PdaNet+ – Android App Review (USB Tethering App)

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“Everybody this is eli from best android apps. Comm and today we re looking at at a paid app that goes by the name of pda net by june fabrics in mind. That you are actually able to install the pda net plus application without having to buy the license at all obviously. The only problem with that is you are going to have a limitation on what you re able to do and for how long the free version of pda netplus will have a time to usage limit otherwise.

It s the same as the full version. There are a couple of things that you do need to be aware of before you purchase this app. Number one first and foremost box by the wi fi tethering doesn t really. Work it s pretty much broken out because the updates in android from 41.

So unless you have a very old handset honeycomb froyo. Gingerbread ice cream sandwich to that effect you really won t be able to utilize the wi fi tethering aspect of this however that being said the usb connection definitely seems to be the way to go problems with making a connection and maintaining that connection can usually be directed towards your particular computers drivers. If you update your drivers usually those problems will go away and if not you can always contact june fabrics for help with that technical issue. But i ve never really had a problem with it another bit of bad news for t mobile users as well as metro pcs.

You will have to utilize the app with high tether usage. Checked and that can be taken care of within the application. Just prior to launching ok so going back to our pda net application..


We can see that high pressur usage is an option right there we have the option to configure the box file. Which really doesn t work. So that s not that important you have the full version unlocked indicator right there and we did buy this just before so. There shouldn t be a problem with that activating the usb mode.

Doesn t. Be taken care of prior to connecting to the computer. Sometimes it won t pick it up and if you have and if you need to download the desktop client. Maybe a net desktop.

You can on your phone. And then therefore transfer that to your pc and install it through the executable. We ve already done that so no i ve already installed this now continuing on with this review on to our pc. We have a couple of items on the bottom right hand corner.

These little icons double clicking on the bone icon. Gives us the connection that we re looking for after it s done vertifight. The phone internet..


It says connected right clicking gives us a couple more options. We had the option to disconnect and like right here. Is where it s saving. Grace is the wi fi share beta.

You are able to go ahead. And click on that. And they. Share your wi fi through your existing connection.

After entering and the network. Name and password. We can then connect to the internet through a wide variety of devices if you plan on only using this wi fi hotspot to connect together tablets or other mobile devices maybe a smartwatch it could be the solution to that problem let s go underneath settings right here we have bluetooth pairing auto. Connect when attached use google dns if you have connection problems and the hiding the tether usage.

Which also has to be taken care of inside of the application itself. Now that we have everything connected let s go ahead and pull up our website. The speed at which your website loads or any other type of internet multimedia is entirely dependent on your connection..


Speed. If you have a very slow connection normally when you re using your phone. It s not going to get any faster. If you go ahead and wire.

It up through this application right here. I haven t ever really come across websites that won t allow me to use the tethering device. And as a way to connect to that website that s not really dependent on that although there are some bits in the description on the application itself that state that netflix is broken for some. So you might want to give it a shot and see if it works for you before you go ahead and buy it since we re on the subject of internet speeds.

Why don t we head over to test my dotnet. It s a fairly accurate representation of what you can realistically expect from your internet service provider. We set our download speed does it automatically. It sends bits of information to your computer.

Or handheld device in attempts to get an average reading. And he usually takes about seven seconds of a steady download and after those seconds are over we get our result right here. 602 kilobits per second..


Which evens out to about 75 kilobytes per second. And that s usually the number that we really care about and how does this compare to our phone. Well. Why don t we take a look at our phone.

Our phone shows. It s holding at a peak speed of 478 kilobits per second. Which is probably around 45 kilobytes per second peak speed is never indicative of the actual average that you get expecting your peak speeds to reach 3 or 4. Megabits per second isn t all that realistic and the last question of the day how much does it cost exactly as you can see box by key supporting pd.

A net cost 795. I definitely recommend it it s not without its flaws. But right now ” ..


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