5 Preflop Mistakes You Are Probably Making In Pot Limit Omaha (PLO)

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Does get everybody my name is dylan weissman and today. I have a video that thats meant to help plug some leaks that you probably have in your six parliament omaha game before we hop into those leaks. I want to give you a quick reminder to be on the lookout over the upcoming weeks for more content for both myself and chris waner as we lead up to the launch of the advance plo mastery course in early march.
So this first set of information pertains to situations. Where there is an rfi or a race first in this means that youre either the first player to raise or theres been one raised in front of you what i see is probably the main mistakes and rfi situations. Is that players are entering the pot with a passive action too often at lower stakes.
The reason why this is super punish about lower stakes is because theres a really high rake and with a passive action for example a limp or a cold call. You dont get to win the pot preflop. Which means that you get beaten in the face by rake.
I know what youre saying our motto an upswing poker is that more rake is better and i really hope they dont fire me. But in reality you you arent allowed to play this way youre just gonna leak so much money and so that its also a really good way to help to calibrate you to start entering pots with aggressive actions you win money playing poker generally by getting people to fold. And you cant get people to fold.
If youre just entering a pot possibly so start to retrain yourself. Especially at low stakes to have solid opening ranges. Which you can get from our upcoming course or from the plo matrix and to use those solid use those solid ranges to enter the pot aggressively the next thing that i want to talk about is that youre playing too many low unconnected hands from pretty much all positions.
I see a lot of players limping or open raising hands like ace jack six deuce from the high jack for example. That hand just doesnt play. Well.
And if you have a ch jack six deuce with a nut suit that can be open on the button. But it doesnt have enough playability especially with multiple players behind you to justify entering the pot. Monk or solver.
Generally speaking hates cards below a five in your opening hand. This is a really good heuristic to take into your day to day games. Because its gonna help you start to cultivate opening ranges that will play well over multiple streets as well as multi ways or in whatever situations.
Youre most likely to find yourself in the last thing that i see a lot of people messing up on is that theyre raising all of their kinking combinations or theyre entering them passively. Ive talked to players that say well if i have king king and im under the gun. Even if its not good kings.
Its really good for me to set mine. Thats just not true. And its a strategy that will lose you lots of money over time generally speaking.
We only want to be raising. But we want to raise 100 of our double suited kings from under the gun. We want to be raising about 78 of our single suited kings from under the gun.
And i have the worst combinations here this is actually a pro tip when youre trying to think about how to construct your opening ranges in pot limit omaha. Because there are so many hand combinations. It makes sense to think about what the worst combination of a distinct hand class is and use that as your guiding light so right here.
The top 78. Or excuse.

probably the best advice for anyone who picks up a gun is to-0
probably the best advice for anyone who picks up a gun is to-0

Me the bottom of a 78 king king. Opening. Range is king king.
Five deuce single suit and kinking five four with v. Five high suit. And so you can use that as your kind of reflection mechanism to know what kings are better than that and then help to construct your opening ranges without having to memorize literally.
Every king king combination moving away from rfi situations. There are just so many mistakes people are making that it was hard for me to find a couple. But i picked out the ones that i see happening the most often specifically in live poker.
Which i which i think is really important to hone in on because a lot of yall play live pl o pretty consistently. So the first thing. I really want to talk about is that you are probably entering multi way pots possibly with too wide of a range this means that youre calling behind an opening razor and a cold call in front of you this means youre defending the big blind way too wide.
When theres been four people entering the pot like an open three colors and then youre calling the big and this is something that i think its been happening for years and years and years literally since ive been playing pot limit omaha starting a decade ago. Theres this logical fallacy that pot odds allows you to enter a pot. When youre getting six to one seven to one eight to one this is special is not true in plo because youre more likely to make hands.
And youre way more likely to be dominated. When you make those hands. If there are more players in the pot and if those players are playing somewhat reasonable ranges.
Ill give you an example lets say that there is a raise from under the gun. A call in the cutoff. We call on the button.
And you call in the big blind with a hand like jack. Eight six five with a jack high suit. The flop comes king of hearts.
Seven of hearts. Two of spades. So now you have a jack high flush draw and some backdoor straight draws when when you check.
Which is what you should be doing and the under the gun player. See bets. Which theyre not going to be doing very often theyre going to have an incredibly strong range.
Theyre going to have ace ace king combinations with ace high flush draw theyre gonna have their king king combinations. That also have some hearts in them and your hand is just going to play terribly against a range like that even when you make your flush. Youre so likely to be dominated that the amount of money you put in preflop not only was burned in terms of not being able to continue out enough lots flops.
But you have now really substantial reverse implied odds and this will get you into a ton of trouble. I know that a lot of people that play live plo that are maybe starting to mix it up in the streets feel the pain of what im talking about so a really good way to plug this leak is to just stop entering pots passively multi ways with hands that cant make them nuts. Often so hands that arent high pocket pairs hands.
That dont have nut flush draws like a sex with with a suited combination youre just gonna make yourself more trouble proof youre going to put yourself into less difficult situations. Which will allow you to make more money and get more soaked on peola.

probably the best advice for anyone who picks up a gun is to-1
probably the best advice for anyone who picks up a gun is to-1

Which is what i and pretty much everyone else wants you to do the other mistake that i really see people making is that they never for bet bluff. Its really similar to the old days of holdem where if somebody three bet you or four bet you you knew that they had aces we live in that world in plo still and it just isnt very effective. If you are trying to build a modern game you need to be able to be bluffing to restrain the aggression of other players so when you have a player thats three betting a lot the worst thing that they can that can happen to them is for you to for bet not just because they have a wide range.
But because you now restrain their aggression and if their aggression is restrained. Theyre less able to win more money preflop and they just have to play they have to play a more solid strategy that that doesnt have is that it doesnt have as much gain value because we generate game value or we generate equity generally by by being able to play aggressively and so by not building a for betting range you allow people to just run you over generate all this gain value and print money off of you without you being able to fight back. So now that we all can agree that its important to have a four bet bluffing range.
What i want to be able to do is construct this range in a way that you dont get punished super. Often this means that youre not getting it in bad against aces this means that you have a high probability of generate folds for yourself. And that its just kind of easy to think about my intention for people watching.
This video is to get a basic understanding of building. A four button range to get the nitty gritty either dive into the plo matrix or sign up for our course. Because we have multiple videos on for betting.
So when were starting to think about for bet bluffing. Im gonna give you some dos and some donts so some really good hands for bat bluff with are combinations. Such as ace.
Queen. Jack eight double suited. The reason being that we have an ace in our hand.
Which means. Its less likely our four opponent to have aces. We dont have a king in our hand.
Which means that its more likely for our opponent to have kings. Therefore that they can fold to our for a bet and we have tons of playability on flops. If our opponent ends up calling us.
We want to be able to get it in on a majority of flops in a four bet pot. Because were going to be at such a low stacked pot ratio specifically if we start a hundred big blinds deep so a hand like ace. Queen.
Jack. A double suited plays super. Well as a four bet.
Because we are able to generate fultz and were able to just put lots of flops that we only get called with some bad hands. Too for a bet with our your ace. King xx combinations specifically because we anti block our opponent having kings.
We want our opponent our pocket kings. When we are for betting because they will fold them and when were for bidding is a bluff. We need to be able to construct a range that makes it more likely for our opponent to not have pocket aces and king king is one of the main hand classes that will go into a three betting range that can actually fold to a four bet.
So when youre in the streets start to push yourself dont just for bet with aces really start to think about ways you can generate aggression that will make it such that youre difficult to play with and will start to push your game to a more modern structure that i think is really important in 2020. Thats all that i have for everybody today as i said before continue to be on the lookout for more content coming out from chris waner and myself in the upcoming weeks next week. Chris is gonna have a video that highlights one of the main spots that people are playing incorrectly and just burning tons of money be sure to follow up swingin poker and watch that video because its honestly sick i love it a lot myself i hope that you all enjoyed this video.
And i look forward to making more content for you have a great day .

probably the best advice for anyone who picks up a gun is to-2
probably the best advice for anyone who picks up a gun is to-2

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