How to Setup and Configure Dolby Digital Live for your PC – Optical

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“Guys joy tech here again and today we re going to be talking about how how to set up adobe digital surround sound for your computer we ll be right this is the optical cable that we ll be using for this installation. There s no electrical connection is just light and light travels through this cable into my. Receiver which is a 71 receiver. This happens to be just a regular optical cable.

Nothing fancy and it works very very well i m going to show you how to connect that to your sound card and have it configure. It now my receiver here is a pioneer vs x. 8. 16.

It s a rather old receiver. And however. It does dolby digital surround and dodo be digital live and dts. Is what we re really interested in and and so this dis receiver can actually decode that now a lot of people don t realize that they re getting if they buy a 71 sound card they don t realize that the 71 is mainly analog you have all these separate analog connections out you have to connect each individual speaker to each individual individual connection.

Unless you have hardware yeah we notice on the back cover of a sound card you ever notice in the back of a computer like this one here this has optical out you have speakers out you have either a line in or a microphone and a bunch of other all these different connections. Some of them have some of these all like left right. I mean they also they double duty as other connections. You know as different outputs.

This is a sound card below here. Which is very similar to the built in sound card that happens to be some about 2 left this is an older much older machine because it has lpt on it. But i m just giving usiness as an example now this optical out most likely. It s just you know to speak.

And it s just it s not a analog connection such as these so we re going to show you how to do that as you can see this is the sound blaster z rear connections as you can also see there are many other connections on the sound blasi in a de logs. A bit rather your microphones speaker out lying in a bunch of stuff. However. I don t use i don t use anything in the analogue area on the far left you ll see is optical out and optical in optical out is the gray and the optical end is the black like if i needed to to record anything with optical in like a mini disc back in the day.

I would use that to redo recording versus analog in like line in whatever from an analog source when dealing with an optical because i m very into when i play games. I like to be playing my games in dolby digital lives and back back a long time ago sound blaster never did that and i had to buy an hd. Claro for my dolby digital live experience. It s a big difference.

When you have that so the optical cable simply just plugs right into that and connects to the sound card via this connection. And it goes directly to my receiver optical in this is straight through the receiver does all of the coding. Which changes the audio that s coming from the sound card to the receiver alright the connection you are see i m in very tight quarters. Because my receiver is in pretty tight area.

But these are the two optical ends on my receiver..

One is for my xbox 360. And the other is for my computer. So i have two optical ends on this receiver. Let me see if i can spin around and show you a different angle.

I have seven dot. My speakers are connected below and they re labeled because i have in wall speakers. So all these connections get i ll show you below and then i have opticals in on the far right they re just other cables here i apologize. I just want you to take a look if you could see those are the two optical lens over there on the far right my receivers in a tight area.

It s like in the corner. So i can barely get get to anything here so that that s the optical in and i believe they re not having it on having it on xbox 360 mean. It is an older machine. But optical out it still does dolby digital and it sounds great when you re in the room.

Now i ll show you real quick. There s one speaker. Here that s my right channel. Since i have six monitors here you really can t see the other speaker.

But it s behind it it is my center and then you come over here we have the other channel. These are all envelopes and then over there i have another one and then over here. I have another one so i have seven and you can t see the others well the other ones back. There you see that one right there and then the other one is actually behind the curtain.

But the seven seven speakers in the wall and they re made by audio source and then i have two subwoofers which you re down here. I have an eighth inch and a ten inch and this room rocks. I do want to show you something that you ll definitely get a kick out of because i m really into sound especially. When you re playing a game on a pc.

You want to get the most experience possible so having this type of setup is a little radical. But it works really well i m just going to show you how is connected to the subwoofer now since all my speakers are all in walls. I could just wiring myself. So i have all my all my connections are in the wall.

So for my receiver goes in the wall. And then comes through and then comes into this jack here and then this is my sub. Out now sub out doesn t have a left and a right. It s just one channel.

So this converts to two channels..

Because subwoofers have a left and right believe it or not i don t understand why but maybe. Because maybe they have dual voice coil. Sometimes and they have you want to be able to power left and right at the same time. But this is my sub out and obviously since i planned this whole room out prior to this so.

That s why this network table. See it myself i got my phone lines here so power. And then it gets connected to the two subwoofers. Which are here there s one here there s another one there this is the primary.

This is the primary sub and this from this sub. It branches off and goes to the eighth inch. Okay now this is the front of my receiver as you can clearly see it says tv satellite. Now i have settings here.

I got office amil off i have settings of xbox 360. Pc music pc. So i have different connections coming into this one receiver. I m never using audio on more than one computer at the same time.

So i have the music pc is actually down here and and what it actually does my web development. So there s really matter so anyway. So this this receiver shows this on the screen. Now once i power on my computer.

Today. Now now the computers powered on watch. The display change. I m going to show you in the software how to configure this and i m going to have two cameras on the same time and watch how the information on the screen correlates to the information on the receiver.

There we go look at that dolby digital that s what dobie d extended. So now we have now we re in dolby digital from the sound card sound blaster z and and and above or any sound card for that matter that that offers dolby digital live so now i m going to show you in in the software. And we re also going to record this screen at the same time when i m switching around the settings and how you know that you got it right on your receiver. If your receiver can you decode dolby information.

Okay. Now how we re going to show you how this works is that inside we need to go into the driver into the sound blaster driver and in windows. 10. It s or even window.


It s running here. So we just go to the lower right hand corner by the clock. And we select sp and this pops up now we have multiple multitude of options here as you can see. But the only one that where it s truly interested truly interested in is the cinematic now if you look closely on on the other monitor or on the other screen or other the other video that i have a picture in picture.

If you look at the picture and picture video watch how i mean you probably will hear the receiver click as well because it changes now. This is where we do the change it so. If i click on noted note encoder. That means the receiver is doing the encoding now it should say something different on the screen since coming from the optical out now if you look down here.

This is important the audio device spf s pdif switch with sony which stands for sony philips digital interface out can believe it sony and philips invented this technology too so that s why it s called spit off as sony philips digital interface out semblances ii will be used exclusively for dolby digital live in dts connect playback. This is one of the other options that i had with dts connect which which the ac claro had and cell and sound blaster did not at the time do this. This is one of the reasons. Why i went back because they make an awesome sound card and all the processing is done on the sound card.

So this means that no no other software such as media player applications and games can play directly to the audio device to enjoy dolby digital. Live and dts. Connect. And sure that you select.

Speaker. Sound. Blaster. Z.

As the full playback device. In the windows sound control panel. And if applicable in the settings of the application and games. Now obviously i have that set i ll show you actually there it is speakers.

Sandblaster z. Comes up right here as you can clearly see. But we ll go into the into the playback devices. Anyway.

And there. It is speakers sound. Blaster z. As my default.

And there s a plethora of other options here..

But we re not using them and without doing sp a s pdif out. Interesting right you would think that this would be the default. But it is not so now if we switch back to adobe digital live you ll see the screen on the receiver. Change now.

I m going to switch to dts connect. Which is also very cool. Now watch the screen on that exactly what it says here neo. Pc.

And you see neo on the display. So this receiver can do all of that we can even check this off. And go a little bit more elaborate and change the frequency response and so on and so forth if we needed to do that in music mode. Blah blah blah be could do all this but nothing else changes on the screen in terms of that so it doesn t really matter so these are the three options so if i didn t have an encoder you wouldn t hear anything so what i m going to do now.

I m going to play my mice theme song. Which will probably be better for this demonstration. Instead of using somebody else s music so right now music is playing at the moment. But you don t hear anything because nothing is on so we ll turn it on and then we ll switch to this not much of a difference between the two it s more of what speakers are turned on and which speakers are not turned on alright.

So as you can clearly see so this is if you want dolby digital live adobe digital surround this is what you need to do in order to enable it because by default. This is turned off and you re going to freak out go. And why isn t my audio working so you need to make sure that you get a receiver that can decode dolby digital. And if the device can handle it then you re good as gold and you know you re awesome.

So i m a big fan of having surround sound in my office. When i m playing a game. Because it sounds like the stuff is coming behind me. And it s just unbelievable how the surround sound happens.

It s just it s just completely awesome. You can t really explain it unless you physically if you re physically in my office. Maybe one day you never know you make you may come here and i ll have a problem with that if you live local you re more than welcome to stop by and take a look and listen and check out the setup. I do want to show you other things as well.

But this is pretty much it this ends the dhobi digital surround setup installation guide per se if you like this video please thumbs up and if you re not a subscriber. Please subscribe and you guys have a great day and thank you for watching we ll see you next time you ” ..

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