Kodi Settings: Fix Lags, Buffering, Kick Outs, and other issues.

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Whenever you need it so today. I m gonna help you adjust some of your settings in your kodi your kodi is the program that is used to run your diggs build. Which is how you watch your free movies your free live tv your free pay per view sporting events all that good stuff. We re gonna go into the settings and we re gonna show you how to adjust a few things so that way helps out with lag issues.

It helps out with kickout issues. And it s gonna help with buffering issues stay tuned. I ll ride my people so welcome. So.

We re gonna get right to it so. The first thing you want to do is this is what s gonna happen before you put your your diggs build or any kind of build whether using a no limits build a diggs build doesn t matter okay so you want to do this beforehand. So the first thing you want to do is you want to go up here to your main system settings where it looks like the little wheel and we re gonna click on that first thing you want to do is come over here to systems okay. We re gonna work our way down the list to add ons you re gonna click over to the right so we want to turn both of these on we want to turn on our notifications and we want to turn on unknown sources.

The unknown sources is the most important because this is gonna allow third party apps. Which is what your basic builds are that you get all your free movies tv shows live sports and all that stuff. It s basically how you get all that stuff so that needs to be turned on okay. So that s like the most important thing so once you re done with that you want to go ahead and back out one time.

We re gonna come over here to where it says player okay. And we re gonna do a few different things in here..

So you re on video you want to make sure at first when you re on these things to make sure you re on expert. If you re not sure you re on the expert mode. Just keep clicking it until you see expert and then you know you re there. So we re going to come over here to videos.

And it s a few different things so this really has nothing to do with like saving you raining and kick outs and stuff. But this is just a pretty convenient thing so the play next video automatically you can pick which ones you want to do i usually do episodes. So that way when i m watching tv shows it ll find the next episode. But it won t start it automatically it ll just automatically shoot you to a link so that way you don t have to go back and look for it it ll just shoot you over so.

Then you just pick the same kind of link that you already watched the previous episode on and you re good to go so. That s just a little side note. So what you want to come to next is you want to come to sync playback to display. Okay.

We want to turn that on we want to make sure that the that the play back sound is synced up with our picture that we re seeing on the screen next thing you want to do is you want to scroll down. A little bit here. Where it says enable hq scalers for scrolling above. 20.

Is pretty high you can bring that down to zero. This is especially important when you re working with fire sticks or anything below. That it just helps with the buffering issues and stuff like that so you want to keep working your way down and the playback mode for stereoscopic 3d videos you always want to make sure it s on ask me keep on scrolling down. And we re good on that so you want to come back down.

You want to hit to the left. We re gonna come back to this menu on the side and we ll come all the way down to languages..

Okay you want to come over here click to the right hip preferred audio language okay we re gonna click on that we want to go to original language so we re gonna keep it just like that pay no attention to that bullshit so we re gonna go to a original language. Alright and now we re done so we re gonna back out it there. And we re gonna back out of there. So now we re gonna do some things that kind of help with like the live tv stuff so like helps with the buffering or helps with the connection and all that other good stuff okay so we re gonna come back down here to add ons okay.

I m going to click on add ons. We re going to come up here to where this little box looks like little like packaging box click on that so you re gonna click on where it says my add ons very first one in the list we re gonna click on that okay now you want to see where it says all you should be looking for something that says video player input. If you do not see it on this list. What you need to do is you need to back out once back out twice come over here to where it says download ok you ll see it right there to the right click to the right come over here video player input stream click on that we need to enable both of these so enable stream adaptive.

We want to click on that and we want to install it ok we want to come back down to the rtmp input click on that we want to install it both of those things are ready to go you ll see a check mark when they re both done and still there you go got to make sure you click that button boom. You got two check marks. You re good to go alright and that s it really that s all you really got to do to kind of tweak your settings. A little bit to help with your buffering maybe to help with some kick out this may not be a fix all to everything.

But this will definitely help when it comes using data like i said when it comes to streaming certain videos you will definitely see a difference. I hope this helped out so for those of you wondering what the fuck is he talking about when you re talking about cody. I m gonna leave a link in the description below and i m gonna leave a link to the video of that idea of how to install kodi on your android devices or on your your windows devices i m also gonna leave a link for how to set up your fire stick settings. The fire sticks settings video is going to show you how to minimize the usage of data so that way it helps out with buffering and streaming a little bit so that way your fire sticks.

Not trying to do a bunch of work at one time. And it ll give you a d it didn t work no didn t meet what we re gonna do now is run around the crater here just around the edge. And we ll get another encounter and look at this it s a little alien fella now unfortunately. He s not feeling too well after we knocked him out of his spaceship he wants an elixir.

But it doesn t just wanted one alex year he wants like five elixirs so we ll start feeding them to him more elixir is place so i think we re about to feed you number two man. 3..

This is now the final part of the quest as well just be careful not to attack in here. That s not what you want to do i haven t actually done that myself haven t tested it. But it might ruin the quest. If you do four and five by the way you can t i ve just checked you can actually kill him you ll get an accelerator item.

If you do that. But i m not gonna do that because you can actually get a unique item by giving him the elixirs here along with the trophy get poo poos cards. Now poo poos card is unique because as far as i m aware. It s the only card in the entire game that you cannot get more than one of so you know what are the rare cards once you ve refined them you can go ahead and win them back again on this four in the back up from the cc group.

Members. Yeah. You can t do that with poopoo. Which is kind of interesting.

It s the only one in the game that you can t do that with however you can still we find the card. If you want to do so you ll get a hungry cockpit. If you do that okay a hungry cockpit isn t too shabby. That will turn into a charmin stone with the torrey fireman s ability you can also get hungry cockpit from angelo search.

So there s really no need to go ahead and we find the pooh poohed card. Especially because it is a one of a kind item. So let s just go ahead and take a brief look at the pooh poohed cards first ones keep saying poop through where is it poopoo where are you ah there we go. It s a level five cards.

Interesting yeh lee s pretty rubbish actually. It s a rubbish car to play..

But as i say there s a very unique card because you cannot get it again. Even if you can t muddy so you might not want to you might want to hold on to if you want to get all the cards in the game. But i was always on the rare cards of course that doesn t apply to you can win those back alright then folks well thanks for stopping by i hope this little video guide has helped you with your poopoo quest and unlocking. Another trophy.

Let s just take a very brief look here at our trophy situation for final fantasy. 8. Having done. The ones that we ve now done.

Yeah. 174 percent through just a few more to go until we get that beautiful platter. I think the thousand enemy 1 is going to be kind of annoying but the rest shouldn t be too bad seed round cake should be fine. We could just use the computer for that one and everything else should just be a formality.

Oh i think guys well there. We have it that brings us to the end of our final fantasy. 8. Video guide for the day.

So please do drop a like if you enjoyed it and come back soon from off the game. We ll continue on getting that platinum wonderful stuff goodbye. ” ..


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