Where Do You Want To Eat? Jordindian Niharika NM

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“Me out to eat very wonderful you want to decide every time bro. It s s the same situation. I m like what do you want to eat. She s i don t know what i want to eat i don t know what i want i m like yo.

We re going back and forth like 45 minutes non stop. I m like just tell me what you want you know what she says you decide so i decided. I was like okay fine let s get pizza you like pizza no you like meat. I know everyone likes pizza obviously sauce like let s get p.

So you know what she said. She s like oh the same day she went to yesterday again you want to go i know but smartcard wait. This is like what do you have i know i asked for brush kappa. She gives you the sketchup and she doesn t give me.

I asked for sasha. Give. Me one packet will you give boy did i mention that should be me you actually got a number over authority. But that s not the point dude.

So she waved off pizza pizza is out of the question now so i was like okay. What do we eat next north indian. Because i m half not i mean i like north indian food right so i was like okay let s have north indian..


You know what. She said. She s like what that buffet blazer. One 502 pea soup.

Even for round. She ll put you ll eat a large much and everything come back home boo scopus cobalt glass tinkled in the bedroom name is anne asking why did i was celebrating diwali their dog jimmy also ran away because of you you know what jimmy as in my jamia. Let s not get carried away brokeback topic. She was like no north indian.

So i was like fine let s keep it simple right burgers. I know this damn good burger joint with like some amazing burgers and fries. So i was like let s go there you know what she says burger first. You tell me i look fat.

Then you ll ask me for a date. Burger. You know homie they re in the burger. And you think about the de kirchner 160.

You have family back you have bothered it seems one but they put some lettuce they couldn t cut it they put for like 400 make a bigger just 40 rupees. So car upon gave me the idea south indian dude. I love south indian and she s half south indian..


That s what you think you know what she said. She was like you want to go outside do you want to tell me i ll make it show. So i so i said make then no then i ll eat what i look like a mother or what if i m a good salt is not enough. This is not enough that is not enough shanlee to make no anyway.

Charlotte makes it better that didn t work out too well so anyway. She doesn t want nothing in food. She doesn t want south indian food. So.

I was like what s the next best indian food right chinese food right so i was like let s have chinese food and she was like how dangerous. It is so we will only become like momo okay and that vegetable in the soup and all they put no they look like it s from anonymous kinda and chicken fried rice you ll order but who knows if it s chicken in that area. But if it s an old sign and see the chicken pigeon so i was like what am i gonna do with them. What are you looking at you know hey they re probably at the chinese restaurant like she said dude anyway so i was like what do we do now.

Let s let s go old school right let s let s get some culture into this so i was like let s go to a dhaba. You know what she says she s like no way you wanna go you know no she goes. I have to park somewhere. And i walk all the way because they don t have valley gym at the entrance also he make us turn on big line once.

He going so he ll make us sit on the flow. But you another problem with that no only to sit down my mother s freedom. I will do papa foolishly now should have put and clean..


But no then you want sit yeah. We ll sit on the floor yuma prison plates. They ll give and put fully raw. Onions and all the food items and then come and invade also okay i get it the food.

Damn oily. But then i was thinking oil right middle east. I was like oh my uncle s in the middle east. He knows it s damn good arabic restaurant over here so i was like let s go i love how much dude.

So i was like let s go to the arabic bro out of all the things you never guess what she said nice lighting. Only for little bits. They don t pick her and we ll only a thing just like you how did i get nice pictures. There the channel get off more likes than me what do you want so then i lost my mind dude.

I was like fine rapidfire time. I was like okay cool. I m just gonna name dishes and you re gonna tell me what you feel so i was like mexican too expensive black bein cheap korean no thai polish your mind award turkish yeah german japanese do spanish you know lebanese i d rather die dude we went through every single cuisine man that she just couldn t decide so i was like you know what i m the man of the house anyways. I m gonna take a call and we re gonna eat we re gonna eat at home.

We re gonna order in i m gonna order what i want to eat not what you want to eat and i said i like momo so we re gonna order momo s. I thought you didn t like mo mo s know i like mo mo s what dude. What but i told her dude..


I was like you know what you re gonna eat what i tell you to eat you yeah told her yeah. What what i believe you no. I told her i swear did you raise your voice that at all a a no dude. I ve died straight up how s life on labor.

I m telling you i told you laughs. What do you think bro you believe. It sir. You want your mama s or no thanks rottens.

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