How to record everything that’s typed on someone’s keyboard? (Keyloggers)

when a user types data on a keyboard, what is occurring? This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you How to record everything thats typed on someones keyboard? (Keyloggers). Following along are instructions in the video below:
Heres another fun fact microsoft actually admitted that theres a built in key key logger installed on windows 10. The reason was apparently to improve typing and writing hmm what up guys my name is gg. I feel like its been a while since my last upload college has been keeping me really busy.
But now that i finally have some free time. I thought i would record a video so lets do it today. Im gonna talk about key loggers.
So first off lets talk about what a key logger. Is keystroke logging often referred to as key logging is the action of recording. The keys struck on a keyboard typically convert li.
So that the person using the keyboards is unaware the directions are actually being monitored data can then be retrieved by the person operating. The logging program and a key logger can either be software or hardware. I totally just read that off wikipedia.
But thats okay anyway as i said you can log someones keystrokes in two ways by installing a program on their pc. That runs in the background and periodically sends you keystroke data or you can plug in a device in their pc. That will intercept and send you everything they type you can find hardware keyloggers on amazon or ebay for a price of 50 give or take however in this video.
Im gonna focus on software based key loggers. So when i first discovered that theres actually a possibility to record someones keystrokes. I was pretty excited i had many ideas on how i could use that software and i couldnt decide who i was going to hack first however when i did some research.
I found out that its not that easy to find key loggers you cant just find it on google. And if you search for it probably every download link will be a virus or is just one be the software youre looking for i did find some key loggers that actually look like they were legit. But of course they werent free so then i searched for pirated versions and went through a bunch of torrent websites here.
I actually found some decent ones. But there were a lot of viruses as well at the time. I was really confused.
And i didnt really understand why it was so hard to find a proper key logger. But as i learned about this software. And how it can be used i realized that this is not something to be messed around with using this software on someone without their knowledge isnt legal and if you do that youre violating their privacy and you can get into trouble so when i found out about that i never really thought again about key loggers nah.
Not really so the next thing. I did was i said hey since its so hard to find a real key logger maybe i can make one on my own. Its probably not that hard and i did i made this simple key logger.
A couple of years ago and actually a few days ago. I decided to take a look at it and fix it up a little bit so here it is when you open it it shows up in your system tray because you know it works in the background. Its supposed to be hidden and if you really want to hide it you can change the settings and make the icon invisible that way no one can actually tell that theres a key logger running in the background.
Anyway. Lets see how this key logger works. If i open up something like notepad and type whatever the key logger will register and log every key.
I press and my keywords pretty simple now i try to make this as general as i could in a sense that it should work on every standard keyboard. It works just fine for me. But if your keyboard has some special letters or characters this may not work for those characters.
But other than that issue work just fine anyway if you look at the side here you can see that theres a lot of options you can export the log file. Wherever you want you can quick export it to this location of course. Its set to desktop right now.
But you can change that in the settings. You can hide the program in system tray you can clear the current log and you get a warning. If you havent saved it you can copy it you can find certain words for example passwords there you go string found and next up you can upload the file onto a ftp server this actually took me a while to code.
So im glad it worked out now if you dont know what ftp servers are you dont really have to worry about this part of the video basically you can use this to upload the log file onto a private server and then you can access the file from anywhere.

when a user types data on a keyboard, what is occurring?-0
when a user types data on a keyboard, what is occurring?-0

But im not gonna get into that right now lets just see how it works. Ive set up a random ftp server just for this tutorial. So let me show you how it works quick sidenote in the server link field.
Make sure to put the actual file name. And the extension for some reason it just doesnt work. If you dont do that and i lost a lot of time until.
I figured that out so there you go okay and now if i open up my ftp server. The log file will be on there there it is as you can see it works and lastly you can go to settings. Lets see what we have here you can set up the expert log location desktop documents.
Temp folder or a custom location you can choose to start the key logger when windows starts in case you want to run it every day you can choose to log special keys like backspace ctrl alt. And so on you can choose to disable showing the icon. Which will completely hide.
The key logger in the background in that case. Ive set up a special set of keys. You need to press to show the icon again and to show the program you can choose to include details in your log file like the time logging started computer name stuff like that and finally probably the most interesting setting you can choose to export a log file to this folder in this case my desktop every x minutes.
And you can also take screenshots. So if i set this to every one minutes and hit save and exit every 60 seconds. Two files will be exported to my desktop.
The log file and the screenshots now if youre doing this on someone elses pc. You probably dont want to save these on the desktop. But for this video and for the purpose of testing.
Its easier. If i just do it like this anyway. Heres the log file and the screenshots pretty cool right anyway.
Thats pretty much what this key logger can do it wasnt that hard to make and if you want to try it out i will have the download link in the description. However i dont support using this software to harm anyone that is not my intention and if you do that dont hold me accountable for it. But yeah.
A key loggers can be used for different. Things. The obvious thing is to use them to spy on someone get their email password.
Whatever information. Youre looking for they can be used as a backup tool in case. You lose a big documents that youve been writing for hours.
You just check your key logger and copy the text once again. Then there are big it companies that use key loggers on all of their pcs. For troubleshooting.
Technical problems also heres another fun fact microsoft actually admitted that theres a built in key logger installed on windows 10. The reason was apparently to improve typing and writing services hmm. But anyway.
Thats gonna be it for this video feel free to let me know what you think about the whole. Microsoft. Thing in the comments also make sure to give me some feedback on the keylogger.
I made. But thats it for now thank you for watching. And ill see you in the next one music.

when a user types data on a keyboard, what is occurring?-1
when a user types data on a keyboard, what is occurring?-1

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