Signs they lack empathy.

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Im michele welcome back to finally revealed in todays video. I want to to talk to you about a different type of a topic and this one involves or actually. Its all about empathy people talk about sympathy empathy and different other types of traits that we as human beings exhibit in our behavior.
Its a connection between our actions and our emotions. It helps us to interact with each other and to form cohesiveness in our family in our personal relationships at work and within society empathy is the understanding the ability to understand not just with people. But it could also be animals.
Other animals as were animals the ability to understand how another person or animal is feeling in a given situation from that animal or that persons point of view. So its different from sympathy. Which is understanding or knowing of how someone might feel.
But empathy is actually feeling and sharing in the feeling. The ability to share in the feeling of that person or animal in a situation could be a physical physical feeling and emotional feeling like fear love terror concern. Obviously physical is going to be pain.
Some type of you know pain on a scale could be even something somebody accidentally or not knowingly. Taking a chip with really hot habanero sauce and if that ever happened to you or you have an ultra sensitivity to peppers. You know that their mouth is on fire.
And you can people talk about this ability to empathize with people and they talk about it from the person who is having the empathy. But something that i noticed unfortunately for me. I experienced being with someone in a couple of different situations.
And this person lacked empathy. And nobody really gives a good example of what it will be like or or what you should notice and recognize it as a lack of empathy and thats what i want to help with today. So ill give a couple of my examples.
I was walking down a street and was going to cross the street and i stripped and fell on a curb and i landed splayed into the street and it hurt okay and my belongings fell out in front of me and i was bleeding i hurt my arms hurts like when i fell down in my hands and my and my knees and i was with a person who had no reaction. No reaction verbally no reaction as far as coming to help me get up as far as gathering. The belongings and all i can describe is that it was a cold feeling as if i was completely alone.
And we can get into another video and talk about how you might interact with this person and you know. But if youre the example would be if someone has had a and in their life die or a person in their life die and you are sharing this information with a person. A friend of yours.

what is the best way to communicate with someone who lacks empathy-0
what is the best way to communicate with someone who lacks empathy-0

A co worker. A family member and what is their reaction do they do they say im sorry that has to you know whether or not theyve ever experienced this they can still have empathy with you if they have the ability to empathize so how are they acting towards. You do they do they talk to you about it do they show you that they understand that this has to be heartbreaking and ask if they can do something for you or share.
An experience that they had in a similar situation or one that they heard of do they offer any type of comfort to you or connection. Really what this is talking about is connection do you feel like there is any type of connection. If someone had a death in the family family member a beloved pet if someone sent you a poem talking about death in a cold callous uncaring.
Just as if they had googled death poem and sent it without reading at all like they were just checking a box. And you received that i would suggest you have a conversation with that person again and say what do you think im feeling has this happened to you and how did you feel because. This is a situation where you want to know does this person have the capacity to feel to feel as youre feeling or any other person would feel in this situation.
And thats really important on whether you how you deal with this person going forward my final example would be a tragedy. A child kidnapping a car wreck a house fire a loss of a job or even something somethings relatively small getting chewed out at work for being late being at school and turning in an assignment late or getting somebody getting an assignment completely wrong. And the whole class got it one way and one person is singled out as getting it wrong that happened to a friend of mine.
And we were all very you know that had never happened to any of us. But we could understand how she felt we could we could relate to her as a human being that she was embarrassed that she was humiliated um. You know that she felt bad that she was getting a bad grade.
That she went off on a totally different tangent. There were other things circumstances that contributed to this but we didnt ridicule her we didnt you know pile on and those types of things. A reaction of further blaming could be an example of a lack of empathy.
So if you are in a situation. And someone reacts completely opposite of everyone else that youve ever dealt with or how you would feel or not feel. But how you would react talk with them if its someone that you deal with regularly dont confront them about it.
But havent see if you can talk with them. If thats even possible. And ask them some questions and then in your own mind evaluate whether or not this person lacks empathy.
And then you can do some other research on what you should do from there. But its a huge red flag its a huge red flag and i wish you well but i hope that this is helpful to you if it was please leave a comment feel free to like subscribe and share and ill see you next time thanks. .

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what is the best way to communicate with someone who lacks empathy-1

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