hope.

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