Tech Tip Tuesday – fix for Bluetooth connection after iOS 13 update

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“Everybody happy tech tip tuesday. Melissa o connell here your lexus technology specialist and i i have a tip for you today. If you have an iphone. And you ve the ios.

13. Update. And you re having bluetooth connection issues. I m going to show you how to get a fresh pairing for your phone in your lexus vehicle.

We re going to remove the phone from the car and the car from the phone and it s very easy so let s check it out..

I m gonna start on the iphone itself. We re going to settings. Bluetooth and then we re you see the connection for the car. Whether it says connected or not connected you re going to click on the information menu.

The lowercase. I and then click forget this device right at the bottom confirm by clicking forget device again and then it s gone so now we want to do the similar steps on the car. So we re in a 20 19 rx with navigation might look a little bit different from your vehicle. But that s okay follow along and if you have questions just let me know we ll push menu and then we ll click on setup go into bluetooth again and you ll see my device listed so what we want to do is we want to remove if you have multiple listings for your phone.

You re going to want to eliminate all of them..

If you have an older phone listed make sure to remove that as well once you click remove then you ll select the device that you re going to clear from the vehicle and click yes to confirm then we will be able to add a new device now i know this is the same phone so you might be thinking. But it s not new why do i have to do this we are refreshing the bluetooth connection because apple has made a lot of changes so we ll click add and then from the registration page you ll go back to your iphone and you ll. See lexus. Rx or the name of your car s device click right on those words click pair.

And allow so that your contacts will transfer. Sometimes. When your contacts are transferring you might see it say not connected. And that s ok.

It can pause the connection temporarily while your iphone is sending your contacts to your vehicle..

But after it s complete it should say connected again now if you do texting in the vehicle. Don t forget you want to come into information click show notifications. So that your texts are turned back on and you ll get those notification prompts in your vehicle. You can just go back bluetooth and settings also keep in mind that you should now see your connection on your vehicle.

So we do have bluetooth. We have two bars of service and a little over halfway on our battery. One of the changes. That has happened with bluetooth and iphone is all of your volume settings are independent of one another.

So it s a great idea..

If you have the opportunity to turn your car off and back on and then make a phone call once you re in that phone call adjust your volume on the side of your iphone. Then you can adjust it on the vehicle and you ll notice this will be true whether it s a phone call bluetooth audio you even different apps now have their own volume setting so if you re listening to something. Via bluetooth connection and the volume is too low. Turn your volume.

All the way up on the side of your iphone and then adjust it on your lexus thanks. So much for tuning in we ll keep you posted if any other changes come along if you re an android user and you do an update on your phone or you have automatic updates installed. If you have any trouble follow the same steps through your connections in your settings app on your android phone thanks again for tuning in and happy ” ..


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