How To Set Up A Display Tablet

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“Guys i got a lot of requests. Awesome it my setup and how exactly to to use a tablet. So this video. I want to talk about how to use display tablet with your laptop and what that means i ll also mention how you can set up a non display tablet.

It s pretty much the same as the hdmi cord. So let s get started first thing you ll need is a laptop. So what i use is a dell inspiron 15. It is from 7000 series.

I absolutely love it now it s most important you actually need as a free usb port in a free hdmi port. If you use a mac computer. You can have an hdmi dongle to fix that but just know let me an extra little expense. Now you don t actually need to the hdmi port at all if you re not using the display tablet so this plate.

I will actually show what you were drawing or sculpting..

And you directly sculpt onto the image that you see if it is not a display tablet. You ll have some nice like a black bowl plaque pretty much and then you ll look at your laptop. Just letting you guys know what you ll need so let s get to that the tablet. So this is the tablet that i use i absolutely love it and everything you see will have links in description below.

This specifically is the hue on pro canvas. I m terrible stuff like this link will be in description. It s a fantastic device anyway it comes a bunch of accessories and stuff. I also use an external keyboard and i ll talk about why use a tin second.

But now kinda like fast forward my process here of setting it up and what actually looks like wind. It is connected so the power chords can be a little more complicated this house looks pretty fancy. So everything is actually just one big long cord. So you re always going to have a power block.

So you need some sort of wall access..

It does not get power through your laptop now as i mentioned earlier either hdmi and usb. Oh. So i m connecting right now and then depending on your tablet. You ll have just one cord going in your tablet.

Again fancy so just happens the all in one which i love that tablets are a bit cheaper. We ll have you directly have an hdmi and you speed your tablet as well really not a big deal. I just left a little extra convenience actually move and i go to my local makerspace to sculpt all the time as well and i get talks. There so it d be annoying to constant.

The teardown reset up minimal cords makes it easiest process so moving on from that it s always gonna come like some sort of little glove and of course. The pen so the glove. It s not for everyone i like it a lot because when you re actually using the tablet your hand kind of glides back and forth on it when you don t have the glove on it kind of sticks. Just kind of side now to keep in mind now that you turn it on so you can see how it all works and sets up every tablet will have some sort of power button.

And it s my case just right here..

And there you go so you kind of get an idea of how this is actually working a display tablet is not its own individual like computer in any way. It s simply kicking your display and replicating it so now that i have this i can sculpt it directly on it now i m sure some you might be wondering well why not get a laptop and just use a pin on this i did that as well this is a two in one so it means. I can flip it over just like a tablet. And i can use my pen on it the issue is pressure sensitivity levels.

I thought i didn t care. I care a lot so what that means is it sends a different high levels of pressure. There we go i d like a mine bloop anyway so the harder. I press the stronger.

My brush will be it s a much more dynamic better feel overall when you have this it s just kind of like it feels like you re sculpting or dryly mspaint every line is really hard and stuff you can definitely do it we have to constantly go back and adjust your brush strength. Which is very annoying. But again if you want to work it works perfect and it s very very portable. The last thing you want to talk about it s very important for this is hotkeys.

I can use eleven different keys on my keyboard and i m right handed so i scold my right hand..

I do my hotkeys my left i can arrange to where my laptop us on the left side my chocolate is on my right side. But it just like this big long display it s out my favorite so i m gonna rearrange us and show you how we actually use on a daily base if that s the most comfortable for me so i have an external keyboard which seems really extra you ll see why it makes sense in a second and why i mentioned why it s so important how to three usb drive. Because i need a lot because i have a keyboard by tablet and in the house anyway and i just slide my keyboard right behind my stand here so when i m working i can have this right here and everything is very comfortable. If i had my top my laptop next to me.

It s more like this which just feels kind of weird to me. It s not my favorite. The only thing. I haven t mentioned is the driver and against me every single laptop calathea.

I mean we ll have some for a driver super easy to download get to run. Yeah. That s everything have any questions let me know the comments below thank you so ” ..


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