5 People with Unique Skin Color

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Whats up everyone and welcome back to nexus. Everyone has a different skin color color or tone. Yet some people in this world are blessed with completely unique complexions.
ve put together a list of the top five people with unique skin color from around the world. If youre new to the channel be sure to subscribe to get new content similar to this everyday also make sure to comment down below letting us know. Which person is your favorite into this video.
Lets see if we can get the golden like button. Which is a thousand likes so make sure to like it number five nastya zhukova is an albino model aged only 19. And is dubbed the most beautiful albino model.
She was born in russia and moved. She is also a talented singer and frequently shares her music online for her fans to follow. She has changed the face of beauty with her stunning pale skin and challenges bullies and people who say albino people are.
Evil the fact is that. 1 in 20000.

who is the blackest man in the world-0
who is the blackest man in the world-0

People are affected by albinism and she wants to bring that to the surface and make it evident in social media and the work that she produces. She is also ridiculously photogenic. No wonder she has been given the name of the most beautiful albino model music number four.
It is pretty common for fair skinned people to have freckles on their faces and body. But freckles are present in every race and skin color. Nakia phoenix is a black model who faces bullying all her life due to her bizarre and unique freckles.
But that didnt stop her from following her dream. She became a model and is now taking the world by storm signed with alternative apparel with her iconic look nakia. Skintone and natural hair set her apart from the crowd.
She has said that at school. She was treated like an alien with people saying that black people dont have freckles and that she acted like a white person. But she found her inner strength when thinking what gandhi or martin luther king would do she said that she has been dropped from shows because of her race and still deals with name calling.
But that doesnt stop her goofy personality and beauty shining through in her work. Number.

who is the blackest man in the world-1
who is the blackest man in the world-1

Three winning. Harlow was four years old when a white patch appeared on her stomach. She was diagnosed with the skin order of its oligo soon after similar white patches started to appear all over her body including her hands legs and face.
She took part in the 21st cycle of the tv show in competition americas next top model. Which she came in fittest. She is the current brand ambassador for the clothing brand desigual along with brazilian supermodel.
Adriana lima. She was bullied at school for her skin condition and was called a cow or zebra and all other kinds of insensitive slurs to do this she changed schools a number of times and dropped out of high school and even contemplated suicide. But that is in her past.
As she is now a prominent figure in the world bringing attention to her skin. Condition number. Two stephen thompson is not only known for his mesmerizing skin.
But also his impeccable bone structure. This makes him look like he was handcrafted by a greek god himself.

who is the blackest man in the world-2
who is the blackest man in the world-2

He is the face of givenchy and has like many others suffered through bullying in his life. He is blind in one eye and surprisingly has a twin brother who is not albino. He is also a musician and has appeared in many music videos for other artists.
Releasing an album in 2007. Called track team number. One kudia diop also known as the melon and goddess took the internet by storm with her beautifully dark skin.
She was bullied by racists and labelled daughter of the night and darky she started modeling at the age of 17 and by the age of 19. She had taken over the internet. She gave herself the nickname melon and goddess to encourage her followers than anyone else suffering from racial bullying to be confident in themselves.
She shot to fame in just a few weeks with working with the colored girl linked her following on instagram skyrocketed and now she is an inspiration to people of color everywhere when i was a kid. My age anyways with a nice game i grew up and coming out i shall always glue a lot by my classmates this is my school colors amen to a point that i stopped going school. I just wish i could you know go back in time and saw my game yourself you know its fun to think whether that was our list of the five people with unique skin color let us know who you thought was the most spectacular and beautiful in the comments section down below.
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who is the blackest man in the world-3

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