What Happens After You Flush: The Journey of Water Down the Toilet

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Well hey heres a riddle for you the average person uses it about 2500. 2500. Times a year over a lifetime you can end up spending three months.
There gets the highest number of simultaneous visitors during this super bowl halftime. No its not the atm. But another place where you can make a deposit.
Yeah today were talking toilet and to find out how it works. Im inviting you on an exclusive trip. Inside the tank.
Oh really come on hold your nose. Thats it believe it or not the key moving power behind todays toilets is gravity. But for gravity to pull our waste away it needs some help thats where the commodes specific design and engineering come into play.
What happens. When you flush will often depend on where you live in this world. But here are the basics first the main parts.
Theres that tank behind you where you might have some decorative potpourri sitting on top. If you take the lid off youll see a bunch of water sitting inside its not alone. Though there are two tall vertical structures.
Once the fill valve and the other in the middle is the flush valve. The fill valve works a lot like a doorman at the club. It decides.
When theres enough water and stops more of it from getting in when the tank empties it lets new water in theres also a float ball attached to the fill valve when the water level rises. Usually after you flush this ball will go up with it once the water level gets to where it needs to be a float rod attached to the ball pushes the fill valve. So that extra water cant get in thanks to that the tank doesnt get too full and send water over flooding all over your bathroom.

what happens if you flush the toilet when the water is off-0
what happens if you flush the toilet when the water is off-0

Well thats a good thing. But of course things arent always this calm. I can hear steps someones coming in finally.
The action is about to start well lets fast forward to when the business is done good idea now a typical american toilet has a handle on the side of the tank that you push down to flush in europe. Some older places still have pull chains above the commode. No matter where you are the newest models have a dual flush system to say water your handle or chain gets replaced with a button on top of the tank.
If you look closer youll see that its actually two buttons. One release is half the water in the tank and the other all of it which button you push depends on how much water youll need to wash everything away. When you press the handle or push the button to flush the toilet.
It pulls on a chain that lifts this thing on the very bottom of the tank called the flapper. No not the dancer from the 1920s. This one is a piece of rubber.
When that little cap is down. It creates a seal and keeps the water from leaving the tank. When its lifted well the water moves through a short pipe.
Where it makes its way to the ball. Oh oh fork in the road water. Doesnt just come in one large stream.
But moves through scattered holes in the rim. This way it can not only wash away whatever is inside the ball. But also clean the sides hey less scrubbing for you most of the water successfully leaves the system through the main drain.
But some of it stays in the ball. This is good for hygiene. The water stops germs and bad smells that would otherwise spread from the sewer by the way this is the modern toilets contribution to public health they help prevent contagious diseases from spreading the water also needs to sit there for the whole thing to work which brings me to that big curved pipe under the toilet toward the wall.

what happens if you flush the toilet when the water is off-1
what happens if you flush the toilet when the water is off-1

Its called the s bend. And thats where all the magic happens toilet magic yeah. Its so magical in fact that you dont even really need the tank on the back to flush your toilet you could just pour a bucket of water directly into the bowl and itll flush everything down the main drain.
It happens. Because of something called the siphon effect. Thanks to that special curvature in the s pipe.
It creates something called a trap. When you fill the ball with each flush you overflow and break that trap causing the main drain. Well gravity to literally pull the water down.
Thats why you see the water in the bowl rise a bit before it all rushes out let me put it this way have you ever emptied a large fish tank by pulling all of the water out through a tube. One end of the two goes into the aquarium full of water and the other hangs out and down you need that bend and you help get the siphon process going by drawing a bit out with your lips. Though not recommended.
Fish tanks are filthy wouldnt want to accidentally swallow that stuff anyway your toilet flush works the same way once its pulled all the water it can it starts taking in air hence. That iconic gurgling sound. Youll hear with each flush.
The air stops the siphon effect and congrats you flush the toilet. Thats if you live in north america. Where siphon toilets are the thing over in europe.
They use the washdown system instead of pulling the wetter out it basically gets pushed down through the exit. Its why you wont see a whole bowl of water in europe and american toilets are almost full of it. Wherever you are the water will successfully leave the system.
Anyway. So where does it go from. There.

what happens if you flush the toilet when the water is off-2
what happens if you flush the toilet when the water is off-2

Ah. Glad you asked the bathroom is just one part of the journey that toilet water joins the soapy water from your daily showers dishwashing and laundry days from now on its called sewage sewage from your house moves down through pipes and meets more sewage from your neighbors nearby businesses and anybody along the way to give you an idea of how massive those pipes are sometimes theyre the size of a bus yep the bigger. The city the more sewage.
There is obviously speaking of which do you live in a large city or a small town let me know in the comments below all those gigantic rivers of waste picture that flow into treatment plants. There they remove any harmful substances from the water you can imagine how many germs are in there and not only germs. But also some surprising fines from toys to jewelry watches and dentures.
Once they even found half a minicar in the london stores. Well the cleaning process takes a long time with all the proper chemical processing. And only after its definitely clean and safe.
The water is set free into a nearby river or the ocean as for the treated sewage. It can be turned into energy or new water in singapore for example they transform it into drinking that exceeds international quality standards. But its not like you need water to flush a commode there are composting toilets that turn waste into organic compost.
Youve also got incinerating toilets that burn it. But the most famous waterless laboratory has to be the airplane toilet. They use a disinfecting liquid and powerful vacuum suction thanks to the air pressure difference inside and outside the cabin.
When youve done your business and flush. The waste is pulled out at rocket speeds then it goes to the back of the plane and rests safely in sealed tanks awaiting landing and no it doesnt just get dropped out of the plane and onto the heads of unfortunate people on the ground that get an unexpected shower. Finally this question from london is it true that from the master bathroom in buckingham palace.
The queen can do a royal flush and is there any toilet joke older than that hmm hey. If you learn something new today. Then give the video a like and share.
It with a friend and here are some other videos. I think youll enjoy just click to the left or right. And remember stay on the bright side of life.

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what happens if you flush the toilet when the water is off-3

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