REPAIR – VIRUS changing files and folders to .EXE extension

a virus that infects an executable program file is known as This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you REPAIR – VIRUS changing files and folders to .EXE extension. Following along are instructions in the video below:

“People welcome back this is angel from pr tv entertainment today. I want to show show you guys how to repair your computer. How you can delete virus. They has all your files and folders to x files.

Executable files now a lot of people. I know they have this kind of trouble with a lot of computers servers workstations and other kinds of pcs. So i had that trouble the other day. I searched on the google or youtube and every site.

I could and i couldn t find a way to fix this kind of problem with this virus. I still don t know which virus was the one that messed up the server. But infected all the data that had all the documents. The company folders from quickbooks and others softwares they use on the office so today i m going to show you guys how you can clean your computer really quick and how you can make your folders and files go back to the stanchion.

They were originally now first of all the virus doesn t change your files to executable files. He only creates a shortcut with the same name of every folder and file that you have on your computer. And after he creates those shortcuts. He hides every original folder and file so you cannot see it on your windows on your hard drive on your folder whatever we can say about that so i originally talking the files are still on your computer.

But they are hidden the virus only creates a shortcut with the same name if it s a folder. He puts the icon folder on that shortcut and depending on the file. He puts the icon of the file on the shortcut. So when you think that maybe you are going to open a file that you have on your computer.

The virus activates before after he activates. He does whatever he is intended to be to do on the computer. When installed and after he does his work he opens. The regional file.

So you can t think that maybe the computer has something wrong so first of all we need to clean the computer and how can we clean the computer you cannot only use antivirus software you need to manually do a couple of things on your pc. I didn t use any antivirus. I did everything manually so i didn t use no antivirus. No north on our vast.

I didn t use any of those so first of all you need to look. Where is the origin of the virus. Where is the virus starting every time your computer starts and for that you need to go to the start button. You re going to write ms.

Config on the search. If you re running windows. Xp click on the run and after he gives you the run command type. Ms.

Config and hit enter and he will give you the microsoft system configuration utility where you will see your startup files about every software that starts when you start your computer also all the services that starts when windows loads up so from here on the startup. You need to look around let me spend this here as you can see we have our drive every ah my bad every item that you see here. The ones that i have the check box already checked those are the ones that load when windows starts now on the command. As you can see you can see where exactly is the file.

That is going to be open for that shortcut now from here you can see a couple of viruses maybe. And maybe you can tell this virus. Because. It is not going to say like c.

Program files. Microsoft..

Xbox. A sasori s xbox. Tat dot. X.

A. It could say maybe see the slash your users slash the username that you use to log on the computer. And maybe you can see on after on those slash. A couple of letters.

And numbers. Like xc. Y. 1.

2. 3. X. Y.

P. D. X. Something.

Like that if you say something like that that may be a virus for sure now you may get a couple of files like that on your computer. And maybe sometimes in a couple of viruses they load up on the process. When you clear when you press the alt control and the delete key on your keyboard you will get your task manager and from here on the process you can see if this right there running on the moment. If not you need to check first of all after unchecking this you need to check this on the registry.

And check the ba. The file to see if it s in the registry. You need to go to your start on the command. Or the run you re going to type wregget it reg edit right and after that click on computer click on edit fine and then you re going to type whatever name you think the virus has and let s say that we have one on the startup looks something maybe like this let s say something like this.

If you see something like that on your startup go right here on the resi and start searching for this and hit the find next button every time he stops. He s going to show you if he has the virus come configured already on the windows. And he s going to put it right here on the right window that you have on the registry editor. So you need to click on that registry.

And delete it or if you have a folder open here it has a couple of viruses just delete a complete folder and close your registry. If you already have finished searching for your viruses. Now after doing that uncheck the box here from the all the viruses that you may have on the list and after doing that click on apply go to the services click on hi. All microsoft services and also you need to check here on the services.

If you have a couple of viruses here you can also do this for the end spywares that you may get in on the computer from browsing from the internet. Like spike. Dr. And all those kinds of anti spyware that tells you that you have a lot of viruses and spyware on your computer.

But for deleting those spiders you need to buy the program that s the spyware. So don t fall for that just try to delete it after you do all this just hit ok then you go to start you go to search here on windows 7 or on the run command on windows xp and you re going to type percent 10 now from here all these files that you have you can delete them with no problem. The computer won t get messed up this is only temporary files that you may be using a couple of software s or projects or something that you may be working on you can delete all the files to be sure that you delete any virus. That is in here and after doing that go to on the top of this window.

Here. Where you have the addresses..

Computer local. See users your user that you re using. At the moment click on that user top. My bad yeah click on that user you may find a couple of executable files.

Here. That finishes with the extension. Dot e. X.

E. And also you need to check for those. On the app. Data.

Local and the temp that is the place where we are looking for it now also you can find them here on the user on the users on the local oc so delete all the x files that you see there you like i said you may see a file something like this so if you see something like this just delete it because i know it s going to be our virus. The virus is only our the only one who do this kinds of stuff of file names. So trust. Me is going to be a virus now after deleting all that the temp folder and everything you need to go to all programs go to a sasori s go through your system tools and click on disk cleanup now on the disk cleanup choose the c click on ok and he will start scanning all the computer to delete all the files so we can clean the disk now after doing that you need to go to the google website.

And then you re going to type here. Smit fraud. Fix. Now smith frolf x.

And y. After dong comm. Download that one that version that they have right there so right here you re going to click on download try again so you can download quicker there we go now it s downloading a seconds there we go so now we have this myth fraud fix what does the smith fraud fix do it s like a little software on the os that it will eventually scan all the computers for the effect. The files registries that may be infected at the moment dns hax.

Proxy hacks and a couple of other things that he will delete he will he erased from your computer. And probably he will make your computer run way much faster. When you restart your pc. Now after downloading you need to check for the updates.

And for that just press. The letter for hit enter and he will try to check for the updates. He will give you this type of error don t forget about that it s already updated so now i m going to close this one here i m going to go where i downloaded the original smith fraud fax has to be in download after you up when you download. This is the file that you ll get from the website.

When you make the update inside the software. He ll give you this folder on the same at the same place. Where you have the smith fraud. Fix executable.

So get inside the folder and go to smith fraud fix. I think. This is a batch file let me see no it s necessary double to butters has another section this uh command station. So you need to open the smith fraud and after doing that press enter and he will give you the menu again after you in the menu click on my back.

Like a press. The number two and hit the enter the number two will clean all that you have for the raci errors. Or maybe viruses that already are making configurations inside of the registry. And things i add for the dns acts and all those kinds of stuff after he finishes cleaning he s going to ask you if you want to clean the registry you hit the y and press enter it means that yes you will you want to clean the registry after that i just wait for a couple of minutes until he finishes when he finishes.

He s going to open the explorer from the windows again and the explorer. I mean by that is gonna open this the taskbar..

So you can see the start menu again with the hours and everything when you start cleaning he s going to disable everything from windows and the only thing that you will see will be only the submit fraud fix trying to work with a computer. So they ll get frustrated or whatever so after that just delete the trust is soon then search and clean for dns hijack and for the glass just disable. The proxy after all that hit the q press. Enter.

So you can quit. Now you need to restart the computer and for restarting. The computer you need to put the computer in safe mode. So when you restore the computer start hitting the f8 button when it starts again start hitting the 8 f8.

That s the function key number 8. From a keyboard. Until you get a menu on the os that tells you safe mode. And safe room.

Safe mode with networking and safe mode. With command. Prompt. Now choose safe mode.

With the command. Prompt. Wait. Until it loads up every file you ll get only the command.

Prompt. So you can start entering the goal. When it go when the windows gets up so right there you re going to write explorer why because right with that you will start your start menu your taskbar your time everything with those will completely load up. So you can start working with a wii on it now run.

This myth fraud again the same way. I just told you a couple of minutes ago. So you can run it on safe mode. It s supposed to be running sigma.

But you can run it first on the windows and then running safe mode. But remember always to run it on safe mode. If you want the really good results with the software now after doing that you need to restart your windows. So you can start again.

When windows loads up you maybe already have deleted the virus. So do not open any file. Yet at least on on your computer. Do not open any file that it is a shortcut with the executable extension.

Because you will infect the computer once again and you will have to go back. And do all these steps now after the windows has load up you need to go to notepad on your notepad. You re going to write attribute add trip h r s. S d.

Now this what we ll do and he will work with the attributes of every file and folder. When where you will put this batch file now. He will tell that it will not be written hidden that it will be a readable so you can write and edit the file and the s. I don t remember what exactly does it does but i think it s for the all the files.

Oh i forgot right here you need to put asterisk asterisk. There by this your meaning is going to be every file that has inside a folder after the only that you need to choose the soup deck soup..

Dear tori s here that s the s. Part and this is the d4 directory. So you re telling. The command is going to be all the files.

The darracq are the folders that it has and the subfolders that it may have inside with the files that may have inside now after doing that he will show you all the original files that you have all the data that you really have and also you will still have the shortcuts for the viruses of all the files that you have are your data that the virus had has changed on your computer. So for deleting those files you need to type deal cordially f4 force. The division of the file. And then you re going to type asterisk dot x.

Now with this. He s going to delete all the excel files that the virus has created and with this eventually you will have only your original files and all the virus files that the virus had made is going to be deleted. So be sure to read to verify verify your recycle. Bin.

That you had deleted. Those files from there. Too. And also after you have done this all this process you need to remember to run an anti virus doesn t mean doesn t matter.

Which one just run an anti virus to be short. Now after you have created these commands here you need to save it as all files and then i m going to put in here on downloads. Ok so here after choosing all files you re going to tell him that is going to be a batch file so let s put for the name delete virus or delete x s dot bat. Now by doing this you will tell them that is going to be a command batch file.

So he will start running those commands on the command. Prompt as soon as you open. It i cannot open this because. I think i have a couple executable files here.

I m easy only got this one and this one. This one ok so let me delete it so i can show you guys what really does it does when you open it s going to open. It s going to close really quick because it s going to just throw. The commands really fast and as you can see has deleted all the executable files that i had on this folder.

And my god ok okay almost almost in my van so then after that you need to put these files this file on the folder. Where you have all the effective files and just run the command. And he will delete all the executable files and then you will only see your original files well we may be folders or videos or other stuff. Other stuff documents and things that you may have on your computer.

So this is the only uh secure method. I had found without using all the software s and i have searched a lot of places on google. How to work with this it has been really hard so i decided to do it by myself and like i said i searched. I didn t find nothing and doing it by myself i did all this and everything went perfectly good on the server.

That was infected so my client has all the files back and folders and everything nothing s damaged. Even the computers are working faster. Now and they are really grateful about this so i hope this helped you guys out and if you need something else like this to fix computers and things as viruses that deleting viruses and all this stuff feel free to tell it to me comment. This video.

If you want hit the like remember to subscribe. I ll be giving you anything that you need. But i just need to comment and be a least a subscriber from my channel well this angel from pr dv entertainment hit the like write a comment don t forget to subscribe bye. ” .


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