10 WWE Wrestlers BANNED From Returning to WWE! (2020)

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Think everyone knows this now they never really utilized my talents in the ring. So so i was just afraid of them ruining our history. So that never happened thank like the video subscribe to the channel and turn on those notifications and once youre done leave a comment down below.
And i just might end up responding for years and years. The saying once that nobody who leaves wwe ever stays out of the company whether you were hulk hogan randy savage. The ultimate warrior it did not matter if you were ever gone eventually youd find your way back home people thought cm punk was finally going to break that mold and while he hasnt actually fully attempted to return to wwe itself.
Id say just about the closest thing to his returns reality has already happened with wwe backstage. Yet in this modern era. It seems less and less likely that the following are going to make a comeback.
Im dee wicked from watching wwe and heres 10 wrestlers who are probably banned from the company number 10 alberto del rio alberto del rio has had one of the strangest departures from wwe in recent memory after a bizarre return year that saw him end john cenas us open challenge with mexican victory feud with kalisto for 14 years over the us belt and then joined league of nations in thunderous applause del rio was handed a 30 day suspension and found his way out of the company. Less than two weeks during it complications arose. A month later when del rio announced his engagement to then still active wwe roster.
Member paige and despite their solid position in the company was constantly calling it out for its supposed bs. Via social media and interviews and my god just go find the interviews. He lets this company have it it is truly incredible to see wwe with so much investment in paige stick to her side through all of the insanity in her short career.
But del rio. Hes probably never gonna meet vince mcmahon again oh my god its alberto del rio. Hes back mexicos greatest exports.
Number nine ryback and speaking of wrestlers. Who fizzled out of their once main event status sliding down into a career of mid card whateverness. Hello.
There ryback admittedly. Seeing alberto elsewhere as el patron makes it pretty clear that it was wwe who dropped the ball when it came to del rios career ryback on the other hand well. He drew goldberg comparisons for a reason and just like the original.
Didnt always seem to be the best inside of that ring. But his mediocrity and general not safeness inside the ring. Did not stop him from calling the company out multiple times over the years being something of an ex wwe david starr vouching that wrestlers deserve larger cuts from wwes big coin.
They deserve health benefits security. Etc. Etc.

who is the next wwe superstar to return-0
who is the next wwe superstar to return-0

And you know what. While i do agree a certain kennedy. Mcmahon.
Doesnt and probably will not be bringing in the outspoken ryback anytime. Soon. And again this is this beast ryback manhandling.
The champion number eight. John moxley. This is going to be an interesting one moving forward because as far as i can tell john moxley.
Is actually totally cool with wwe still he was obviously a little bit peeved with his placement on the card. And how he was not only being just wasted. But completely thrown into nonsense constantly.
But he mostly attributes that to just vince having to have his way and being vince mcmahon and that regardless of creative differences. He holds. No grudges and actually had a great relationship with the man wwe.
However is a little bit known for their grudges and considering this guy posted a video of him busting out of a prison. The midnight that he got released uh before showing up at their new main competitors door and taking their top title. I i dont know i think.
Its gonna take at least till. Vince being dead before mr. Max makes.
His hall of fame induction. Number seven big cass reasons. Big cass was hired tall reasons.
Big cass was fired drunk. Im very happy for the man for cleaning up and jacking himself out. But the unfortunate truth for big cass is that he probably isnt even banned from wwe.
It would just be a ridiculous idea to try bringing him back solo because bringing in big cass. Without a certain someone just isnt gonna be the same. And thats certain someone well.

who is the next wwe superstar to return-1
who is the next wwe superstar to return-1

Number six enzo amore troubled waters. Indeed. The problem for big cass ever returning is that it would have to be paired alongside his far.
More popular tag team partner enzo. Amore. And unfortunately big cass is sort of permanently screwed in that department.
Because as far as i can tell enzo is about as permanently stuck outside of wwes walls. As one can be he might have once been the hottest man behind a microphone with considerable momentum behind his tag team. But bad booking can kill even the best of wrestlers dead.
In the water. And once enzos hype. Fizzled out his issues became a lot easier for backstage to pick apart for example enzo was a notably poor worker with the simon gotchbot.
Where he baseball slid himself right the f to the bottom ropes standing out amongst. Many a smaller screw up his backstage antics werent exactly. Few and far between either with enzo sneaking.
People backstage that werent supposed to be there and getting thrown off tour. Buses by roman reigns since his departure enzo has even boosted his relevance by appearing at wwe shows and causing scenes front row. And yeah.
Thats not going to get you rehired applause number five ftr all right in all honesty. There is zero chance that ftr are banned by any means theyre not really that many people who are banned from wwe in all honesty. I mean i could talk about nails assaulting.
Vince mcmahon. But i dont want nails to find and then assault me so instead lets shine a light on these guys for showing exactly how to leave a company without burning. A single bridge.
Despite being possibly the best tag team going for a few years. Now wwes utilization of ftr has been utterly terrible besides their debut can you name one good main roster thing about ftr that didnt end in ko. Besides the clear frustration.
The dudes have put over every single person within the big dub for help that they received and the friends they made opportunities granted and time they felt was still well spent that is how you keep the bridge intact to one day. Possibly return and the best part. I dont even think they will ftr will never be used to their full potential in this company and i think they know that its pretty funny because barring nxt potentially one day forming its own hall of fame.

who is the next wwe superstar to return-2
who is the next wwe superstar to return-2

I think the one entry that left the door wide enough open to return is also the one that wouldnt accept the offer if it was on the table. Its just utter disrespect number four aj wheat death via association already killed big cass off this list. So who am i not to mention the original patron saint of not returning to wwe because.
Im paired with this guy aj. Lee. Unlike big cass ajs return.
All by herself would be pet to huge response. As she was arguably one of the very few great womens wrestlers in the pre womens wrestling era of wwe. She missed out by just a year on some mouth watering matches.
But thanks to the dubious circumstances of her husbands massively burned bridges with wwe and now working a spot that allows him to profit off of on the company. I really doubt. Shes gonna come back to wwe applause not so fast paige aj roll up shoulders down.
Aj. Did it aj. Is the champion.
Number. Three. The canalises.
Mike and maria canelos were brought into wwe and almost immediately afterwards maria informed them that she wouldnt be able to work because she was pregnant and mike quickly found himself in rehab. Within their tenure maria would pull that exact same stunt again upon re signing their contracts. And yeah.
After all that understandably wwes not really keen on using mike or maria. Based on the short history filled with many massive road bumps causing. The two to do a lot of complaining about being mishandled while still inside the company in fact mike canelus whined on twitter about wanting to leave the company about one month after re signing his contract for five years.
Then during the pandemic cuts. Mike and maria were both let go and despite complaining about their treatment in the company at the time and wanting out they then reversed. It to complaining about oh how could wwe fire a postmart a mother fuck you wanted it its been months and shes literally still tweeting about it as of this week.
So basically theyre never coming back. And also shut the fuck up number two gail kim aj. We missed the womens revolution.

who is the next wwe superstar to return-3
who is the next wwe superstar to return-3

By just close enough a margin that you wish she could have gotten one more year just to see a few of those potential matchups. Gail kim missed the wwes women wrestling era by so much its just honestly. Upsetting and kind of makes.
Me wish. She was born like a decade. Later kim had excellent potential that would be realized over an impact.
But her time spent inside wwe was lackluster to say the absolute best kims thrown her fair share of shots toward the big dub and its terrible handling of female talent during the era. She wrestled over the years its a perfect pairing. Though as vince isnt hiring her back any time soon anyways never forget jim ross once had to explain to vince mcmahon.
That yes. There is plenty of men out there attracted to asian women. I think everyone knows this now they never really utilize my talents in the ring.
So i was just afraid of them ruining our history. So that never happened. Thank god and number.
One scott steiner. Oh. The genetic freak.
I mean just go and watch. Scott steiner. Say anything about wwe after after this video.
Its genuinely a great way to waste some time and while it might be entertaining the stuff he has said about vince mcmahon triple h. And oh jesus numerous times indeed especially. Stephanie mcmahon like the worst person you could take shots at if you want to have a career in wrestling again at least in wwe uh.
Yeah. Uh. Scott steiner.
You are not welcome in this company anymore sorry big papa pump. Its your time to make your way out the door forever goodbye. All the boys are getting screwed.
You know independent contractor thats a bullshit i mean nobodys into the contractor and those are 10 banned wwe wrestlers. What are your thoughts let us know in the comments down below to like the video subscribe and channel notifications and that bell. .

who is the next wwe superstar to return-4
who is the next wwe superstar to return-4

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