2008 MRE Vomelet Review (Veggie Omelet) One of the Worst Meal Ready To Eat Menus Taste Test

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This is one of the most notorious and disliked mres. Ever made many number for for cheese and veggie omelet. Are also dubbed the vomit produced from 2005 to 2008.
Vomit had a relatively short service time and with good reason. And thats why we got to check this out all right so right off the bat got that main course cheese omelet with vegetables check out that long list of ingredients you even put yellow dye number 5 in there nice then we got a french vanilla cappuccino instant powder frh anna hot beverage bag these hot beverage bags a 100 useless with no gusset. Ive never seen one person to ever use that thing flameless ration heater apakah dehydrated granola with milk and blueberries.
This is a 2008 data production. This is your last year of the veggie omelet 160 fourth day of 2008. Its the only year that had the dehydrated granola with milk and blueberries this menu was replaced with maple sausage patty pack of crackers some apple butter and salsa verde.
Im not even gonna try and do the roll the tongue with that one leave that up the sticky fingers or somewhere. Got an accessory packet. See with spiced cider.
Not that got a cinnamon scone that sounds pretty nice. And then a spoon thats about as good as its gonna get alright so lets get sat on your tray nice okay so were gonna first start off with that main course in flameless ration heater. Wow.
Yeah. Just like a big mass. Not bad.
Put. The salsa verde in there to seat this gun fits in there might as well you could put that worthless hot beverage bag in there. With some water to heat.
It up for that apple cider or coffee or both. But rumor has it there was a guy who used the hot beverage bag ones. Its just a rumor.
Though okay so that on this side. Oh yeah. That thing is working like a charm.
Hear that sizzling already applause so all thats doing its thing. We that the things working perfectly for a ten year old mre. A flameless ration heater still operational.
Its actually not very common. So. Then the accessory packets.
See accessory packet a had coffee vit c. Had spiced cider. I believe all mres now reverted back to just coffee and stems and coffee and some type.
3. Which is tragic so spiced cider and it feels perfectly fine.

kurt, who is a vegetarian, had a cheese omelet for lunch. he is a-0
kurt, who is a vegetarian, had a cheese omelet for lunch. he is a-0

It hasnt caked thats its awesome. Some salt matches for no real reason. Some gum.
Which have you chew like six of those it has a laxative effect toilet paper never enough and a moist towelette it has a very comforting slightly tart and sweet apple cinnamon smell to it applause okay and then that french vanilla cappuccino theres a kind of sickly artificial vanilla cream smell with a sparse undertone of actual coffee applause and then the dehydrated granola with milk and blueberries always get that little oxygen absorber fresh back out of their calls for between two to four ounces of water get that nice and mixed up okay and then the packet crackers. Nice little hit all right so lets check out this blueberries with granola and milk hmm that tastes like a somewhat creamy. Whole milk with some granola that rehydrated very well these blueberries theyre freeze dried the blueberries tastes crash because theyre freeze.
Dried and rehydrated they just seem a little bit soft if anything theres a mmm a definite flavor of coconut and its somewhat prevalent again. Its moderately sweet this was a great addition to this menu. Its the first year that the granola with blueberries was added and something thats stuck around since then a great morale.
Boost and to go along with the vomit. A lot of guys are probably just eating everything. But this part and this was probably the the thing.
That was routinely looted from this menu was the the milken blueberries and granola. I also know its probably going to be the most normal part of this entire meal all right so then lets check out this apple cider. Ill hold it up with this this is some pretty good apple cider.
It has a light caramel citric acid. You know somewhat tart and tangy kind of flavor sweet with a relatively strong overtone of apple and cinnamon. I think it would go great along with these crackers and apple butter hmm.
That is the perfect combination. Theres a slight shortening to the cracker. The balance of the spices with that sweetness.
This is actually good quality apple butter and in an mre thats and something you dont find enough in any breakfast menu as a matter of fact. Theyre just simply are not enough. Breakfast menus.
And something like that definitely a nice changeup from standard grape. Jelly or apple jelly strawberry jam. Im not to say those arent great.
But this is this is better it tastes more real and it has more layers of actual flavor than say a standard jelly or jam. And its not too sweet and the two together perfect combination gives you something to do while your main course is heating up get that munch down on some fairly traditional and enjoyable breakfast items. I can tell this ration has been well stored.
It doesnt seem ten years old whatsoever so far so good so the moist towelette. These here are always lacking theyre not strong at all and maybe only good enough to make just maybe clean your hands. But its not much more very very windy moist towelettes.
They they do the job though in a pinch. So then the french vanilla cappuccino by golly thats some of the weakest and most horrendous coffee. Ive ever had i mean they say add it to six ounces.
I think i mightve add it to like seven or eight potentially doesnt matter. If you added it to six.

kurt, who is a vegetarian, had a cheese omelet for lunch. he is a-1
kurt, who is a vegetarian, had a cheese omelet for lunch. he is a-1

It wouldnt be that different. Its way too sweet and too much creamer not nearly enough actual coffee has a very artificial nauseating and demoralizing french vanilla flavor so lets see if this thing is heated up applause its not too bad. Its heated through applause.
Thats a nice warm scone and then for the the vomit itself long awaited that retort pouch. Just gave birth so there it is look at that thing. What is that it smells awful.
Oh. And its perfectly fresh thats thats the hole. Thats our point of this i just cant imagine actually eating it cold.
You know this actually kind of reminds me of like one of those pla rations. The way they look coming straight out of the pouch. It looks like biologically engineered food meal.
Actually it doesnt look like food. At all looks. Like something that would insulate a wall thats about as normal as that things gonna look all right.
I gotta give this a little bite look at that whoa thats awful that is genuinely awful just like they say hmm theres absolutely nothing redeeming about the texture or flavor or smell of this mass of eggs. It actually needs salt. I put some in my frh and made it work pretty well if you need a little extra power to your flameless ration.
Here that means you know for when you stick more than one component. In there put about 25 to 50 of your salt in with it itll make it heat up better also if your flameless ration heater doesnt work at all add your salt packet. It actually can help activate the flameless ration heater.
So lets add that salsa. Oh. Lets try it out now hmm.
You know what thats awesome. I had a little bit of salt and salsa and this becomes edible. Oh yeah.
Thats much better it even helps with the texture for some reason. It actually starts to taste like a real omelette. Which is pretty amazing you know i mean really think about it evolve on land.
I just called it vomit an omelet coming out of a retort pouch. I know natick food that i was meant well with this they really did i mean its nourishing. But it still tastes strange mm hmm yeah.
It was good for like two bites now its just getting weird again the palin when i said. I was gonna eat all this im a man of my word well lets hope i am okay before it gets cold. Oh yeah.
That still makes them ha. The simmons good that has a a cinnamon and shortening kind of dough smell to it.

kurt, who is a vegetarian, had a cheese omelet for lunch. he is a-2
kurt, who is a vegetarian, had a cheese omelet for lunch. he is a-2

But then some kind of preservative and something else that have like a cardboard smell actually hmm. Its pasty. It its like a plaster when it goes down some of the worst coffee.
Ive ever had to pair with the worst scone. Ive ever had i mean i know its shelf stable. But this was replaced with the maple muffin top in 2010 2009 was your first year for the maple sausage patty the rest of this menu lineup was the exact same except they took the salsa and the omelet out and replaced it with a maple sausage patty with like less than half the protein content and they threw in a table syrup thus making.
It the most ridiculous sugar bong. Mre ever made. But this right here is notorious for still being the worst because of the the veggie omelet.
But this thats worse than the omelet. Im serious this is bad this is really bad it seems dangerous like well go back to this. Oh geez thats thats more enjoyable than the skin at least.
This is like actually edible once you had the assault and salsa to it you know the flavor of the red pepper. Its a nice addition its still so hard vishal. I dont know what to make of it it was we was that one guy that never went hungry.
Because he actually liked this menu for a lot of people you would actually have to be starving for this to be palatable. I loved rations. But this one last bite.
The salsa totally saved it yeah this so off it just smells worse now thats not hot. Anymore. The cinnamon scone.
Okay the cinnamon scone was wishful thinking along with the omelet great in theory poor in execution. My apologies for having such difficulty with this meal. Its just its um just so difficult well this once its cooled down.
Actually has more flavor. So next time. I would probably add cold water too instead of hot anything to cover up the flavor.
The scone. Its the best. I can do oh yeah.
This cleanse the old palate and maybe get things moving a little bit here with this mre chewing gum. Oh. I always forget how much mre gum has degraded over the years it used to be palatable the chiclets had real sugar.
I will say it got the flavor of everything else out that was a 2008 data production meal ready to eat individual many number for vomit huge thanks to the valen for send me this ration. He also hooked me up with a czech ktp iron ration and a can of yoaders bacon. I even this whole experience reminds me this one time i went well actually nevermind.
Im gonna save that one for myself well anyway. This is steve 1989. I hope you liked the video now become a cashy with something new world all right cool see music.

kurt, who is a vegetarian, had a cheese omelet for lunch. he is a-3
kurt, who is a vegetarian, had a cheese omelet for lunch. he is a-3

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