Make your LG G6 or Galaxy S8 look like Stock Android!

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“I m brienne and in my 56 video. Which you can sign up there. I i said that the software on the n36 is not currently that bad if you a little to make it look more like android. So i figured that maybe some people would be interested in how to make your galaxy s8 or lg.

G6. Look. Just like stock android. So let s start with the lg g.

6. I m just going to say it out of the box. The software on this phone is pretty horrendous. So let s make it closer to stock android first of all on the settings.

You re going to click three dots up there and click list view so you can actually find stuff in the settings. And it s arranged like it should be then we re going to go to the play store and install a stock android theme. It s called pixel ux this app is unfortunately paid it costs about one dollar and fifty cents. But if you have an app like google opinion rewards.

It s pretty easy to obtain that kind of money with just entering little surveys. I would recommend this out then after you install that you can head into settings. Scroll down into theme click on pixel ux and hit apply. So when we re here in the home screen you can see that it s already a little better.


But it s not that great yet in the settings spell. It already looks just like stock android with all of the icons. So now we are going to head to the play store again and obviously install nova launcher to also make the home screen look like stock. I m also going to grab nova launcher prime.

Because i ve bought that but you don t have to install it it just has some more features. But you don t really need them to make your phone look like stock. And that already looks pretty usable going to remove the female widget. Here and head into nova settings and select.

The pixel style and also select the pixel logo and hit purchase in search bar. And then we re going to remove this widget and now we have the pixel search up there and then we re going to head into google chrome. And i m going to put this link in the video description. This is the nova.

Google companion. So you can have the google now page to the left of your home screens. Just like on the pixel with nova launcher. We re going to hit download.

It s going to download and now to the left or home screen. You will have the google now panel just like on the pixel. So you can see that this already looks pretty usable. But we re just going to do some more things obviously.


The keyboard isn t that great but stock on key one with the theme. It looks a little better in a little more close to stock. But we re going to head to the play store again and we re going to grab google s keyboard and we are also going to grab the stock pixel wallpaper app and now in the app drawer. We will hopefully find the g border and we re going to click through this there.

You have your normal google keyboard just as it would be on any stock android phone now we re going to hit wallpapers go to apps and themes and select the wallpaper app. We just download it and then you can select earth that is usually what google uses etc. Wallpapers and then you ll have a daily wallpaper. That looks just like on the pixel and this already looks pretty close to stock android.

Now one thing. I will also recommend is heading back to the play store. And that s an app called nav bar apps. What we ll do is color your navigation bar.

According to the app. That s head to the settings app for example and as you can see it colors. The navigation bar. According to the app color.

Which this makes it look a little more material. So as you can see i ve just applied my normal theme that i use with the backups feature of nova. Launcher and if i now go into settings. You can see that it looks a lot better than the stock lg versions.


And also when i drag down from here. Than let application bar. Everything. This looks a lot more material design and a lot better now on the galaxy s.

8. The process is actually pretty similar so at first we are going to head into the settings. We are going to head into wallpapers and themes. There s a theme called pixel and you can apply that if you ve downloaded it this is pre not paid like on the lg g.

6. So now we already have the pixel icons. Again disappear. Looked a little more stock and the settings menu looks a little more stark.

Now we re going to change the buttons down here. Because they don t look like stock already like on the lg g. 6. So you re going to head into your browser.

I m going to put this link in the video description you re going to hit the first download link yes. Allow install it done. And then you will need to restart your phone. So i m quickly going to do that so after it s rebooted.


You can see that we now have the standard pixel buttons down here looks just like on the google pixel and of course. We re going to install nova launcher. The wallpaper app and keyboard just like on the g6 so let me quickly do that you know how to do it. It s just the famous under the g6.

Let s go through that so with my handy editing. Trick applied. Again you can see that it looks a lot closer to stark especially with the buttons down. Here.

The launcher and the theme. So now with just a little bit of trickery. We turned this interface into this interface as always i hope you liked this video. And maybe it helps you out a little bit and make your phone a little more usable as always if you like the video press.

The according buttons down under it and get subscribe to the channel for more content like this i also encourage you to click follow on twitter. Because i m very active there with that i want to thank you all for watching. And i ll see you in the next. ” .


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