VW LooseNuts Safaris

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“You guys had kind of had to do up rear safari installed this one s s 458 64. A lot of people been asking how easy to go together how is it so i thought about maybe i ll throw something together show you guys how easy. It is to kind of get this thing put together. There s instructions on the gw nuts page on how to install it in your car.

And after you kind of think some pre fit you want to do this. And then go back and install it oh my gosh know something together see i ll show you how easy. It is take your seats. And take lashing later.

I like glass cleaner use whatever lubricant. You want it definitely matter i like last layer just cuz. It s easier to clean up at the end ok get started take the seal start on the top best kind of where i like mice to joint for the seal for myself get stretched around like so you take a section section tape. Everybody matter.

How long whatever you want to do like something like so get it on there just helps hold the seal from move it around like put everything together and then start stretching the glass or the sealer on the glass. I don t help stretch it tight and even kind of loose you stretch it on there tight later on as the seal relaxes that joint that the talks going to open up and tighter. It is that the bigger that joints media was always sucks. I got this seal pre cut to fit the glass already.


But you guys are going to give the seal. It s going to be about six to ten inches longer than what you need what i suggest is take that seal cut in about 3 8. To 1 2 inch. Longer than the top section.

And then kind of pull it back and get it get it nice and flush tape it down again just holds it on there so don t move around too much on you that stuff we can we can cut it out take it out when we re all done and installed. But once you ve got the seal on it s all nice and even all the way around it time frame together again glass cleaner. Whatever lubricant. You like don t matter.

Some of y all. Got some funny for lubricant. But this is what i use the coats again to clean up later right now nice and handle i start with the top section top section first just stick it over on one side and slid on there get along a couple good smacks good tight seal down go get the hell out of it. But you don t need to be super shy.

Neither flip it over make sure you ain t got no crap from the ground or whatever. I recommend obviously doing on a section of carpet. A couple towels. Piece of cardboard.


Something brace more glass cleaner around it afraid to get it on the inside of her check bottom section. Little bit harder in the top section. I start one side get it over that one tab just a little bit come to the other side kind of start sliding it down. And then you re going to come you give it a little tug pull it out over that tab give a couple of smacks get the frame together.

I can get it to this point you re going to notice that this seal around the bottom top sides corners. It s not going to get pushed all the way in so take your fingers just slide. It all down get that seal set. Where you want it joint up top still tight backside as well there you got that pretty much together.

Kate s going to come with the four set screws two for each side. I typically always send the safari with those screws already in the tabs frame broke apart. But most of the parts are already on the safari kind of where they go and give you guys an idea where stuff goes comes with a lot of screws and crap last thing want to do is start fiddling around with screws figured out where the hell. They go one side pull it tight help out the screws.

We ve got one side in phillips screw. Total screw driver. Don t need to crank them down to tighten for a moment. Just kind of get them set leather sides in flip it over pull that s high tight last screw as you can see it s not too much of a pain in the ass sometimes.


It s going to be a little harder for others. This is stock glass original stock glass. Which is what i sell my safaris to fit. So that way you all got your own stop glass glasses.

Got the original marks on the side stand makes it nice and easy some of y all. Got aftermarket glass and then aftermarket glass. Some of those people. Some of those blast manufactures different thicknesses for whatever reason.

They don t fit the greatest actually some of them kind of suck so this seal. If you got aftermarket glass especially on the front light. All running after mark glass on the front not so much on the rear mount upfront this seal that i said with it is intended to be used with stock glass. Not the aftermarket stuff.

Some tight aftermarket stuff it works my front safari on my car aftermarket glass. I was able to get the seal to work took a little bit more fuss and fiddle to get it fit. But you did fit sometimes it s not going to work. It s not going to fit you have to go back to the old that i kind of started making these with which is stupid.


26. Inch mountain by pin or to slice out the inside stretch it around do the same processes. When it s all done together. You just cut the extra off works just fine go ahead and move the tape you just kind of pull off.

Nice and easy. I have to be a little bit of trim and cutting out some extra stuff. But pretty much that s it safari frame install so that s how easy it is so the big pain in the ass like i said you got aftermarket glass again. You little bit more of a struggle.

I don t like doing them. But not everybody s got original blast so if you can t get it from it nice and neat. But it s not it s not coming together properly you have to use out other seal like i mentioned. But that s it simple easy once it to this point you should have already done your pre fit on the car.

I ll put this together s matter screwing it in your car having some air cooled volkswagen air ” ..

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