2 Smart Players – 1 Genius Pawn Sacrifice! Kaiski vs Novice Noah

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Music you wait till. I get there what are you youre in the rotation rotation next to win deal in a rotation time dont hang out with them somewhere. You dont need a shake for that right.
Here. Even now. Oh yeah you saw that game.
Tony yeah. You like that you like yeah. I the game.
Didnt count till. You couldnt see it wait for the car. Well you were supposed to set it well.
I didnt know you didnt know how to press a button. Three times. Geez well.
I get a move and mike was exercising before today. Exactly what i thought you dont care about winning. Exactly believe you were doing exactly what i was thinking of doing this render.
I would have liked that yeah you thought you had something halt thats not a move just play by fishy thats your fault. You know i dont flip. It set up the pieces exercise.
The baby oil noahs not alright. Though like turkey not all right noah. You know why gets up i think the job.
I want to take the draw good move do i take the draw caesar dont take the draw draw draw do not take a draw lets go we dont have all day relax. There sonny cause. We saw you thats a nice bike.
What does this mean nice nice concept of reality. There music. Oh.
That was dave know what takes takes gates you first its all checks whos here check check check i put knights over on me. Oh my god i dont well take this kings here right i go to the game now should i do hey guys brent here and great game by these two great players man this is one of those games. Where you have a juicy attack and the position is so like unorthodox that youre gonna have missed opportunities on both sides and but but it was a really really fun game by these two man these they both played this kind of attacking defensive position.
Well and beautiful like pawn sacrificed here by kya to opening up this important g file. Where a lot of action. Happened.
And you guys are wondering of course. I mentioned like later at the end of the game. He thought he had a mate did he have a mate man.
We shall see in the analysis. And were gonna go over some other missed opportunities for attack and defense as well.

who is the opponent in the narrator’s imaginary chess game?-0
who is the opponent in the narrator’s imaginary chess game?-0

But really with a great game by these two great players man give it up for them let me know what you guys thought the game in the comments below. If you want to get kai a cup of coffee. His link is in the video description check out all the other cool links their amazon lease of chess care.
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So you dont miss future videos alright. So lets go to this position and in the game. 92.
Is play lets go move back. Pause. Video will be another move for white here alright.
What idea that white can do is play start off an attack with queen g to threaten teammate black. Will say lets trade off the queens on a reduce the pressure a bit. It says no thanks attacking the rook attacking the queen queen says let me bounce.
Now what can you play as white here. Pause. The video.
See if you can find a continuation. Yes. You can play rook f6.
Taking advantage of this pin here by this rook. And you know whats coming next here. So lets go over two lines really quick.
If king h8 to get out of the pin. Now white can play queen f5. We owe g6 and now rook takes g6 f.
Takes queen takes and this is coming next so add some backup. But its too late connect gonna lose the queen and white is ahead by a lot here 12 points 12 point. 8.
Going back here instead of king. H8. Lets say something like 97 attack developed the rook and attack the net earth.
Im gonna develop the knight and attack the rook that rook takes and now i want to show you what black is planning. If lets say its white to move again. What would you play as white.
How would you finish this game off as white. This is a really cool attack alright. If you guys saw rook check sacking.
The rook congrats that is move lets make a nothing move for white here. Just so i can show you so rook check king takes queen check.

who is the opponent in the narrator’s imaginary chess game?-1
who is the opponent in the narrator’s imaginary chess game?-1

And you pretty much have to sack and tool. It to delay another one that has some nice meet you there so going back. Here you want to play queen.
Takes guarding the square. Attacking the rook bishop check king h8. Oh.
And i mean what are you gonna do here music. Rook attacking the queen. And you want to move this queen to a not dark square.
Because you know discovered attack is coming. So lets just say queen e7 discovered check check. And thats a nice mate going back here.
I mean can delay the inevitable. But thats a nice meet as well so really a cool attack. There i wants to show you guys lets go here in this position and in the game pawn takes lets play lets go move back.
Plus video will be another move for white here alright white can throw in the check first and knight takes queen takes bishop block and threatening here mate youre gonna pick up the bishop on the next move and this could be one continuation threatening mate again rook defends czech king over bishop here and not a lot of good moves for white for black. If you move the rook up then its mate going back here. If you tried to fend with the queen then check and then ouch its gonna hurt and you can probably even exchange.
The queen here at this point. And just push g6 so that was a missed opportunity lets go here. How can so lets we talked about offense.
Lets talk about defense here in this position. H5 was play lets go move back. Pause.
The video will be another move for black here yes black and throw in the rook e8 attacking the queen with tempo. Lets just say queen f2 and then now black can solidify his defense black here is up negative three point three this rook move is very important you know why because what happened was this queen was able to infiltrate and this queen was the one that caused all the havoc here in this position. So guarding that efile with the rook would have been the way to go just one tempo.
Too late but hard to see when youre the one playing lets go here. In this position. And in the game.
King. H8 was place go move back. Pause video will be another move for black here.
Alright black can go the other way here. And lets see one continuation to save time check and the black king is running and this could be one continuation and when the dust has settled white is up upon computers white at 14. So sometimes maybe taking around the other way would be the way to go.
But hard to see alright last. But not least was kais prediction right in this game. Queen check was play lets go move back pause video.
Do you see anything for white. Yes.

who is the opponent in the narrator’s imaginary chess game?-2
who is the opponent in the narrator’s imaginary chess game?-2

He was right his intuition was right rook takes pawn takes rook takes knight takes queen check. And mate oh man. At least you saw it though during the game.
And just one of those things got to listen to your instincts. I guess. But very very nice attack by cab eautiful pawn sacrifice here opening up the jiva infiltrating with a queen on the e file.
And it was a really good player man. So its its its even more impressive that god did this so no defending the best kid. I think.
It was just one temple. Too late with the rook move over here. I think that would have been a totally different game.
But im alas such as blitz chess man great game. By two great players hope. You enjoyed it let me know what you guys thought the gaming accounts below.
Dont forget to like share comment and subscribe at that bell of kitchen and thanks. I will see you guys tomorrow music. we want to invest our long term future in this guy when we think this is the the maximum amount of production that hes going to give us and he bet on himself the vikings bet on him.
And what has he done. Hes elevated his play. Hes gotten better and thats all you ever want to do as a player is how can i improve on the year before and hes done that and he continues to do that so i expect the same thing you know hes got familiarity with clint kubiak.
The quarterback coach he obviously knows gary he knows this offense this offense is not going to change theyre obviously gonna have some new wrinkles. Theyve got a shiny new toy and justin jefferson. You expect herb smith to step up as a tight end.
There are a lot of weapons for him to feel poised. Relaxed and just find sometimes just the easy throws to get in rhythm. I think.
Hes gonna have a great year lastly. Giving a quick tease to our next position by position breakdown. Kirk cousins.
Basically said. In his in his press conference. He was like hey i want to establish that relationship early of justin jefferson.
You know that communication. But getting him up here to you know run some ral tomas to develop that chemistry with justin jefferson. But with those other receivers.
You know during this time of isolation. Its so valuable then i mean its every year you talk about quarterbacks receivers that that relationship that marriage they have to have timing they have to have chemistry they have to rep. It they have to be out there not just half speed not 3 4.
Speed in some sort of spark or some sort of high school football field running routes on air. They have to be in there with helmets on against the defense to get those reps and to build up that trust ben thank you i think its only right we address the wide receiver position next. But not today so if i can spasming sure you stay tuned right here to vikas calm or updates and coverage on our position by position breakdown you .

who is the opponent in the narrator’s imaginary chess game?-3
who is the opponent in the narrator’s imaginary chess game?-3

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