How To Install Universal Car Antenna

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“You today. I m going to be showing you guys how to install a universal universal powered antenna for your car. The reason. Why i m changing my antenna is the one that came with my car doesn t work very good anymore i barely get any stations and when i bought this car somebody had tried to cut it up and fix it so i m not even going to bother with that the one that i bought it s a cheaper one.

But it works a lot better than the one that came with the car and i ve been using it for now that s why it s not in the box. I ve been using it unpowered just like that it works pretty decently. But i still get some signals that are cut out and there s still a couple channels that don t work with it so what i m going to do today is i m going to power it and i m going to sneak all the wires behind because i had all the wires just hanging out like in the middle of everywhere right now. So you got your powered antenna.

It s got a little led it ll light up when it s got power. I ve tried it already attached to that depending on which one you got you have the ground. Most of the time for an antenna like this the ground will have the clip like that a little connector and then the positive is just coming out of the plug like that so. What i m going to do is i m going to take some speaker wire.

Because speaker wire will work fine. I m going to connect it to the power. I m going to connect some wire to the positive and the negative. I m going to cut off that clip.


I m going to put some speaker wire on that i m going to ground that to the ground of the radio as well with the power for the antenna to the power of the radio that way the antenna kicks on with the power of the radio. So it s not a constant supply of power. So you want to pull out your radio. You want to unplug your original antenna which i already showed you this one here normally.

It s plugged in right here. You want unplug that stuff at the back somewhere now normally most people that have these antennas they hang them up here underneath your mirror. I m not going to do that because i don t feel like stuffing. The wire through the roof.

So instead what i did it i took my vents out. I m going to put antenna right here just going to stick it down. I m going to run the wires inside the vent. So you re not going to see it and then i ll pass it through i ll bring it through here and down to the radio.

So i m going to start tucking the wires in and then i ll get back to you when i ve done that all right i got the antenna sitting up there. I have the wires running through this is the ground already cut and ready to go here s a signal wire a positive coming out now all i m going to do is i m going to pass the wire down into. Where the radio goes are you going to see it i don t know but right here that s what i wanted to do pull it out from there yeah i got i remember that s the ground now this one this one s really freaking long. So it s going to be kind of a pain.


I don t know where i m going to put the rest of it. But i m going to pass that one down in there too when i grab it from in here and pull it through now. I m not going to pull it very far through just because there s so much wire. I could easily take it and just stuff it in there which i m going to do at the end so now this plugs into here.

And what i got to do is like i wire the ground. And why are the positives to my radios power. I m going to get that done and i m going to come back alright so i got everything wired up huh. I got my ground can i consider ground of my radio.

I got my positive connect to the positive switch of the radio this is not a constant this wire this wire is a switch to turn the radio on and off. And it supplies power that way the antenna will turn on when the radio turns on and doesn t stay on all the time. If you look at the antenna. The red light is on now because it s got the power now i m going to try and plug it in all right so now hopefully.

This is a radio station by the way that didn t work very good before i almost couldn t get it whatsoever. Now it s working quality minute brianne. They all work now one that i never ever get was almost every car this one here. Yeah.


So still don t get this one. Well. It s okay. I don t listen to it anyway.

Now as for the wires. Here this one is just the right length. It s nice for the extra wire here. I m pretty much just going to grab it and stuff it down inside the hole.

It s a radio make sure out of the way of the vent not pulling too much give it as much like as i can just like that there we go now i got enough room so get up and my vent should fit back in its place. I got everything back in now. I have it stuck down dave let s put everything else back together. The radio just going to make sure that my plugs and wires are all okay in there.

I should be able to push this right back in there there we go radios back now this back in here. And the easiest thing to get back in if to watch out for these clips here knowing it with one hand isn t the easiest just because everything s got a clip back in its place see up here that perfect. But i got screws for that so i want to put the camera back down put those screws in that ll be it that was how to install the universal and then on almost any car. Most modern cars aren t as easy to pull the radio out i literally just wrap it each side and just pull it but generally.


It s pretty simple. It s pretty straightforward you just want to tap into the positive and the negative and run the wires to wherever your heart desires anyway. It s a this is tyler. I m going to end the video here so subscribe like comment.

I m hopefully going to be making some more videos in the future when i got time by the way that s my second car it s a 2000 subaru legacy. This one is 94 93 civic. So yeah more videos to come in the future. One of my buddies is going to come.

He s got a subaru impreza 2005. Gonna be doing some energy bushings on that going to be doing energy bushings on my civic. So stay tuned for that and have a good day ” ..


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